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Theodore Ezekiel Rumford-Ashton

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Primal Demon
Brendon Urie
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Professional Rich Kid

Character Summary

Sheltered | Rich boy | Spoiled | Tidy | Douche bag™

Theodore Ezekiel Rumford-Ashton is an impossibly spoiled man. Throughout his life, he has always been given exactly what he wanted exactly when he wanted. One thing he knows for certain about the world is that no one can turn down a debit card with no limit. He surrounds himself with beautiful people doing beautiful things who don't really care about him and he doesn't really care about them.
All of this spoiling has turned Theo into a full grown child. He likes to party recklessly, spend lavishly, and work leisurely-if he has to work at all. Time constraints mean nothing to the man. He doesn't like to fight, he doesn't like to work, and he doesn't really like to be irritated. A good time is all he really wants from a night.
Then again, Theo is deeply caring; he cares about his image, he cares about what you think of him. Really, he cares about other people, too. It's buried a little deeper, but he craves meaningful relationships not centered around money and beauty. He just has no idea how to connect with people other than partying and spending money, and those things don't get you a lot of actual friends.
In his sheltered life, Theo never thought to think of anyone else. This has led him to genuinely not understand others problems; if you're poor, just make money. If men wont leave you alone, just walk away from them. If someone is bullying you, just go home and take a bubble bath to relax. This makes him incredibly insensitive to others' problems, especially since he's never really had any problems himself.
Theo is quite straight, though has a terrible gaydare and tends toward the flamboyant side. He may think gay people make the choice to be gay, but he also doesn't care that they made that choice. He cares immensely about tidiness though not about cleanliness, he cares about his image yet lives recklessly, and he cares about relationships without actually trying to foster them. The man is a hodgepodge of emotions that just get drowned by booze and drugs.
Steam | Minor
Gold Touch | Lesser
Echolocation | Lesser
Fire | Lesser
Pathfinding | Lesser
Water | Minor

Character In-Depth

Theodore's great-great-great-ect grandfather did something to make a lot of money. His parents brag about him finding gold during that time in America when everyone was looking for it, but really there isn't any way to know how he made his wealth. Generation after generation made good decisions with that money until his current parents made the billionaire list and have no worry about leaving it. None of them have worked a day in their lives yet keep the cash flowing in through investments and deals made over cocktails by the pool. They spoiled their only child with anything he could ever want. They sheltered him from any problems or trials that came his way by throwing money at the problem until it went away. That worked for the most part.
Theo was always a little different though. For how old the family was, many demons had decided to cling to them and their wealth. There are tons of greedy demons who like to do as they please and most of the time that requires money. Theo was one of the first ones born with a new demon. He was one of the first born with a primal in ages. It was surprising, though no one thought too much about it. It was bound to happen someday.
Then Theo decided to leave. He wanted to frolic on his own, away from his parents' watchful eyes. He went to the City to spend his money while his parents worried away in their mansion. They met up for brunch every now and again, but Theo enjoys being on his own for a little while.

Demon Information

Theo's demon is a small cloud that follows him around, usually just above his head. It doesn't do much aside from float, though occasionally it does decide to rain a little on his perfectly cut hair. He has seen it lighting exactly once and sometimes it does rumble a little. It reacts to the air movements around him, though not as strongly as an actual cloud normally would. It took awhile to figure out, but it seems to feed off of his relaxed energy. When he is taking a bath or sprawled under the sun, it tends to be white and wispy. When he gets irritated or annoyed, it gets denser and darker. When he is partying, it seems to sit in a neutral state, white and fluffy. Then again, once can only guess at most of a clouds moods aside from angry. And even then, who really knows what thunder means to a cloud?