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Renoir OOC Information

Hi, my name is Ren. My level of friendliness is scary. I'm like one of those people you should worry about when they smile. Be afraid. Buuut! I will roleplay with literally anyone! Just either DM me on Discord (Renoir#1071) or PM me. <3

[ Characters: Avery Montgomery | Aki Kamo | Amaryllis Ward ]

Character Information

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OOC Roleplayer
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Demon Age
Herpetoculturist | Snake Breeder

Character Summary

Picture yourself in a room with four foot long, two feet tall, two feet deep cages. They are black, made of expanded PVC, and have acrylic fronts. The floor is hard wood, there's 6500k fluorescent lights, and each of the cages has flourishing, growing plants. They stack on top of each other and line the walls and have assorted lizards and snakes.

This is not my snake room but it's my dream and could happen someday if I keep things up. I'm Ren. That's not my real name, but I answer better to it than the real thing. And I am the a real-life parselmouth.

Character In-Depth

I hail from Tampa, Florida, in the US. I work as a dispatcher for a roadside assistance company, from home, and I keep night shift schedules because of this - on average, you won't find me around during the day unless there's something wrong or if I'm being forced to face the sun by some evil being (aka responsibility). My job involves sitting on a computer a lot so guess who is typically a posting speed demon? -> This girl <-. Oh, and yes, I prefer female pronouns.

My hobbies include reptile breeding, evidenced by my occupation. I have at this time 41 ball pythons with 5 eggs on the way, 2 spotted pythons, 2 childrens pythons, 2 stimsons pythons, 2 green tree pythons, 2 brazilian rainbow boas, 2 amazon tree boas, 2 indonesian tree boas, 3 western hognose snakes, 1 centralian python, and 2 rockhampton-locality coastal carpet pythons. I also have 1 leopard gecko female. I spend way more time around snakes than I do people. Other things I do that don't involve snakes include cooking (I'm average at best) and gaming (primarily PC but also some on Xbox one).

I'm a new moderator here, still learning the ropes, but if you need anything or have any questions, please don't hesitate to send me a message here or on Discord. I'm always eager to help new people settle in and I'm literally always open for threads, so don't hesitate; I can find some way to spice things up and make them interesting!

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