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Alexandria Hallows

"I exist because I do. There is no grand plan to it."
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Hysteria OOC Information

This here is Alex, my lil' slice of drug addict chill-pie. She's very flexible when it comes to thread ideas, and almost any of them would most likely work so don't be afraid to throw some at me. If you'd like to use her as an NPC, run it by me first, but I'll most likely say yes!

Character Information

Character Type
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Human with Primal Demon
Taylor Momsen
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Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
She, Her
He, Him

Character Summary

A Summary of Sin

lexandria is a laid back, music obsessed drug dealer who would much rather get to know you with her telepathy than sit down and converse with you.

The goth values art and her own personal life, putting most people on the back burner unless of course they prove themselves amusing. This isn't to say she doesn't value humanity...she just values herself more, and believes in survival of the fittest over "Love thy neighbor". This can have her come off as finicky and callous, but really she's just doing what anyone would do to get ahead in the game. She's still capable of being friendly should someone not get in her way.

Recently she fell out of line with the Spirit Detectives and has begun working with Kairos full time when not on tour. This makes her a full fledged criminal instead of a dabbler, which ironically makes her into something she's trying not to be. Whether she's ignoring this or not is unknown, but she does like to glorify her criminal roots which might suggest she's having a hard time accepting it.

Vocalist — Lyricist — Dealer — Tracker

Tier 1: Strength

The Lady

Tier 1: The Fool

Red Riding Hood


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Minor Control

Character In-Depth

TW: Bullying, Emotional Abuse, Mommy Issues, Suicide









Arrogant: Alexandria loves herself to avoid hating herself. She knows she's an addict and she knows her parents were too, and now the only thing keeping her from becoming them is the fact she doesn't bang everyone in sight...yet even that could be true, as she often emotionally manipulates people for her own entertainment. What she says and does aren't always fully thought out. Usually because she's almost always a little high. She uses her body to entrance and her mind to manipulate, and because of this, her only true love could ever be herself. As she can only ever trust herself.

Intelligent: Alexandria is bi-lingual, knows a lot of history, and has studied enough law to probably pass as a seasoned college student despite never having enrolled. More than that, she's capable of figuring people out with or without her telepathy, though that only adds to her mental capabilities. In truth, when not working or preforming on stage (or high) the goth is what the japanese would call a Hikikomori. In other words, she's a shut in who likes her private time and probably has maids clean her house when she's too lazy to do it. She also sleeps twelve hours a day, and cooks for herself only when she knows a recipe one of her maids doesn't. The good side of this is that she's a really good cook...but the bad part is that she's usually too lazy to do it. Which makes her come off as stupid and unambitious. That couldn't be further from the truth...

Cautious: Alexandria isn't naive. She's skeptical, she double checks anything she can't fully depend on, and she knows how to read body language. The woman likes to avoid having lots of friends, but for some reason, her silent confidence attracts people, which makes it hard to come off as the uncaring person she strives to be. This cautious attitude leads others to guess that she might have OCD or Anxiety...and they're right about one of those. All those drugs do take a toll after a few years, and she's only going downhill from there.

Passive: Not one to start fights, the woman isn't at all aggressive. Though she is snarky and rather spiteful, preferring to make someone attack her so she can hurt them back...or set them up. Whatever her schemes are she won't outright tell you to fuck off, but she sure as hell won't let you get away with something for long. She's as vengeful as she is sassy, which makes her a scary enemy. Especially when you might not even know she has it out for you. Some might call her fake for this sort of approach, but she thinks she's smarter for it.

Unpredictable: Because of how often Alexandria does things for gain, this can lead her to doing things that would either be seen as out of character or otherwise odd for a situation. For example, she once visited prostitutes to play games with them just to collect information about their pimps. She gained friendship and money from this, despite never having the need to buy a sex worker nor having sex with them once seemingly "using" them. Aside from that, the way in which she makes friends can be different each time around. She might help an enemy just to make them lower their guard, and be friends with them for years before finally getting her own personal revenge. The lesson here is that while Alex presents herself as a bumbling druggie, she can just as easily be a poetic business woman. This should never be forgotten.

