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Avery Montgomery

baby, i'm bad news.
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Renoir OOC Information

Hi, I'm Noir. I live in the eastern time zone but I keep primarily night shift hours so it's odd to see me around during the afternoon. I'll roleplay with anyone so feel free to nudge me for a chance to plot and see where it goes. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance!

Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Aryu [Morrigan]
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
White Rabbit
Fashion Designer (Harlequin Designs)

Character Summary

non-confrontational wallflower vain artistic animal lover withdrawn fashionista successful non-binary self-sufficient

Avery James Montgomery, head of Harlequin Designs fashion label known for its gothic flair and no-holds-barred approach to fabric usage. Best known for his lack of fondness for the public's eye and for owning an impressive collection of reptiles. Traditional gender norms are not something he gives two flicks about and he's made it his entire career's goal to make others feel the same way as he does. What is gender but a social confine, anyway?

Avery stands at a whopping 5'4" and while his hair is almost always dyed platinum blonde, he is in fact a natural brunette. His eyes are blue-green, usually venturing more toward blue in the color spectrum but he wears contacts to make them look brighter just the same when he's doing photoshoots. It is not unusual to see him wearing clothing that seems completely out of place in day to day wear; leather, boots, corsetry. He has a tattoo of Harlequin Designs' logo on his arm, bat wings spreading around a Harlequin mask, though it's uncommon to see it shown given the way that he dresses.

The quickest ways to Avery's heart include: own or be a reptile, provide wine and/or coffee, or be capable of cooking because he's not.

the lovers - tier iii - "the fox wife"
In Asian folklore, the tricksy fox spirit has a particular subset of fox spirits: those who fall in love with human men. These fox wives can be both male and female, and their sincere love for their husbands has made them a figure of yearning and desire for millennia in Asia, especially China and Japan. Loyal and beautiful, theirs is a love that lasts millennia.

Human Appearance Manifestation: Your nails turn into claws. You gain a fuzzy pair of fox ears on your skull in any pattern of any subset of fox species (arctic, red, grey, it’s different for different characters). Oh! And a matching tail. All or parts of this appearance modification can now be shown in their ascended form. Which parts to use depends on player preference. They can now switch fluidly between their original form and their ascension form.
You feel new possibilities within you. You can now induce rut or heat-like symptoms in a lover, causing them to desire you earnestly for a few hours. The dominions pathfinding, empathy, telepathy, and pheromones are now augmented. Any dominion you and the person you most care about share is also augmented. +1 on all rolls in staff moderated events whenever using one of those dominions, and your character may show unusual command of it for their mastery.

death - tier ii - "the dogwood"
The dogwood flower represents resurrection and sacrifice. It is a symbol of loss, but also hope. It is a reminder that even in death one can find solace and a way forward to better things. A loss may still open the door to new and even better things. The dogwood is a figure of hope and moving on.
You feel new possibilities within you. People now find you uneasy to be around. You now carry an aura of peace about yourself, and find that you can accept hardships with more grace and calm. The dominions necromancy, necrosis, biomancy, and blood are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.

the sun- tier i - "the iris"
The Iris spreads its petals in sunlight and delights in its simple contentment with life. Fragile but beautiful, the iris is seen in the bouquets given to spouses and festooned around the aisles of new marriages. The Iris is a path of happiness and bliss.
You feel new possibilities within you. You can now brighten up a room just with your presence. The dominions light, fire, empathy, and pheromones are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.
pheromones * * *

biomancy * *

superior strength



blood * *


superior senses


Character In-Depth

a pretty face got the best of me
Avery’s first memory in life is more of seeing the world as if through a window: through the control of his demon, whose control over him has been exceptional from before he could even string together words. He recalls, distinctly, leaving his house and wandering out into wilderness surrounding his house to catch a baby Chinese beauty snake. Except that he was four years old and scared to death… but, unfortunately for him, Camazotz was not; she liked snakes and all sorts of other creatures, and she had no time for a squeamish human child.

On the plus side, Avery learned very quickly not to fear anything around him as a result – regardless of how creepy and crawly it might’ve been.

His childhood was relatively uneventful, aside from the tendency to end up keeping things he ought not (his favorite was a giant African millipede), and he grew up with a wide assortment of friends – right up until the time that he hit puberty and Camazotz decided enough was enough.

She hadn’t chosen to be in a male body. It was take a host or bust – and this just happened to be the one that she was stuck with… so fine. Fine. He could be a male body parts haver all he wanted: he was still wearing what she told him to wear, or the nightmares would come and sleep would be elusive. Avery tried to protest. To his credit, he did try very hard to maintain some semblance of a ‘normal’ life by his own standards in spite of her insistence that he buy copious amounts of makeup. Fine, he’d buy it; fine, he’d buy heels; fine, he’d buy skirts. He didn’t have to wear them. She couldn’t force him. Could she?

Needless to say, Cama won that fight very quickly.

By the time Avery was sixteen, he was regretting the fact that his parents saw fit to give him an androgynous name and equally regretting the fact that he was fair enough of face that when he bothered to try, he could very easily pass for female. He maintained, adamantly, his usage of male pronouns in spite of a tendency to wear skirts and dresses, because as far as he was concerned, those things belonged to Camazotz – not him. But the disparity between his physical appearance and the way he identified led to Avery becoming something of a social outcast throughout the rest of his school years; by the time he graduated from high school, it was somewhat safe to say Camazotz was the only ‘friend’ he had left.

