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Character Information

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Solo Demon
bill skarsgård
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Demon Pronouns
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He, Him
He, Him
Vice Lord of Ira / CoffeeBarista / Entrepreneur /

Character Summary

Nothing is real.

Non commital.

Emotionless void of nothingness. His eyes are blank, and hold an emptiness to them. He holds no regard for human life, yet simultaneously finds them entertaining and amusing. After all, a rabbit does not beg with tears in it's eyes for their life to be spared - a life they spent literally sitting and doing absolutely nothing with. He does whatever he can to illicit emotions in humans, and the stronger those emotions are the better. The sight of blood pleases him. While he does enjoy torture, and maiming those to create the facial expressions and emotions he wishes to see, he enjoys manipulation just as much. A game of chess. A quirk of words.

A facade of many difference faces, Alehkar is a chameleon whenever he wishes to be. He has studied the human expressions thoroughly, and can mimic almost any emotion except two. Love he does not understand. And that ability to have such disregarded joy, that laughter could ensue. Laughter, to him, is an addiction. It is music to his ears, and he will do anything to hear it again. As long as he can play a game, he will do almost anything, go anywhere, and speak to anyone.

He also enjoys working:

His professions: Barista, Doctor, Actor, Director, Zoo Keeper, Priest, Meth Cook, Teachers Aid, Hostess, Model, Defense Lawyer, Uber driver,

His favorite things: T-VO/PVR and Netflix, Coffee, Blood, Shopping, White shirts, Fear, Libraries, Coffee Shops, Silence, Coffee, Handkerchiefs, His Overcoat, Coffee, Free things, Cleanliness,

He does not understand: Money, Automobiles, ATM's, Cellular Devices, Law, Inner Emotions, Names, Humans, Mushrooms,

Demon Type: Shadow

Demon Form: Unknown

Dominion 1 Duplicity Mastery: Major Power Based: The more your lies will be believed.

Dominion 2 Empathy Mastery: Greater Control Based: The better you are at controlling and understanding interpreted emotions, but less capable of warding off bad energies.

Dominion 3 Pathfinding Mastery: Proficient Control Based: You can follow more intricate paths and find people hidden under the deepest magical obstacles, however your senses get muddled at greater distances.

Dominion 4 Superior Speed Mastery: major Power Based: Faster movements, including the ability to move faster than the eye can follow at higher masteries.

Dominion 5 Shadow Mastery: Greater Control Based: The more shadows you can manipulate at once.

Dominion Hallucinations Mastery: Major Power Based: The easier it is to make these illusions, as well as the more powerful/realistic these hallucinations will be.

Dominion 7 Conjuring Mastery: Proficient Control Based: The more control you have over spirits (such as telling them what to do or how long they can ‘survive’ in the physical realm), but the less of them you can conjure at once. As your mastery grows, the length of time they can stay will increase.

Dominion 8 Teleportation Mastery: minor Power based: The more people or objects that can be transported with the user.

Character In-Depth

What does one do when everything is darkness? Follow suit.

The night would have been very quiet. Almost too still, if it wasn’t for the gut wrenching screams that echoed throughout the quiet village. It would be an almost perfect night, with only the sound of the light breeze, if it wasn’t for the recoiling sound of someone’s head falling with a deadly thumb to creaking floorboards. Yes. It would have been a glorious night of beautiful serenity, if it wasn’t for the howl of a child’s wail piercing the stillness.

Yet no lights turned on. No one peaked their heads out of the shuttered windows. No one wandered the streets. It was eerie. Still. Even with everyone knowing their neighbors floorboards were stained with maroon. Even as everyone stay awake, eyes wide in terror with nothing but their breaths shaking out. But no one would help. There were no knight in shining armors in this small village. Better their neighbor they grew up with. Better the other person, then them. Cowards. Humans were such cowards. Every single one of them.

Now Alehkar did not terrorize towns normally, well, okay, perhaps not semi-normally. But he had made a deal with the stable-hand. And a deal can never. Ever. Be Broken. It was the same, over the centuries, they felt that perhaps they could outsmart, out run, out live him. It was never the case. Of course, at that time Demons were not fully believed upon. They were simply shadows, nightmares to haunt the evening to be washed away by light.

Still, they should have known better.

Alehkar spent centuries tracking down and withholding the deals he had made. If you asked for a child and became pregnant (okay he didn't have that control but no one needed to know that), then you owed him your life. This was the deal made, and yet people always tried to renege. So every few years he would have to track his victims, i mean..customers.. and make sure they held up their bargain. It was shocking how little humans cared for those they spoke to every day. How pitiful. Not once had anyone came barging through to defend their store clerk, their stable hand, their friend, their brother-in-law. Not once had anyone come to try and save them.

Sometimes he would offer them 5 minutes of peace, informing them that if just one person came forward they would live.

No one ever did.

Now do not think that his entire life was that of blood and decay, quite the opposite. Sometimes it was stealing an apple, or that one time he spent a hundred years living in a forest just to get away from the stupidity of humanity. Alehkar is bored. Always bored. And any bit of entertainment would definitely cause him to stick around, and if there is no entertainment be certain that he will create it himself.

Remember, everything is a lie. He knows everything. And he has people everywhere

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