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Selene Beaufort

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Brie Larson
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Climbing Instructor

Character Summary

Selene is all about a good time, however, not in the way you might think. An adventure seeker by nature, she traverses through The City, exploring all the floors have to offer. Rebelling from her constrictive parents and their hateful demons at the ripe age of thirteen she found herself mixed in with a Mountaineer who spent most of his life wandering The City, teaching her all it has to offer.

As wild as she may be, her heart is full of compassion - a lesson taught to her by her unkempt Mountaineer. If you come across her, don't be shy - she's likely stoned and completely approachable. Selene doesn't drink, family issues. Constantly challenging herself in new ways be it Earth, Rock, or Sky. While she doesn't have the best control over her dominions she's always working on improving them (especially magnetism).
The Star Tier 1. Ascension to "THE URSA MINOR"
Ursa minor contains Polaris, the North Star. This path represents a sense of losing your way, or abandoning a long-walked road. It can also represent sexual or reproductive disorder in one’s life.
You feel new possibilities within you. The dominions light, animation, pathfinding, and steam are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.

The Moon Tier 1. Ascension to "THE OPOSSUM"
Widely regarded with fear and misunderstanding, the opossum is a North American marsupial who uses its teeth as a fear tactic; they are, in fact, harmless. Appearing more intimidating than they actually are is a key factor to this path.
You feel new possibilities within you. You are now able to deceive others more easily. The dominions shadows, scrying, reflections and poison are now augmented. +1 on all rolls in staff moderated events whenever using one of those dominions, and your character may show unusual command of it for their mastery.
Dominion 1
Superior Senses
Mastery: Minor
Superior Senses: Increased senses. You can touch, taste, see, hear, and feel things at a level unrecognized for any other human or demon.
Power Based: You can sense things at an amazing level, but only when you actually attempt to, and for a short amount of time, which gets longer and more frequent as the level increases. Control Based: You can’t shut off your senses, but you have the ability to surpass most dogs for up to 24 hours in a day, depending on mastery level.

Dominion 2
Mastery: Lesser
Magnetism: The ability to become a magnet or manipulate one’s and others levels of magnetism. This includes, but is not limited to: people, animals, objects, and buildings.
Power Based: The stronger the magnetism you can create, and the more things you can magnetize at once (i.e. turning a group of people into magnets so that they can’t separate from each other).
Control Based: The easier it is to magentise a target. For example, a lesser level mastery user may have to make contact with the object for a second with their hand(s) to magnetize it, whereas a legendary mastery user may only have to glance in their target’s direction. Control Based magnetism also allows more specific effects (i.e. magnetizing just a person’s head or arm), allowing for more pinpointed targets for metal objects.

Dominion 3
Mastery: Minor
Paper: The creation and manipulation of all things paper.
Power Based: The larger amount of paper you can control.
Control Based: The more intricately you can wield control over paper.

Dominion 4
Flight: The ability to fly, and make other people or objects fly.
Power Based: The greater heights and speeds you can fly at without the adverse effects.
Control Based: The longer amount of time you can fly without fatigue, and more people or objects you can bring with you.

Character In-Depth

Trigger Warning: Parental neglect, alcohol abuse. Not much, but just incase.
Growing up in an average home, in an average neighbourhood and leading an average life was not something Selene Beaufort had in mind for herself. Ever since the beginning she has felt the need to get out there. Her “roommates”, as she liked to refer to her parents, were and likely still are nothing special. She hasn’t looked them up since she left. Hardly worth mentioning, but here’s a brief rundown:

Basically garbage. You know the type of people that will get an animal, bring it home, and then get bored with it? So, replace animal with children and you’ll have a fairly firm grasp on Selene’s parents’ feelings towards her. Constantly having parties rather than spending time with their child. Thankfully, Selene had neighbours and Alex to grow up with. Their excessive consumption of alcohol has turned Selene completely against it. They hadn’t seemed overly saddened by Selene’s violent outburst and departure so Selene never let it bother her.

Through the years leading up to her twentieth birthday, she and Alex spent their time with an old Mountaineer living with his primal demon (an indecipherable being Alex often hid from, he wasn’t overly friendly). They’d found each other in the woods a few towns over and, after hearing her story and against Alex’s better judgement they decided to stick together. He taught her everything she knows from skiing to rock climbing; they lived as survivalists, staying in a beat up bronco when they travelled and staying in tents the rest of the time. He did his best to give her proper home schooling and bought her books to read. Selene loved him as if he were blood, but he was old and while she got faster he grew slower. He passed away when she was twenty, a fall from too high a mountain took him from her.

After her companions passing, she decided to come back to the real world. Got a job as a climbing instructor and tries to pass on the knowledge she’s learned to others. She lives her life for him, and visits his final resting place as often as possible.

Demon Information

Selene’s Demon is distrustful towards most. Being a baby themselves, and growing up on the road with their Human has made them wary of strangers. They feel an overwhelming need to protect and care for Selene, fearful of her adventures they trudge along behind her. They love Selene deeply, but it is well earned for Selene has proven herself time and time again a worthy bag of flesh to be tied to. Years of chasing after Selene ignited a passion for adventure within them, though they won’t admit to it.

All good things aside, they do have their weakness’. They often make mistakes in their judgement and sometimes sends them on harder paths than intended. They refuse to speak to anyone other than Selene and when someone comes around they reduces themselves to the attitude of a pissed of house cat. You know the type. If someone hangs around for too long they start to get jealous and will sometimes act out.

Their form isn’t stable yet, likely due to Selene’s erratic passions and ideas. Their form settles for the longest as an Alpine Ibex. Strange, you might think, for one to be so passionate about a goat. But the Alpine Ibex is one of the world’s best rock climbers and for Selene, that’s more important that anything else. They’re voice is inexplicable; their mouth never moves when they speak. While they don’t feel the need to be named, they’ve taken lovingly to the ‘name’ [i]Alex[/i] that Selene’s given him. Why Alex, you ask? They’re only named after one of the world’s greatest free climbers, Alex Honnold. But they’ll only respond to it when Selene calls, most others he ignores unless provoked.

Long story short: They’re a sassy customer.