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Hana Masayoshi

"I don't think you want inside my head. It would be too dark for you."
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This is my first app!

Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Maki Horikita
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
She, Her, Hers
She, Her, Hers
College student

Character Summary

Hana is a sharp girl, kinda shy, but well mannered. She has an artist heart and mind and she keeps a secret stash of coloring books to enjoy that no one knows about. Hana spends a lot of time alone, either in her studies or just 'me time'. She isn't much into religion and doesn't see it's impact on her life much at all. Polite she may be, but Hana is still a troubled girl and at her worst she can be pretty nasty. It's not easy to get on her bad side but if someone picks on her or tries to make her do something that she doesn't want to do she won't like them for it and will remember. Hana is and can be a nice person to be around until unless someone speaks ill of her brother which she will defend.
The Moon Tier 1. Ascension to "THE VAMPIRE BAT" The vampire bat is at home in the night, drinking the rich, sweet fruit of human or animal blood. A being long subjected to calumny and terror for its blood-sucking and potential to spread disease, the vampire bat has loomed large in the mind of practitioners of occult rituals. Much of the paranoia the vampire bat inspires is misplaced. With that in mind, this is a path of error and fear. You feel new possibilities within you. You are now able to deceive others more easily. The dominions shadow, scrying, reflections, and poison are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.

Character In-Depth

Hana was born into a family that was already strained, dysfunctional, and broken. She was a weak child from birth, small, fragile, and grew to be a timid and shy girl. She remembers little from those early years, but she does remembers not being very happy and she remembers her brother always being there for her and the only source of happiness she had. Her mother wasn't around much and when she was it was time spent scowling Hana for small things. She wasn't a born genius like her older brother and her mother reminded her of this many times. It bothered the little girl. Not only because her mother was disappointed in her, but because she looked up to her brother and wanted to be like him.

Hana never knew her brother's dark side and his aggression she saw through colored lenses. He was strong, tough and she wished that she could be like him. Crow disappeared when she was ten, but she still looked up to her older brother and wanted to be like him. So she tried, going into her tween years Hanna became a real tomboy. She wasn't as shy any longer and by this time she was finding her voice and a bit of confidence along with it. Her mother didn't like this either and told Hana that she was ugly and wouldn't make a good wife if she kept acting the way she was.

Things changed for her when she reached her teens years. Crow returned when she was thirteen and rescued her from their abusive mother and decided to raise her himself. Hana was over joyed to have her hero back in her life and was glad to go with him. Her life was changing for the better, but the girl was also changing. The baby fat disappeared, and with the changes in her body Hanna started to look more feminine and was on her way to becoming a beautiful young woman. This new side of her grabbed the attention of the boys in her school and a few adult men. Hanna was still a little shy and awkward around boys but she was ready and willing to date. She tried a few times but couldn't make a serious connection. Her demon warned her of her potential suitors real agenda and that scared her away usually.

She was most confused at this time in her life and things only got more complicated. Hana had always been the type who liked to sleep in but when she started having trouble staying awake in class and started seeing things that weren't there, her brother sent her to the doctor who diagnosed her with narcolepsy. It was a tough break but something that she would have to deal with.

More hard times were on their way and there was a lot to adjust too. She woke up in places she didn't remember going to, sometimes without her purse, money, and even her shoes. Other times she awoke with extra items that didn't belong to her. The darkest time being when she woke up with someone else's blood under her nails. Hana went to a dark place, and although she suspected her demon for her troubles she listened when it told her that she had to become stronger.

It was a hard fought battle but she survived with the help of her brother who was always looking out for her. Once she finished high school Hana went on to college and despite her disability, she put her best foot forward. Fully adult she understands now more than ever how much her brother sacrificed for her and how much he loves her. But now that she is her own woman she wants to stand on her own an handle her own problems. Hana doesn't want him to spend the rest of his life guarding her because he deserves to be happy too.

Demon Information

Hana's demon is an old world demon who enjoys being envious. The girl was a perfect match for it because as a child and even when she got older she too was envious and wanted to be like her brother and wished that she had a life like others who seemed to be happy. She shares a strange relationship with the demon who goes silent and times and doesn't speak to talking none stop other times.