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Lily Roth

with every breath i swallow, i drown
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Goblin OOC Information

Angst and melancholy are my mainstays, but I am a go for anything within reason, with permission. Disclaimer: All art has been pulled from google, photos edited by me, and codes borrowed from Epsilon. Please don't touch unless it's ICly and inappropriately.

Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Astrid Berges-Frisbey
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Spirit Detectives
Emergency Nurse

Character Summary

Assessment Report

Date of Birth
June 8th





Blood Type


Ghost Town



This assessment report is an accumulation of observations and recorded sessions with Lily Wilhelmina Roth, a newer addition to our hospital. Her superiors have reported a quick adaptability to the hectic work environment and a refreshing enthusiasm for learning the ropes. Fellow peers have also mentioned her sheer grit and as they said, 'iron stomach'. The positive energy she wears on her sleeve has helped in creating a great repertoire among Mrs. Roth and her patients, many of whom have left thank-you notes citing her bright presence and thoughtfulness having helped them in their process of healing. Despite recent incidences regarding the passing of a patient who has been identified as Mrs. Roth's foster mother, there have been no notable signs of depression or anxiety. As such, she has been deemed physically, emotionally, and mentally fit for continued work as an emergency nurse, no further diagnosis required until otherwise stated.

I. Water

Lesser Power

II. Ice

Greater Power

III. Echolocation

Major Control

IV. Regeneration

Proficient Power

V. Gravity

Minor Power

VI. Telepathy

Proficient Control

Character In-Depth

The Good

Being brought up in the foster system has, at once, hardened and softened Lily to certain predispositions of abuse while forming the foundations for who she is now. In having been acquainted to the darker and crueler sides of human nature, she has developed a coping mechanism of inexhaustible positivity and a stomach for collateral damage. Girded with an absolute need to help the abused, neglected, and disadvantaged, she is a humanitarian by nature. Diligent and well-intentioned, there is a certain air and energy about her that is radiant and infectious, disarming even. Much of it comes from her own experiences, but most of it stems from a survivalists approach to life. She gives what she feels has been taken from her, expelling outward the very qualities she has dreamt of growing up with, kind smiles and a warm touch. With that said, Lily is also a physically affectionate person, often choosing to express her happiness and adoration through small but significant gestures.

The Bad

Although Lily has developed a bleeding heart for those who have drawn the short end of the stick in life, it has also made her incapable of giving space where needed. Ingrained beneath her skin, bone-deep, is an inherent need to help in any way she can regardless whether or not the recipient of said aid desires for it. Consequently, it has made her impatient and at times, far less empathetic than she should be, particularly to those who she holds dear to heart. With a certain gusto, she operates on emotion and impulse more than she does logic, preferring reactionary measures to well thought-out actions and gestures. Loyal to a fault, the girl would not think twice on sacrificing herself for the people she loves, but such selflessness comes from a place of insecurity and fear of abandonment. It has made her a clingy and often affectionately starved creature, constantly requiring for validation of some sort—something that she does not hesitate to look for should she feel the need for it.

The Ugly

Jörmungandr is a demon and sea serpent so entirely opposite in disposition from Lily, it's a wonder how the two bonded and survived nearly three decades of one another. Inherent within the ancient creature is an insatiable thirst for entropic ends; an appetite rooted in cyclical ideologies of life and death. In spite of this disconnect, Lily and Jör have established a fairly diplomatic and distanced relationship, made possible only by the presence of Hel. Her life and occupation sustains his hunger and in return, he allows her a life with minimal interference on his part. Though that is not to say that he has not threatened her nor does he refrain entirely from mingling where he does not belong. He is the reason she is incapable of bearing child without consequence, requiring that with life, there must be death. Should she choose to have child, her life must be had in return, else-wise he would consume the child. He is not without intent and plays for an end-game contingent on his freedom.

Demon Information


Born from Norse mythology, he was a serpent of many names; Jormungand, Jörmungand, the Midgard Serpent, the World Serpent, child of Loki and the giantess Angrboða, and brother to Fenrir and Hel. Before the collision of worlds, Jörmungandr, Fenrir, and Hel were inseparable, wreaking havoc wheresoever they were but such was a time too short-lived. They were each torn apart, bonded to the souls of newborn mortals or left in a state of limbo, a near purgatory of its own.

It was only within the past two decades has he reunited with his sister, Hel, bound to a host who would come to love his own. For a while, the sea serpent was contented, but time was a prerequisite for disillusionment and the realization that his kin was not as she once was wore upon his thinly-veiled patience. He, who bore only antipathy for these humans, had not the heart or mind to accept their petty, self-destructive tendencies. Yet that was not to say that his own host did not feed him well.

Dependent on the balance of life and death in both its literal and metaphorical interpretations, Jor fed off of cyclical ideologies. With Lily working as an emergency nurse, she was surrounded by exactly that, a revolving door of life and death in its most sustainable form. Even in times before entering the field of medicine, his host led an unfortunate life surrounded by that which made him thrive. It was often that and that alone which compelled the serpent to allow her the honor of being his vessel; permitted her the freedom to roam with little interference on his part.

They were and are cordial at best, but what remains unspoken is the fear which Lily holds close to heart for Jor is an unforgiving demon. She knows that their current stalemate is fragile at best, extant on the circumstances that Hel remain by his side but the tides are shifting and with it, a storm rises.