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Coyote Boones

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Tim Rozon
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
He, Him

Character Summary

Coyote is an old fashioned gentleman with an old fashioned saloon that holds the best whiskey in The City. With a shotgun behind the bar, and two holstered pistols, he is the law within his own bar and he wont hesitate to crack you over the skull if you cause a ruckus. Hardened past and a scowly nature, but also very protective and loyal to a fault once he decides you are actually worth his time. He’ll always give you the benefit of the doubt, but only once, and his greatest dislike is dishonesty. Why dance around the truth, it just wastes time.

Side business: Illegal Dealings, Safe Haven Saloon

Don't touch the cowboy hat.
Wheel of Fortune Tier 1. Ascension to "THE CHOSEN ONE" The chosen one is a God of their own universe. Good fortune dogs their path. The chosen one views themselves as a protagonist, and life has been kind enough that perhaps they’re right to see themselves that way. You feel new possibilities within you. You now have increased luck—all your rolls during an admin event will gain a -1, 0, +1, or +2 marker, decided by a four sided dice roll. The dominions air, flight, scrying, and light are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.

Mastery: Minor Animals: The communication with animals and the control of animals. The more intelligent the animal, the easier it is to communicate with and the harder it is to control. Power Based: The better control you have over animals.

Mastery: Minor Light: The creation/manipulation of light, the ability to blind opponents temporarily (or permanently dependent on mastery level) with bright flashes, and to elevate moods with light therapy. Also includes manipulation of color. Control Based: The greater amount of light you can bend to your will.

Mastery: Lesser Augmentation: The ability to enhance or weaken someone else’s dominions. A user cannot augment someone’s mastery level more than one level above their current one (i.e. Lesser can only be augmented to Minor, nothing above that), however Legendary cannot be augmented to Godly; it’s impossible. A user also cannot augment someone’s mastery above their augmentation’s mastery level (i.e. a Minor augmentation user cannot change someone’s mastery level to superior or anything above Minor). It’s similar if you’re trying to weaken someone’s dominion, rather than enhance. Using this power is very taxing on the body, and will often leave said user weak and unable to use any of their other dominions afterwards. It cannot be used on yourself. Control Based: The easier it is to weaken someone else’s dominions.

DUPLICITY Mastery: Lesser Duplicity: The ability to detect others’ lies and keep your own lies from detection. Control Based: The easier it is to detect others’ lies.

Mastery: Minor Pocket Space: The ability to create a pocket of space between the physical and demon realm to hold and remove objects so that only the user can retrieve them. It could be used for carrying really heavy equipment, hiding valuable and/or stolen and/or highly explosive goods, concealing weapons, smuggling candy into movie theaters, removing a hostile explosive, etc. Control Based: Can hold volatile objects, but cannot hoard a great amount of them.

Mastery: Minor Invulnerability: To be invincible or immune to injury. This is not a passive ability; it must be activated before, or during the onset of an injury, and can only be used once before it has to recharge. Higher mastery users have a faster recharge period. Power Based: The more powerful of a dominion attack you can remain invincible to, however you are not immune to injuries from accidents or natural causes.

Character In-Depth

Coyote grew up in the middle of nowhere, on a large acreage farm. He held his own for many years, until he got into a bit of hot water and decided perhaps The City was the best place for him to hide away. He hates it. Everything about it seems superficial, and yet it is the safest place for him to be. He misses the open fields, the horses, his cows, everything about his old home – Even the rundown shackle of a hut he lived in, creaky boards and leaking roof and all.

The problem with Coyote is his moral obligations to those he loves always gets him in tough water. This time it was just a bit too much. When you got demons scowling out your crappy hut of a home, you know then and there that it’s time to move on, and quick. He set up ‘DirtyRuckus’ pretty quick, and although it is an old style saloon it is one of the best places to sit back, play some darts, or just relax with a nice brisk drink or four. Don’t worry though, if you get too drunk he’ll kick your ass to the curb quicker than you can blink.

His morality is a little gray, depending on what he feels is right. He has done everything from help cover up a murder, illegal tradings, hiding escaped convicts downstairs to listening to a drunken maiden cry over their woes. It all depends on how he is feeling, but if someone needs some help, long as he feels it’s worth it, he’ll give them a hand. Money to him is useless, so trying to bribe him will do no good. He despises the law and likes to think of his saloon as a safe haven.

Demon Information

Civil Demon, Doc is definitely a coward. He is normally cleaning up tables, and is a bit of a perv around any beautiful people. Life is definitely preferable in open air, and he feels claustrophobic in The City. He is scared of almost everything, and bounces off the walls at even the slightest of aggravation. He is definitely not a hero, and all Coyote's getting into's make him so nervous he hides underneath the bar. He is about 3 feet high, long and lanky with too large of a nose and ears, and an eyepatch. He is more of a goblin, and is definitely the opposite when it comes to coin and cash in comparison to Coyotes slack attitude.