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Billie Sweeney

the ghost in the machine // perpetually chasing ghosts
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Frances Bean Cobain
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
She // Her
She // Her
White Rabbit
Public Relations Director // Cheshire Cat

Character Summary

Billie Jane Sweeney, a name synonymous with her practice, appears to have it all together when she meets with her clients. Her make-up is always immaculate, each outfit crisp and pressed, and her naturally big, wide, blue eyes cast the illusion of being bright-eyed-bushy-tailed awake when she is anything but. Look harder and you might see a tinge of intensity, or madness, beneath the surface of the facade she presents.

What you don't see is what it took for her to get there. How she, quite literally, struggled to roll out of bed having had only 2½ hours of sleep. That she rushed out the door with her hair like a rats nest and only remembered that she forgot to put deodorant on when it was already too late. You don't see that last night's dinner was half pint of vanilla chip ice cream and that she spent 2 days before in the same pajamas-- plugging away researching and "exploring new venues" for potential clients.

Her hobbies don't include going out much, and she'd much rather plug and tinker away at code all night than share that precious time with anyone else. She loves the challenge, and though she'd most aptly be considered a blackhat hacker, she considers herself a recreational one. This was the kind of tedious activity she enjoyed as a pastime, though pay-off was always a good thing-- especially if it meant assuring the longevity of Henche & Sweeney, LLP.

She's got a love for caffeine and nicotine and everything in between, though Noëtune tries to dissuade her from indulging too much, like a nagging mother. These little things that give her pleasure work in distinct opposition of the demon's own objectives.

All the better. She's got work to do.
Full Name // Billie Jane Sweeney
Gender // Female
Height // 5'9"
Weight // 110
Eyes // Blue
Hair // Varies
Tattoos // Various
Sexuality // Irrelevant
Relationship // Single
INTJ-t // the Architect
Accent // Subtle Bklyn
Alignment // Dubious
Snapple Fact: Residually affected by Stockholm Syndrome.


Tier 1. Ascension to "THE LION"
The lion is strong, and being consumed by that strength. The lion is a powerful entity not in control of the thing most important to grasp when powerful: themself. The lion is a wild path to follow, and a wild persona to take.
Electrical Transport

v Greater // Power

Pocket Space

ii Minor // Control


v Greater // Control


iii Proficient // Control


ii Minor // Power


iv Major // Power


ii Minor // Control


i Lesser // Control


i Lesser // Control


i Lesser // Power


iii Proficient // Control

Character In-Depth

Noëtune \\ the ghost in the machine
voracious \\ adventurous \\ fickle \\ impish \\ remorseless \\ a hair irreverent \\ relaxed \\ confident \\ upbeat \\ volatile \\ ravenous

There can not be one without the other, and this is very clearly the case with Billie & Noëtune. Their relationship is most clearly symbolized by an Ouroboros, constantly chasing it's tail, a symbol of the infiniteness of all that good shit: love & hate, birth & death, happiness & despair, only existing in the presence of the other.

Billie is the first vessel (as she so affectionately refers to hosts), Noë has had. Generally she regards the relationship as a comfortable means to an end and is appreciative of her host. That's not to say that she isn't occasionally or unnecessarily cruel. Her peculiar appetite developed long ago, during a time of great devastation, pervasive hopelessness, and strife which kept her well fed. However, what had once been a constant and reliable source of sustenance has waned with the advancements of science and technology, and once widespread despair has become not so easy to come by.

Just as any evolutionarily adept animal has had to adapt to survive, so has Noëtune. Presumably this is why she now resides within Billie, an innately sensitive creature who empathizes with her fellow man and is predisposed to depression. Though it's managed and hidden well, Noë knows. She feels it and feeds on it and revels in it when an external source is not accessible, making their arrangement that much more successful.

Well, from Noë's perspective, at least.

Noëtune values their relationship and is contented to allow Billie some autonomy in her life, so long as those actions don't impede on her own well being. Generally speaking, she doesn't go terribly out of her way to make her vessel miserable, and remains subdued when in the company of others when her presence might prove to be detrimental in attaining what she wants, though she's hardly shy when it comes to interacting with her host and those around her.

Perpetually chasing ghosts // Billie
poised // congenial // aware // complex // industrious // sensitive // diligent // cerebral // reactive // introverted // melancholic

Smart and sharp, she's a hard worker who has the capacity to put off a very different impression than the reality which exists within. Inherently Billie has always been a pretty good egg, which perhaps makes it all the easier for Noëtune to exploit her. Very knowingly, Billie is compliant in this relationship, believing it to be more beneficial than not to them both. Generally speaking, she likes to keep her demon happy, because the happier No. is, the less miserable she's making Billie.

It's a complex relationship, but she wouldn't trade her demon for any other. Noëtune has always been there, for as long as she can remember. Back when Noë only showed up in her dreams-- or more accurately, nightmares. Benevolent amidst the frightful beasts of imagination, the subconscious fears of death and loss. The quiet, eerie ghost-thing with the white face and black eyes made her feel safe and not alone.

Growing up, nothing was exceptionally difficult or extraordinary, though her family situation was never ideal. She's the product of the union between a free-wheeling, impressionable, 18 year old girl mystified by a man over three times her age; An enigmatic Tarot Card reader she knew only as "Cougina". Billie never knew her father, and for the longest time harbored a great deal of resentment, leaving her susceptible to abandonment and trust issues.

Her free-spirited mother was present but never fully there. There was no shortage of love-- it just wasn't of the nurturing kind. Consequently, Billie felt an obligation to act as her own parent from a young age and worked hard throughout school, attaining honors and scholarships along the way to an MBA. How she arrived at that point was twisted as a serpent's coils.

She met Kashiro Henche when she was 16, and about as quickly as they met she was filing for emancipation from her mother's guardianship. Chasing her dreams in exchange for nothing but the love she always longed for? What could be better? And so it began that Billie was shaped and molded, conforming for survival and afforded a lot of time to familiarize herself with computers. She's not bitter, it's been a better life than she would have had otherwise.

Now a diligent and professional woman, she takes her work very seriously and at the ripe age of 21 co-founded the esteemed "HENCHE AND SWEENEY, LLP" with her business partner (or, partner in crime-- depending who you ask), Kashiro.

Demon Information

Full Name // Noëtune
Pronunciation // no-e-tun
Gender // Female
Sexuality // Omnisexual
Relationship // Bitch, please.
Demon Type // Eldritch(?)
Appetite // Delicious misery
Alignment // Lawful Evil

Snapple Fact: Noëtune was born of the Black Death.
Her name is Noëtune and she's the real brains behind this operation.

A young soul (relative to other demons), Noëtune, "NO!", Noë is a phantasmal being who's only begun to get a hang of this whole attachment thing. More often than not, she manifests as an eerie, pale-fleshed, black-eyed young girl. Woman. Hag. Whatever. Age is fluid, "just a number", she says. Though her presence and grip over Billie is undeniable, there's never complete clarity-- in appearance or motivation. Effectively, her face could be anyone's; Features in-descript, as if made of smoke or fog or the churning froth atop waves.

On occasion, particularly when steeped in emotional situations, she presents differently. Jet black eyes recede into her skull, turning empty eye sockets into hungry black-hole voids. The opacity of flesh fluctuates along a spectrum between appearing corporeal and fading away like a Cheshire cat, fuzz and vapors, assuming a more skeletal appearance.

She's a glut for misery (with a peppering of pain, a dash of sadness and a healthy side of humiliation.)

When she presents herself, it's in a few ways ...