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Elisavet Itkin

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Gal Gadot
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Secretary - Monai Precinct

Character Summary

I Surrender

Date of Birth
October 3rd

Straight but Curious



135 LBS

Blood Type
O +

INFJ-T- "The Advocate"

Ghost Town


Between The Devil and The Deep:

If there ever was a single word to describe Elisavet Itkin, it would be genuine. Her emotions and intentions are easily read upon her face and in the backs of her dark eyes. While this world might be dark, and hers especially, she believes that there has to be light somewhere. Though a large portion of what Elisvet does is directed by others, particularly Fenrir, she is a beautifully creative person who dreams and desires to create a life blossomed from her own choices.


Minor Power


Lesser Control


Minor Power


Proficient Control


Greater Control

Superior Strength

Greater Power

Character In-Depth


Humble and Gracious

Kind and Compassionate

True Empath

Naturally Curious

Enjoys New Experiences

Believes People Are Inherently Good


Elisavet is a gentle, kind-spirited woman who cautiously walks in the shadow of a monstrous, demanding beast. She is a doe side-stepping a wolf's jaws; a wolf who could easily swallow her and all she loved whole for a giggle. Though prone to nervousness, Elisavet is surprisingly emotionally resilient considering what she puts up with. She does not like to wallow in sadness or pessimism and continually tries to look for the good in a situation or in others. She is a rule-follower and automatically gravitates to others who seem like they "have it together". Elisavet is an introvert who enjoys trying new things, but only in small amounts. She is conditioned to consult with Fenrir for permission before doing much of anything, to which he takes great pleasure in. This bleeds over into her daily life where she feels the compulsion to ask for permission before making decisions or acting impulsively.


Elisavet comes from a small but busy port city at the tip of the Red Sea in Israel, called Eilat. Her mother is a homemaker and her father a busy supervisor and co-owner of one of the most profitable camel ranch tours in the city. Leave all imagining of dusty stables and shady tourist traps behind, this favorite tourist destination a beautiful five star ranch built up from generations of the hard work of four close-knit families. It could go without saying that Elisavet grew up not wanting for much, but this certainly would not be the truth. Frugal and frigid, her father kept the whole of their seasonal swell of wealth far from the family's eyes. Truth be told, when she was a child attending the small grade school, she believed she was living in poverty because her clothes were hand downs from her brothers, holey and faded, and their dusty family car always coughing and sputtering. Their humble home is situated on the ranch property, but over a few swelling hills and several miles from the stables and beautiful, flashy open market.

Her youth was a storm in which she was thrashed between the waves of family, school, and Fenrir. Her only solace was a friendship from overseas; a child named Lily who she had been assigned as pen-pals. As an only daughter born to a very conservative family, her brothers were groomed to take the business and property along with the other family's sons. Her future was planned since she was in diapers, and it was to be a good wife of the eldest Abramovich boy and bear strong children to continue the proud family business.

The thing was, Elisavet wasn't proud at all. While her brothers and the other children bragged and bullied others because of their family privilege in the small town, the lanky child couldn't muster it. To Elisavet, her father was a greedy man and her mother a bitter companion. The business was unstable due to the Israeli–Arab conflict that seemed to grow year by year as the fear of terrorist attacks frightened many tourists away each year. The wife of a hairy camel wrangler was not who she dreamed herself to be. Though she would never dream of speaking these thoughts for fear of punishment. Fenrir knew, though, and he relished in her discomfort.

Elisavet managed to stave off marriage for several years in her early 20's by convincing her parents that she should learn a trade in order to be more valuable to the family business. Managing to pass the exam to enter a small community university, she applied herself to basic clerical skills for a few years until her father grew suspicious of her purposeful stalling. It was at 27, unwed and still living at home, that she decided to finally take Lily up on her offer to move to The City and start a new life.

That was, if Fenrir was alright with it...

Demon Information

Feeds On: Pride
(In one's appearance, in self, in work, etc.)


Rage. Pride. Power. Fenrir is an old demon who is all too familiar with others trying to control and suppress him. Many keepers battled with him, seeking dominion. The Wolf devoured any and all who wished to bind him to such weakness. For this reason, he refuses to manifest as anything smaller or less terrifying than the monstrous beast he truly is. The Wolf is a challenging demon, taking pleasure in his difficulty of personality and overbearing nature. Particularly fond of nature and the earth, when he does get to manifest, it is either as a large, earthen wolf with stone and metal braided into armor and ivory twisting into horns and claw, or a shadowy silver mist.

When Fenrir was initially bound to Elisavet Itkin, he resented her. She was weak; he could smell it on her breath. He wished to eat her the moment he saw her, but refrained out of curiosity. She would be malleable. And, as she grew older, he saw this to be true. She was beautiful and born to a wealthy, proud family. She could have the world provided to her, and it was all for him to take. So, he did.

Fenrir is a master manipulator and has absolutely no bond with his keeper other than what she provides for him. In fact, he sees her very much as a less boring gem in a world full of common baubles. She is the current, and to be frank, most pliant, toy to play with. What once embarrassed him about her weakness is now something to flaunt and mold. The return is just too delicious.