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Alexi Bhatt

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Brim OOC Information

Alexi is a demon therapist who sees both demons and humans.

Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Mia Khalifa
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
She, Her, Hers
White Rabbit

Character Summary

Alexi is a mysterious woman, and a enigma in her own rights. She is crafty in her ways and yet there is an innocence about her that is hard to miss. Alexi can be as sweet as she can be, but hates to be taken lightly. She is a proud young woman and growing bolder by the day. Not lacking for confidence, The young demoness refuses to believe that she can't solve any problem big, ,small, or complicated. In the past she has helped solve many problems in and outside of school and she was normally right about the situation. This has given her an ego boast and she normally thinks she is the smartest person in the room, whether it's true or not. Alexi also has a problem letting things go, if she can't figure something out it eats away at her and she can become obsessed over it.
Mimicry: Superior
Empathy: lesser

Character In-Depth

Alexi Bhatt Courageous Disciplined Resourceful

Ever since she was born her parents, Emraan and Prachi, knew that their only daughter was something special. Gifted was the term that they used to describe this young genius and with a savvy business man as a father and a mathematician as a mother it made sense. Alexi enjoyed school, she enjoyed life and being in this world was a paradise compared to what she learned of the other world. An enigma in the classroom, while her classmates idolized pop stars and actors, she was more interesting in them, their feelings thoughts, and how their mind worked. Alexi was different, and this caused her to have less friends and spend more time alone. But that was until she learned to figure people how, their wants likes, cliches and all.

By the time she reached high school Alexi was very popular. Not only because she had become a super hottie, but because she had an understanding of people and how their minds works. It didn't take her long to get into another's head and latch onto something. Once she established that link she could become friends with just about everyone. A mentalist and something of a math wiz herself she could almost tell the future, or that's what she liked to joke about anyway. She was at the top of her class in more ways than one and was liked by both teachers and students.

Adults weren't so much different to understand she found and many of them thought and felt the same as the teens her age. It wasn't often, or really heard of that the smartest student in a particular class was also the most popular. That was because Alexi used her knowlegde and experience to get her where she wanted to be. She got her work done but spent as much time in the world where she was around people, both studying them and feeding on their emotions. Dating came easy for her and it was during this time that she learned that a few people had been obsessing over her. There was something intimate about knowing that someone wanted her.

It made the young demon curious and she wondered what would happen if she gave these humans what they desired. What would they do, how far would they go to please her and get their own gratification? Alexi dated both boys and girls and saw no reason why she should stick to either gender alone. Both guys and girls liked her and even though she didn't slut herself out to all of them she dated the ones that were interesting and bursting with life.

Alexi graduated high school two years early and went on to college right after. She already knew what she wanted to be so it was easy to do. Plus her parents, more so her father had influence in the right places and he used that influence to get her into a top school.There the young demon took in the full college experience and explored and studied everything even the teachers and their teaching methods.

For some time now since college started she had learned that her father was a member of the white rabbit organization, March Hares lead agent and that his position was responsible for their family's well being as well as her top college. When she graduated her father proposed that she join him in the group and she agreed becoming a Mad hatter, a spy. It just made sense to her, the group had what she needed and she had something to offer him. Once she became a member the group saw to it to fund her practice and book her in an office building as a therapist.

Her patients were from all around, though mostly people with enough cash to afford to see her weekly. Some of them were from rival organizations or just people who had information that others would pay for and getting that info was her job.

Demon Information

Alexi is the type of demon who prefers to dabble in choice. She enjoys offering suggestions and paths to humans and allowing them to pick or choose their own poison. She is normally bias on choices and finds the path taken interesting no matter what it was. Still she is a demon to the core and has to feed. Alexi feeds off emotions and energy of humans but she has tried feeding from their souls. Alexi is also what some call a fox demon, or a demon that can take the form of a fox. In her demon fox form she is roughly the same size as a fully grown tiger, and her fur is jet black and her eyes hazel brown. As a lesser form and fairly weak she can appear as a normal sized black fox.