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Euphemia Zi

She loves in a feral way, her mouth always tasting celestial.
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Goblin OOC Information

Angst and melancholy are my mainstays, but I am a go for anything within reason, with permission. Disclaimer: All art and coding has either been bought or made by me, except the troll Qilin drawing in the Ascensions section. Please don't touch unless it's ICly and inappropriately.

Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Liu Wen
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age

Character Summary

Passivity is the decree by which she operates, a bystander to the ebb and flow of a dying world and with it, a dying breed. Euphemia is as unimposing as she is ordinary, preferring the company of trees and succulents to that of humans and demons alike. In many ways, she is a manifestation of a time before ribs of iron and metal were forged from the bones of the earth; before worlds collided and the constructs of society shifted to a crueler era where cynicism made for the hauberk of survival and left those wanting for goodness stripped bare.

She was not always this way, skittish and fearful toward the unfamiliar though such was a thing of bygones. Entirely doe-like in the ways that she carries herself, she has become less and less Qilin, drawn further inward until all that is left is a shell of her former self. In rarer instances, most of which are instinctual, she will rise to the occasion but her power is not as it once was and her demonic form a mere ghost of majesty. She is aware of her deterioration, conscious of death that lingers ever closer but in part, she has accepted it for what it is.

Yet despite this, there still exists remnants that desires to tend to the well-being of those around her. She cannot help but to see the good in others and for that reason, she has all the more withdrawn from society. Haunted instead by quietude and small smiles, her empathy and marrow-deep need to protect are buried within cradles of isolation. And in detaching herself for fear of loving too much that which nearly killed her, she has entirely lost her purpose but to live day by day.

Summary of a Summary

She's a tree-hugging, people-loving coward who's got loads of emotional baggage. Oh and if it's not already emphasized millions of times, she's weak and dying, willfully. But she'll still scream at the top of her lungs if she sees that someone's about to step on a bug because guys, those things are alive too, okay? Sometimes she can be real elegant but most of the times, she's lanky and plastered to the walls in public spaces, even if she hates how little green there are in urban spaces. Curse you industrialization, curse you.

I. Superior Strength

Proficient Power

II. Combustion

Lesser Power

III. Vision

Lesser Control

IV. Duplication

Proficient Control

V. Flight

Lesser Control

VI. Duplicity

Lesser Control

VII. Empathy

Lesser Control

Character In-Depth

TW; Physical & Emotional/Mental Abuse


Quiet but Quirky

Benevolent and Self-Sacrificing

Matronly and Elegant

Curious and Thoughtful

Fearful and Skittish

Willfully Ignorant and Hopeful

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD is "a serious potentially debilitating condition that can occur in people who have experienced or witnessed a natural disaster, serious accident, terrorist incident, sudden death of a loved one, war, violent personal assault, or other life-threatening events." In Euphemia's case, after long-term imprisonment, severe abuse, and the accidental death of her host, she has withdrawn from society to the bare minimal contact feasible. Nightmares plague her sleep and where once she would have believed wholly in the good in everyone, apprehension haunts her foremost inclinations. Yet even so, she is still considerably more trusting than many, preferring still to die with belief in goodness pressed to her heart.


A perpetual wip, tbh.

Demon Information

A History of the Qilin

Powerful, benevolent creatures were the chimeric Qilin's, guardians and pacifists of life in all its corporeal skins. Theirs was a gentle countenance mythologized to appear with the imminent arrival or passing of sage or illustrious people—rulers, scholars, and philosophers in times before 1723.

Wreathed in flame, Qilin's were regarded as bearers of good omen, a promise for prosperity and serenity to the naked, mortal eye. With the head and scales of a dragon, antlers and body of a deer, and an aureate mane and tail, they were things of majesty and impossibility.

But time was an unforgiving mistress, and humans crueler still.

Dependent on the energies of inherently well-meaning, good intentions, survival was an edict that did not belong the righteous. When the two worlds collided, so too came about the deterioration of the Qilin. A beginning and end that came of human greed.

The consumption of nature through industrialization was precursor to an institutionalized thirst for more, an act of feeding the umbrage that existed inside them all. With less and less by which to sustain themselves, the tranquil beasts felt first their loss of power and dominion.

Then came the changes; the flames that once burned in their wake became nothing more than ash and cinder, staining once emerald scales to a pelt of russet pallor. The only remnant of their reptilian counterpart were the scales along their neck. The only remnant of their fire bled along the reds of a thinning mane and tail.

Yet the process of degeneration was not always natural nor was it uniform, only that they were and are still dying in an evermore corrupt world of humans, demons, and metallic behemoths.