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Maliha Drury

"I'll call down the ultimate judgement of love!"
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Her playlist is Love.Beauty.Heart.Grace.

Character Information

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Human with Primal Demon
Annalynne Mccord
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Character Summary

Maliha is the  epitome  of a tomboy. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Despite this, she has a cheerful disposition and a very friendly nature. She is the type of person to speak to strangers without a second thought about whether it is an "intelligent" move or not. With this said, there is no wonder of whether or not she is a  kind or compassionate  person. Some say she can be a bit too kind, a bit too caring, but she dismisses these thoughts lightly. If one were to simply call for her, she would come running with no questions asked. She takes the needs and wants of others into consideration and attempts to be the positive force which is driving them.

Because of her energetic, tomboy nature, it is of no surprise of her having a few qualities typical of male behavior. Mali enjoys  teasing  her friends, mercilessly at times, which usually ends in her being the target of everyone's revenge all at once. Because of her slightly perverted nature, she is also prone to nosebleeds because of the sudden spiking temperature of her body. She is tough like rocks, sweet like pearls, and a bit too lax in a few areas of her life, but she will never be considered distasteful, egotistical or boast of what she has done or what she can do. These things are  out of her nature .

Though Maliha is not what others would consider a "girly-girl", she does have "softer" and/or "girlier" qualities about her. She can be a bit of ditzy but is honest by nature. There are times when she may have to think about something longer than normal, but her ditziness never carries the extreme of making her seem unintelligent. The woman also tends to misquote famous sayings, which has always been a rather cute and amusing quality of hers. She is also  a bit clumsy  in the fact of things tending to slip through her fingers. It does not bother her much, but it can be rather irritating when it gets in the way of her playing sports. Other than this, the girl cannot cook very well, cannot clean efficiently, and can barely keep a cactus alive, let alone an entire garden. Her feminine qualities are  few and far in between , sadly.

On a more serious note, the girl is, for the most part, levelheaded and observant, but she will not deny having  a problem containing her anger . Her anger is explosive, much like an oozing, festering, sputtering volcano. Usually after she "erupts", she is too exhausted to do much else, but this has never stopped her from becoming angry if the situation calls for her to be angry. Along with her anger, Mali can be quite obsessive. What she has is her own, and she is not too keen on the idea of someone taking what she has as their own without permission. Others can do as they please, but there are consequences to crossing the line. Let us hope this is understood.

tough like rocks & sweet like pearls






Character In-Depth

Maliha Izanne Drury is the name she has adopted within the last few centuries in an attempt to remain assimilated within modern society. Her first name Maliha is Arabic in origin and means attractive and/or beautiful. Her middle name Izanne is both Hebrew and French in origin with both meaning grace and favour. Drury is a nickname from Old French "druerie" meaning love and/or friendship, which is a derivative of "dru" lover and/or friend. In Middle English, the word also had the concrete meanings of love affair, love token, and sweetheart.

Mali, Liha, Iza, and Zanne are only a few nicknames she goes by. If someone can find a new creative nickname out of the names she has had throughout her years, she will surely welcome it with a smile.

♥ Maliha's list of goals is rather extensive as she has many goals and aspirations. First and foremost, she would not only like to play volleyball in the summer Olympics, she would also like to win a gold medal and beat every sports record she possibly can. Though the achievement of this goal is not entirely plausible, she will still chatter about it excitedly. Secondly, she would like to take a trip to space. It would be quite fun as long as shuttle doors open, O-rings work properly, and there are no oxygen tank ruptures. Mali's third goal is to find love or, rather, companionship. Though it is no secret of her being a bit boy crazy, she does keep her loneliness buried deep inside of her. The final, and most important goal, is to find her heiress.

