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Rose Blossom

The law ends at my doorstep, because I make magic happen between consenting adults.
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Kae Kaieda
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Rose's Garden Owner

Character Summary

Rose isn't sex-crazed, neither is she bashful. Pleasant company, unique experiences, and new customers are her thing.

Who ever got hurt finding new ways to enjoy themselves? Everyone needs a safe, clean environment to learn about what really brings them pleasure -- and so Rose's Garden was born. A little shop of clothing and 'novelty items' for people of all preferences. There are even hidden pleasures and secret delights only discerning customers enjoy.

When not supplying customers with the means of fulfilling their everyday desires, Rose enjoys going just about anywhere there are lots of people. Her demon enjoys the clubs because where else do you find an endless supply of grinding going on begging for release? But Rose kind of likes less obvious venues. Quaint little cafes, libraries, and even holy ground... because face it, it's just so much more fun when you're totally breaking all the rules.

So if you need help finding the right intimate apparel, and prime party or exotic fetish supplies you can always find the right rose at Rose's Garden.


The ability to fly, and make other people or objects fly.

Superior Endurance
* Accelerated endurance. This dominion means you can endure greater pressure, deeper pain, greater strain both physical and emotional, and more dangerous situations than you normally would be able to. Can also run farther and do more laborious things without getting tired.


The ability to create, induce or control hallucinations.

The ability to manipulate attraction, whether platonic, physical or romantic, in other people towards yourself. More persuasive speaking, more successful seduction, and a great deal of ability to control the attention of and fill a room. Pheromones work passively, so you can’t turn this dominion off.

Pocket Space
The ability to create a pocket of space between the physical and demon realm to hold and remove objects so that only the user can retrieve them. It could be used for carrying really heavy equipment, hiding valuable and/or stolen and/or highly explosive goods, concealing weapons, smuggling candy into movie theaters, removing a hostile explosive, etc.

A psychic is a wide-encompassing dominion that can foster great power over time. Psychics dabble in fortune telling and manipulation. Psychics can also put strong mental blocks in people’s minds, making them forget certain memories or even keep secrets locked in destructive magic, so that should they die, someone could not extract that information from their head (they, of course, can also reverse these effects and even break locks put on by weaker psychics or magic).

Character In-Depth


Rose had a normal childhood on Earth. Her father was a Doctor and her mother a Medical Technician. They weren't filthy rich, but they had a large house in a clean neighborhood with an outstanding education and plenty of well-manned children (in public at least). They weren't religious, but then the manifestation of demons had galvanized society on that front long ago. Few in their area did believe -- at least in the old ways.

Adolescence is where her life took an abrupt and perhaps violent turn. Her first crush, in fact, with flush cheeks as she chatted away with her friends about a guy. The demon within stirred, woken by her host's desire. It burst to life and shamelessly stoked the sexual arousal in her host. Endlessly whispering in Rose's ear it fed greedily on the inexperience youth assaulted by thoughts and images she'd never been exposed to before. Her parents were shocked at how sudden Rose turned from cherub to nymphomaniac.

Worried for their daughter's future, Rose was taken to a number of therapists to try and help overcome the sexual appetite. Even her teachers were beginning to complain of...discomfort having her in class. But either from catching her with the therapist, or the therapist declining further sessions soon they seemed to run out of options... until they turned to a less orthodox sexual therapist (one not susceptible to being easily seduced). They soon found it wasn't sex the demon fed on, but the desire for Rose -- desire in general, but the host had become the focus to generate that desire up to that point.

Uncovering Rose's other dominions and helping her demon accept her host's own needs allowed the young woman to finish school to her parents' relief. They were still concerned about her future, but a fate of ending up on the street addicted to drugs seemed to have been averted. Her decision to open a shop in The City hadn't been what they'd expected, but at least it was a respectable profession...Though they might not yet be aware of the nature of business conducted there. They were happy she was happy that was what was important.

Rose has been working on promoting her store almost anywhere there are people. Doesn't really matter if a place isn't overflowing with orgies, everyone has a natural interest in sex and needed someplace they could trust. Somewhere discrete. If her parents happened to have found the right person to help Rose herself, or had the willingness to even approach such a person, things could have turned out much differently. She felt it appropriate to provide a place for others to have the same opportunity -- to redefine themselves in whatever way they chose.

Rose's Garden

Pale Peach Rose Section
Lingerie for everyone. For those that just need the perfect attire for intimate engagements. Nothing here that would offend anyone that'd set foot inside Rose's Garden in the first place.

White Rose Section
New to exploring your sexuality? You'll find all the common 'novelty items' to get started here. Better to start out nice and easy especially if you're going it alone.

Yellow Rose Section
Some things are best experienced together, and to help two or more people the Yellow Rose section can help participants enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Pink Rose Section
For those seeking a little something extra or out of the ordinary, the Pink Rose has an enjoyable collection.

Orange Rose Section
If you need a little extra spice, however, stop by the Orange Roses; nothing like fuzzy cuffs, blindfolds, and ball-gags to change the entire experience.

Red Rose Section
Pale peaches are for everyone, but passionate Reds are seeking unique fashions and new sensations. Countless fashions can be found here promoting or downplaying various aspects of a partners' body to suit taste.

Black Rose Section
For the dominant/submissive at heart. These whips won't be made out of cotton-candy. Come equipped with a safe word.

Blue Rose Section
Items in the Blue Rose garden aren't on display to the public. They aren't illegal, but they might cause weaker hearts to make a big todo about nothing [that concerns them].

Ultraviolet Rose Section
Ultraviolets don't see the light of day. Only select clients are even aware of the off-the-menu-menu. Upstanding law enforcement personnel not invited.

Demon Information

Selena was first born in the 1300s. Unfortunately she's had a bad habit of burning through hosts through reckless behavior. She feeds on the desires of others and came across a bad habit of using sexual desire -- a demonic form of fast food. Intercourse itself is just a byproduct of winding her hosts up and using them to inspire desire in others. Once or twice in her existence she'd actually found a host that lack a sex drive of their own, which had been quite a time saver. Her most recent host -- Rose -- is not one of those.

Once Rose was sat down before a woman that didn't fall prey to the girl's charms Selena was also forced to contend with an unmovable obstacle. The demon tried seducing, threatening, and bargaining with the iron-heart of a creature to let Rose go about her way. Her weaker bargaining position, however, eventually required assenting to not stirring Rose up into a frenzy every chance Selena got. After suffering the Human's entire childhood powerless to enjoy the darker desires of the world the demon wasn't anxious to start over after a rebirth.

There was a silver lining, however. Rose didn't go back to being some clueless angel. She had some ideas about what to do with her life. Ideas Selena encouraged wholeheartedly. Help others with exploring their desires? Sell things to enable that exploration? Things had begun to look promising again.

In physical form Selena appears as a slender woman with a defined physique with light hot pink skin. With horns that curl up and above her head, burning orange-red eyes, a dark tail, and two broad wings one glance tends to tell a person everything they need to know about Selena. Visible she can often be found wrapped about Rose whether to dare others to take her for themselves, or possessiveness is hard to say. Fortunately, for Rose, the fiend isn't often loitering about -- two's company, three's a crowd, unless someone's looking for a threesome in which case Selena is happy to fill in.