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Audry Paseo

Empty, folding like flowers into fists
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Junos OOC Information

Not a fan of writing non-con in detail, but implied or vague is fine.

Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Shanina Shaik
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
They/Them, She/Her
Henche & Sweeney "Employee"

Character Summary

Assessment Report

First Appearance
January 0913


Mostly Docile




Wendigo/Jersey Devil

Huron Mountains/Great Lakes Region (Canada)

Kleptomania, Insatiable hunger


A ragged,skinny looking thing with a slow reaction time and an even slower disposition. The demon's motivations are a mystery beyond that of her need to take what is not hers. Her lack of emotion is confused with apathy, though it is not simply that. She is a curious thing, enraptured by the unusual and ordinary all the same, and gifted with a long, determined sort of patience. When food is involved, she can move incredibly fast.


Legendary Power


Lesser Power


Major Power

Superior Senses

Lesser Control


Major Power


Minor Control


Minor Control

Bone Manipulation

Lesser Control

Character In-Depth

No longer the beast she once was, the meeting of two worlds has forced a shift in Audry. Where once she struck terror, now she is nothing more than a long forgotten memory.

There has always been a innate sense of taking and keeping that she has never shaken, no matter what form she takes. A possessive creature by pure instinct alone, her insatiable hunger to fill a void of space with anything she has plagued her from the moment the world bore her. Whether that be to eat and eat and eat and gorge her burning stomach, or to steal items and clog an area until there is little room even to breathe. Her living quarters have always been dense with things, impossible to move, left only enough breakage between piles to fit her gangly form.

While she has spent the last three-hundred years around them, she still remains clueless to human tendencies and ways of speech. Navigating a conversation is more difficult than she cares to challenge, and though she is cursed by need of every kind, she cannot seem to fill silence as well as she can locate every nook and cranny for possessions. Hyper vigilant, the demon is constantly aware of her surroundings, even if they are not immediately aware of her. She disappears easily in a crowd, though she is tall, often slouched, and disheveled. Her unassuming presence allows her to freely move about and watch, employing her endless patience to learn what she can about a person--or a victim.

Her determination knows no bounds once she becomes fixated on something, though that is not hard to achieve. She has always been a monster easily fascinated with what she conceptually should not have, or cannot have. Drawn to a light of her own making, she twists and fabricates the importance of petty things and people to justify her own desires.

Despite how she lies prone to moments of violence and sadism, she is a passive thing. Her inflicting of pain is almost innocent, with how little she pays her drives. It is feeding, it is hunting, it is work, it is everything but joy from the kill. She feels nothing, though her ways of killing are often slow, messy, and unconventional. This duality is animalistic, punctuated by acts of sentience that make her lack of awareness disturbing. Her carnal wanting does not come from anger, nor malice, or hatred. It is thoughtless, like fingers bound in bloody puppet strings. Because of this she is careless, and anything but quick to change her ways.

Now, she is apt to let more things go than she should. Her demeanor is unmoving and quiet, eyes unblinking and sharp when something of interest enters her field. The demon feels little boundaries, acts without a care as to who might oppose her, and does so in such a way that shallows her portrayal to that of a mindless beast.

Demon Information


They have existed long before humans began to give them a title. Wendigo is what the northern tribes whispered around their fires while they listened to the distant screams carried on the wind. The rage of their youth is what brought the humans fear, the unceasing rake of starvation driving them into madness. There was only feeding, only growing, only learning to coexist with the pain. Control took hundreds of years to come, incrementally turning their attentions to other things beyond what could never satisfy.


When the worlds collided, they were presented with the choice of a human attachment. Wanting to test the boundaries of their control, they allowed themselves to have their one, and only, host.

They only had eyes for their human, using her to learn and to become stronger. They became entranced with how different they were, even if their monstrous appearance caused her grief. The days for demonic presence were early, and not everyone was so keen on the idea of their child being gifted with this violent, ugly thing. The encounter wound up being less helpful than it appeared, as humans discovered that they could use their newfound abilities to harm the demons of others. The scars onle made the choice of solitude easier.


A tall, emaciated, genderless humanoid with the skull of a stag for a head. Their hands are tipped in 4-inch, ink-black talons, and the skull is attached to the neck by thick, fleshy ligaments. The mouth can open nearly 180 degrees, and within the shadowy shape of sharp canine teeth can be seen outlining the jaws. On their back are two long, bony extensions that end in gnarled points--these used to be wings.

Their human form is that of their host, mirrored down to every minute detail that they can recall.