♥ If one needs someone who is Compassionate to their situation, Izanne is the person to fulfill this need. There is not a situation in the world she cannot empathize with or at least feel sympathy for, because every situation needs a love of its own. She is sure to give it to the people who needs it.
♥ Iza is extremely Humorous. She is amused by much and can make much amusing. It is a quality she has developed to combat her "all work, no play" lifestyle.
♥ Being Honest is a quality Maliha has by default. In other words, she cannot tell a lie properly. There is always a quirk or a nervous tick which tells the general public she is attempting to speak an unnecessary falsehood.
• Amongst her friends, Mali is the biggest dreamer, and openly so, but she has always been very Idealistic, even if she does not bother to vocalize it. Being a leader has stiffened her into thinking realistically and idealistically but has also allowed her dream her dreams, as long as they do not interfere with her duties.
• No matter what, the girl tries to be an Inspiring force for friends, family, and strangers. If someone needs her to be the brilliant sun in their cloudy life, she shine for them. If someone needs for her to be their muse, she will be it. Venus birthed from a shell? Been there, done that.
• Maliha's Leadership skills are nothing to dismiss. Point. Blank. Period.
• Being Positive always gives a better outcome according to the young girl. Many more things can be said about being positive than it can be said about being negative. No matter what, Maliha tries to look for the positive in a situation, even if said situation is quite dire. There is always a blessing around the bend, after all.

• She was born on October 22nd.

Thanatophobia is the fear of death. Death is a common part of life, yes, but Maliha wishes for her death to not be wasteful, and any death not involving the protection of her highness is a wasted death. Admittedly, her aichmophobia, or fear of needles and/or pointed objects, is rather mild compared to her other fears, but it still causes her to shutter. Cleithrophobia, or the fear of being trapped, affects her mentally and emotionally. Maliha does not enjoy being in any situation in which she feels trapped or enclosed, anything she cannot escape from. Not having freedom to do what she wants when she wants to do it has always been thoroughly bothersome to her. If she ever finds herself in a position in which she cannot escape from, she will do whatever she can to make sure she will regain her freedom. This is one reason why domestication urks her so.

• Mali is normally open about her emotions and is not one to hide things, but she has, for quite some time now, been rather ... reluctant in being disciplined. Honestly, she is rather exhausted. She is tired of keeping disciplined and wishes to live her life wild, like a wreckless love affair. She also has questioned the quality of her leadership. Is she good enough to continue doing her job? Is this test besting her? Will this test best her? Has she been going about her job in the correct manner? Is everyone satisfied with her quality of work? Many thoughts burden her, especially those concerning her leadership skills. She, as of now, can be bulletproof in a way, but this mentality, this will, can be broken with something so simple as a smile...

Children have always been one of the biggest desires in Mal's life, but she has somehow come to terms of the fact of her never being able to fulfill her dream of being a mother, at least not of her own child.
Domestication is an explicit no. End of story.
• Her Mother has always been a huge weakness and is the main reason why she fears domestication. For centuries, her mother could never be satisfied with hard, honest work and has always been quite verbal in trying to get Maliha to avoid being sucked into the clutches of being a hardworking woman. This, in itself, has always been the highest irritant to the girl and therefore she has distanced herself from her own blood. It is a rather sad sight to see, but she felt these actions were necessary.
Mushrooms are absolutely disgusting. They look weird, they cook weird, ... they are weird little things, AND, not to mention, it is a fungus. Why would anyone willingly want to eat a fungus?!
Oolong Tea is, in her opinion, the greatest thing to drink to relax. In other words, she drinks an obsessive amount of it.
Police are like a double negative; they simply rub Mali the wrong way. How can those who are supposed to be for the good of the public able to perform such horrible acts? Do they have no conscious? No morality? Having been in a position of power for most of her life, she would never let said power warp her perception of right and wrong, never use it as a tactic of fear, and never ever allow her power to decide who was worthy of her help. Being in a position of power should not make a person inhumane; it should help them see the problems which are desperately being covered up so said problems may be fixed. Anyone using their power for any other reason probably should not be in a position of power. And yet, she has had to become the one thing she hates the most.

Demon Information

Maliha's demon takes the shape of a red ornament in the depths of her blonde hair. It is quiet but dangerous, much like silence of a violent storm. Without it, however, she knows she would not have endured as much as she has. Her demon encourages her to do what is right, not what is moral or politically correct. Much like the daring women before time, it encourages her to do what is needed to be done, even if in past times, those actions would have gotten her beheaded or burned.