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Lilith Cordona

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Primal Demon
Carrie Mulligan
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
University Student

Character Summary

Lilith is an ingenue, no doubt about it. While not particularly sheltered, she's shy, quiet, and introverted. Try as she might to branch out and, as they say, 'live a little', she has a fear of taking risks or making changes in her life. People make her a little nervous, especially if they pay attention to her. Right now, she just wants to get through university, pay off her debt, pay her taxes- all those adult things. Living can wait. She just wants to survive.
I. DreamsMinor | Control
II. DuplicityProficient | Power
III. HallucinationsLesser | Power
IV. MimicryLesser | Power
V. PlantsProficient | Power
VI. ShapeshiftingProficient | Control

Character In-Depth

If the average person were to give Lilith a glance, they wouldn't bother giving her a second one. She's a mousy little thing, demure, unnoticeable, and she bends into the crowd like a background prop. It's not that she's not pretty. She has what is actually quite a pretty pale face- long eyelashes, a button nose, the perfect ingenue. It's everything else about her. Her crumpled posture, her quiet mumbling, her long sleeved clothes and old-fashioned skirts. Lilith keeps to herself, and the rest of the world ignores her as a result. Which is fine. It suits her just fine. She never needed or had many friends anyways. All her life she's been alone- her parents had died when she was only six, and the past fifteen years of her life or so have just been a cycle of working jobs, paying rent, and studying like mad, anything that can claw her out of her constant near-poverty. Lilith works hard, no one can deny that. She gets straight A's, got accepted into a top university. She's the best of her class, even. But simple keeping afloat is so hard, her life is a constant flurry of work, study, and sleep. It's all she has. It's all she has time for. Everything in her life, she has to fight for tooth and nail. But that's alright with her. Just a couple more years, and then she can make something of herself. Until then... just stay afloat. Just don't sink.

Demon Information

Lilith, from day one, has had zero means of communicating with the thing that is apparently her partner demon. It takes the form of a tattoo of a serpent, slithering across her skin like a living thing, moving ink that travels across her body. With no information about it to go off of, she has taken to calling it "Ouroboros". This name is probably wrong. All she knows is that it does what it pleases, and has a frightening habit of squeezing when she's particularly nervous or angry. The ink is cold to the touch, like ice, and she has learned to live with this perpetual chill down her spine.