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"Dead I am the one exterminating son" - Dragula, Rob Zombie
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Dayn OOC Information

Uuuuuuh... I promise Caeru won't bite... hard. He isn't all evil and has a soft side, so rewarding really.

Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Bartek Borowiec
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Superbia Vice Lord

Character Summary

Long ago, ze was something beautiful and terrible to behold. In ages past ze inspired battle-rage and frenzy.

In the ignoble house of Invidia, Caeru served two different Vice Lords and ran a fighting rink where ze was a god. But fortunes change, and vice led to ruin. Little more than a shadow of hir former self, Caeru stalked the gutters and did what ze could to feed and survive. Until ze found a would-be pimp and eventual supporter. Through crafting dangerous alliances and many debts/favors, ze ousted the Vice Lord of Superbia.

Ze now rules the house with an iron fist and unparalleled carnage. Yet all hir power serves only one function now: Ze's found him, the reason for being in the city. Very little can stop hir from finishing her goals, and with the resources of Superbia consolidated firmly in hir grasp, much is possible now.
ELECTRICITY: Greater, Power
WATER: Proficient, Power
BLOOD: Proficient, Power
HALLUCINATIONS: Proficient, Power
Steam: Lesser
Empathy: Lesser
Shape Shifter: Lesser

Character In-Depth

An age past, Caeru inspired mortals to dream of greatness and glory. Those were delicious dreams, seasoned with all that made humans attractive. But then Spartacus' doomed rebellion taught hir something else about glory, and the rivers of blood that went with it. It was on that field of carnage, where Caeru's first real champion was finally destroyed, that ze learned what the crows had always known: There was nothing to life but death, and there was only beauty in carnage and chaos. Caeru went on to become one with this lesson, inciting violence and destruction wherever possible, then gorging on dreams of mayhem and wickedness.

Eventually, ze was strong enough to walk into Egypt, land of demons older than humanity, and feasted from them, as well. Centuries followed in the north of Europe, soaked in Gaulish or Roman blood, it made little difference. Ever northward, ze came to be known and feared. The wars he instigated leading inevitably to bloody sacrifice and the feverish nightmares of the vanquished. Then came the Northmen, who fancied the crows were hir eyes and ze ate the entrails of the fallen. Of fallen demons, perhaps. Ze'd acquired a taste for hir own kind.

Then came the Fall. After unwisely tangling with one ancient demon ze could not outrun or overcome, Caeru was imprisoned and forced into a humiliating truce. Part of hir great power was locked up in a child, who also served to solidify the peace. And something happened, then. A shift ze had never expected: Caeru learned hir only weakness was now a pawn in another's game. The child was removed before ze could even name him and ze was released.

The modern age caught hir unaware, still playing battle-goddess in the wilderness. Everything had changed, or perhaps the world that'd known hir had moved on. There was the City now, and demons were attached to humans at birth. It took a couple of centuries before ze could respond with anything other than revulsion and disdain. A shift of circumstances later, ze got himself hired by a mortal to oversee a fighting pit. Not quite a lateral move, but reminiscent of the half of the twelfth century he'd spent in Russia.

All those dreams turned to ash, blood, and pain. One Vice Lord after another rose and Caeru began to think ze stood a chance at the crown. But once again ze tangled with a greater demon, and this one wasted no time to rip hir asunder. The violation ze suffered was total. Over night ze became a pariah among the Houses of Kairos, sport for demons eager to chase down a prize and try to devour hir power.

After haunting the gutters, Caeru dealt her way up the ranks of power from one benefactor to another and getting hirself indebted to half of Kairos. When the opportunity came, ze moved swiftly to depose Superbia's Vice Lord and take the role in a bloodbath of a coup. Now all hir goals are bent on two things: fulfilling her goals for coming to this damned City, and holding on to power.

Demon Information

Caeru IS a demon, fool! Which they're calling a "solo demon" as if there was any other way of being.