Mentally Ill: When it comes to her diagnostics, Alex doesn't let them rule her life. However saying that she has them but they don't affect her would be a crude understatement. She smokes not only to keep memories out but to keep hallucinations away, which are triggered by her PTSD and Psychosis. She also does so many drugs to keep her anxiety low, and she'll drink lots of coffee to stay up at night in favor of sleeping the morning away. This is because a lot of her anxiety attacks and depressing thoughts happen mostly at night - and while they can happen during the day as well, - it isn't as often and her daily activities usually prevent her mind from going down that path. This is why she often prefers pass times that take a lot of focus, like reading or martial arts. She may or may not be seen as anorexic because of how little she eats, but it's yet to be medically diagnosed nor has she been skipping meals regularly. Just while smoking. Her mental illness often leads her close to overdose in order to drive away hallucinations that are more "persistent" as she calls them. The irony of this is that her mental illnesses are caused by her Hallucination Dominion, and her own forced emotional insensitivity leaking out into instability. She is technically the cause of her own suffering. Both literally and figuratively.


Alexandria Jade Hallows was born on the outskirts of the City we all know and love. Her mother was a gang whore and her father was a peddler, not so different from her job today. Despite the backgrounds her family wasn't abusive...neglectful and unstable, but not abusive. Her mother often showered her with words of affirmation and her father gave her street smarts that her school was too cautious to teach. Those street smarts eventually held Alex back a lot of the time; She'd gotten held back in the fourth grade due to not completing all of her school work, and because of the bullying of other kids she was suspended a lot of the time for fights that she didn't start. Not that teachers believed her. No matter how quiet Alex portrayed herself, she was seen as a troublemaker. The school's guidance counselor did the best they could to try and find out what her home life was like, but her parents rarely came to meetings - leaving that up to her grandfather.

Her grandfather was a short and stout man, and he was always dressed in a suit. He had an air of arrogance around him, and was often too boisterous for Alex to ever feel comfortable around him. She'd only met him four times before her parents' inevitable death. Apparently her father was getting deeper into the city's crime and her mother committed suicide to escape it. They say her father followed suit, but Alex suspects he was murdered. She never viewed him to be as weak and emotionally unstable as her mother...she began hating her mother for the cowardly act, preferring to believe her father went down loyally than them both simply dying from depression. Whatever the case was, Alex was soon tossed into quite a few foster homes. This caused her grades to slip even more, and as one can guess, some of those homes weren't as good as others. When her grandfather finally got through the court to take her in, she'd already experienced enough to make her a hardened stereotypical punk. Something she never quite grew out of.

Alex had little to no respect for adults, carried a very arrogant attitude, and had now completely used street smarts over book smarts. She still enjoyed things like books and comics, but she wasn't very open about it. It was suspected that she ran around with kid-gangs but the only snippets of information concerning that was gained through family therapy sessions. Outside of that, she was a wall that no one was allowed to get close to.

Her grandfather, at his wit's end, spoiled her with money and a personal tutor. She learned quickly so long as she was rewarded, and eventually she skipped a few grades and landed where she was supposed to be - right before being tossed into a boarding school.

There she learned two things; How to treat people, and how to manipulate people. Sometimes those lessons crossed, but for the most part, she became a respectable teen. On vacations and home visits she continued her martial arts lessons, and when she'd graduated she began apprenticeship to become the head of her grandfather's company.


Alexandria grew up fast, hard, and spoiled rotten...but thanks to the kids and adults she grew up with later in life, she didn't become nearly as bad as she could of. She was still influenced by stoners, and she still uses drugs to drive out memories of bad foster homes and the death of her parents, but even so, she's alive and she's more successful than most people her age. So she has no complaints when it comes to her past. At least, not any she'd say out loud.

Demon Information

About Andrelias

Andrelias, also known as Andre. He is a monster of a dog, reaching Alexandria's height easily by just his shoulder. Usually preferring an incorporeal form, he'll more often than not only appear when she is in danger or they are alone together. He prefers laying around her house or messing with her pet cat.

He doesn't seem to see humanity in any specific way. He communicates to Alex by thinking of specific things and giving vocal signs or body language that lets her know to "tap into them" via her telepathy. He often lets her know things if he wants something, feels anxious, or similar basic things. He does have a tendency to project cannibalistic urges though, as he often desires to eat humans. Especially his own. Not that he would of course, he's old enough to know that such a thing is bad.