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Jessica OOC Information

Played by Jessica! I have no restrictions

Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Ariana Grande, Scarlett Simoneitt, Helena Bonham Carter
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Dealer of Uncommon Goods

Character Summary

Feeds on Extreme emotions Sexuality Anything she can trap Likes Sex and chaos

If there were a demon type to describe Eris, it would be a demon of chaos. Actually, that's where Eris got her name from, the old Goddess of Chaos from Greece. At this point, Eris has gone by so many names for so many years that she doesn't even fully remember what her name actually is. It probably started with a "b"? Who knows. All Eris cares about is her past accomplishments and her present endeavors.

Eris has always been left wanting. She had a brief period where she thought power would give her what she wanted, but all it did was show her that what she wanted was pure chaos. In the past, all it took was a pretty face and a couple of dominion tricks to wiggle her way behind someone in power to cause chaos from the shadows. Ever since the human and demon realms came together, however, causing mass chaos was quite a bit more difficult. This has made it so now Iris spends her time dosing out small amounts of chaos. If she could, she would spend all her time tempting, breaking, and just generally messing with people, but a girl has a certain way of life. So Eris thinks of herself as a "Dealer of Uncommon Goods." By this, she means anything you want, she can get-for a price.

Eris likes to change her look pretty frequently. There are three main forms she takes, one that looks nice, young, and overly cute, another that is tatt'd up and edgy, and finally an older looking human with wild hair and a strong jaw. She finds it quite entertaining to take exactly the form one wouldn't expect for the situation. If she's killing or maiming someone, she loves to look cute and innocent. The second form is usually how she meets clients or temps a man to try a new drug. The final is just an everyday look, though she kind of flips between all three for no reason whatsoever.

Eris is very fond of those she toys with. She thinks of them as pets and generally doesn't like to kill them; she likes to feed them and care for them and slowly ruin their lives. Eventually, she always loses interest and lets them off on their own, however they are by the time she's done with them. It takes a special someone for Eris to take them in as a pet, but once she does, she gets very protective. Well, at least she protects them from everyone else.

Dreams : Proficient : Power based
Hallucinations : Lesser
Pheromones : Proficient : Power based
Pocket Space : Minor
Shape shift : Minor
Superior Sense : Proficient : Power based

Character In-Depth

In her time, Eris has quite a few accomplishments she boasts about. She has had many names and many faces, though a few are their favorite. It all started in Ancient Egypt. Eris found herself among the humans-demons can just be so boring- and eventually slithered her way into a particular pharaoh's heart. Specifically, Akhenaten. Back then, she went by the name Nefertiti and found great joy in slowly convincing her husband to try to revolt against the society's religion. Trying to turn a very polytheistic world into a monotheistic one gave her quite a bit of joy.
As time went on, she changed her name and her face. She moved to Greece and changed her name to Helen. Helen of Troy, specifically. Here, she enjoyed playing with the leaders' hearts until they started the great Trojan War on each other.
After her gallivant in Troy, Eris found herself in love with Greece. She couldn't bare to leave, so instead she changed her name and face again. This time she went by Irene and had a brief period where she craved power. Eris likes to think of this as almost a teenage rebellion moment. She married the Emperor, murdered him, and took the thrown. She got a little power crazy and relentlessly squashed any opponents. One of the ways she did that was by restoring their old religious things, hoping to gain some favor. Not only did it gain her favor, she also thought pushing religion would just cause people to ignore facts in favor of feeling. It kind of worked, but she also was thought of a saint for awhile. Honestly, this entire part of her life was pretty embarrassing to her and she would love to just forget it.

Demon Information