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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Captain of Grootslang

Character Summary

Ananke is like an old man stuck in a little girl's body. She is a somewhat grumpy creature of habit, a workaholic, and kind of a stick in the mud. The only thing she really seems to have going for her is her job. Other than that, she tends to be a sad, quiet sort of individual.
I. InvisibilityLesser | Power
II. SoundMajor | Control
III. Superior SpeedMinor | Power
IV. Superior StrengthGreater | Control

Character In-Depth

The first thing you'll notice about Ananke is that she tends to be quiet. Not the shy quiet of a little girl, either, or the stoic quiet of a stalwart adult. The creepy quiet. The deadly quiet. She can be silent as a dead body even when she moves, and only appears to make noise when she wants to. When Ananke talks, you will hear the voice of a child, but she will not talk like any child you know. Her demeanor, however, is still human in a relieving way. Unfitting her appearance, but still human. She's a serious person with little room for humor or tomfoolery, a being that just seems to go through the motions of life. It perhaps came from the circumstances of her birth; born of two demons that desperately wanted a child to raise, Ananke had taken the form of a child herself. A small body with short hair and a delicate frame. Her parents' desire was strong, and shaped her figure, but over time, after years of playing the part of their ward, her mind began to change. Began to grow older. She very slowly, very painfully separated from her longtime family, but it was eventually done. Change is difficult for Ananke. It's a part of her nature. Alright inside, she has grown a little, outwardly, she still retains a little girl's body. No more than four and a half feet high, with the same red eyes and short black hair she has always had. Having settled into the job of a sergeant, because there was a need for them in the city and because she seemed suited for it, Ananke has been living the same routine for over fifty years. Sleep, but never dream. Work, but never prosper. She doesn't even feel the need to strive for promotions or advancements, since her current arrangement suits her just fine. And it has. It really has. Sometimes, though, she wonders what it would be like to go through another change...

Demon Information

Ananke is a demon who rarely changes. She has been working the same position for decades because the pay is sufficient for her needs. She has been living in the same apartment because its size and amenities were perfectly serviceable. She has been the same size because being small has some surprising uses, and because she doesn't see the need to grow any taller or larger. She wears the same sturdy coats and skirts because buying new clothes would be senseless consumption. She appears human because there's no point in looking like anything but. She has been living the same life for decades. Sometimes she thinks about doing something different. She never does.