Isolation breeds desperation for respite and for something to occupy one’s mind and in Avery’s case, that something became design. In private he started drawing, creating unique works of art, and that art then became clothing designs that he put together to wear. To his great surprise, Camazotz not only liked his designs, but was more than happy to wear them all the time – in spite of his penchant for dark and for lace. By his second year of university, he was wearing nothing but clothing he designed and put together, and instead of pursuing his original dream of medicine, he ended up majoring in Fashion Design. He graduated with honors at the top of his class, minoring in marketing, and right after he finished school, he was funded for a major label - Harlequin Designs - marketing gothic-inspired fashion around the world.

His career took off. Skyrocketed, really, and his unique look – a combination of both feminine and masculine charms, blurring the lines between both – made him an icon even outside of the City. Becoming famous has both its pros and cons, though: it often results in drawing the attention of some of the more… unsavory of society. In Avery’s case, he drew the attention of the White Rabbit organization. He was approached by a seemingly innocent enough young man (who, to his chagrin, Cama thought would make quite the decoration on their couch – clothing optional) and, after several private conversations at different shows throughout the world and an offer he couldn’t refuse (bizarrely enough: the trade of a highly endangered pair of bats for breeding – Cama and her animal thing!), he and Harlequin Designs became part of a money laundering scheme for the agency in secret, while passing information back through his contact. All of his shows, secretly, are wired to record conversations – even in the private and dressing rooms.

And considering the rich and the famous like to attend his shows and buy his products… that extra information goes quite a ways toward blackmail for his group. As for Cama? She got her breeding pair of bats to join the rest of the exotics collection. Everyone’s happy!

Exotic Mammals
Loud Noises

my only comfort is the night gone black
Getting to know Avery, because of his demon’s influence and role in his life, is a pretty complex thing. Unlike most pairs, which work in a symmetry, it would be more accurate to describe the relationship that Avery has with Camazotz as one of sibling rivalry; she treats him like a younger brother more often than not, as opposed to her host, and the same is true vice versa. In fact, it might even be accurate to say that most of the time, Avery forgets that she’s actually in his body altogether; her voices resounds in his head as an influencing factor, almost like sharing a secret telephone conversation. Their relationship is complex and has been since he was a child, but while Avery is strong enough willed to maintain his own identity in light of his demon’s influence, they are very much companions – and he’s, strangely, protective of her the same way he would be a sibling.

Those protective tendencies are not limited just to the demon, though; the people Avery lets in and makes friends with, he becomes very protective of as well. He’s generally pretty soft-spoken and despite the aggressive way he dresses, he very much keeps to himself. This isn’t because he’s antisocial but more because he’s shy. Caught off-guard? Probably should be.

It’s also safe to say that aside from being protective of those he cares about, Avery is very much a doormat. He is the type to let people pick on and bully him and he is also the type to back down from a disagreement even when he knows he’s right. He bottles his emotions heavily and when he’s wildly upset, he usually just shuts down and hides most of the time. Fake it until it gets better, right? There’s more than one reason why he holds everyone at arm’s length. If he doesn’t let anyone in, it’s harder to get hurt. Probably doesn’t help that Camazotz not only prefers that, but also goes slightly out of her way to keep him from forming close connections. People disgust her most of the time, after all.

Avery identifies himself as both gender-nonbinary and pansexual, although the latter is more a term referring to the fact that he has next to no interest in anyone. Camazotz tends to be the more prolific of the two of them in the physical aspect of relationships but, like Avery, she has no interest in anything beyond that – and she favors male lovers. Avery tends to prefer whoever is most interesting to him at shows that he can haul into one of the back rooms with him and then forget about before the next morning. Emotional connections are icky and gross.

Aside from owning and running Harlequin Designs and being the lead designer behind the label, Avery’s main hobbies include but are not limited to breeding exotic animals. He and Camazotz share an elaborate three bedroom condo, with the bedroom they sleep in having walls completely lined with snakes of all sorts – primarily different types of beauty and rat snakes. One of the bedrooms is dedicated entirely to snakes (as Avery has grown out of his fondness for keeping bugs for the most part, except for one particularly delightful cobalt blue tarantula), while the other is dedicated to exotic mammals – including Camazotz’s bats. The living room has a massive saltwater fish tank that he pays someone to clean as well. In general, taking care of and admiring animals tends to fill up most of Avery’s time; he likes them far, far more than most people.

We just won’t discuss the size of the walk-in closet he has, though, or the fact that it and the bathroom basically belong in a spa. It’s good to be successful.

Demon Information

Camazotz was once regaled and worshipped as a monster bat-god in Mesoamerica – a fact that she has clearly not forgotten as evidenced by how divided her personality is from that of her host. While ritual sacrifice is no longer the name of the game, she’s still very much an independent and fierce creature; where her host is docile and meek, she is tempestuous and aggressive, and she generally doesn’t like most people upon meeting them – so it’s no wonder that Avery tends to be more of a loner. Aside from being critical and a harsh judge of literally everyone, Camazotz is proud – too proud to simply ‘accept’ this male form and take him over completely. Or maybe she just genuinely likes playing with Avery as he is? Hard to say for sure, but she does take great delight in picking on him, much to his chagrin.

Most of the time, Camazotz’s appearance bears a strong resemblance to that of her host; she is most notably different in the fact that she tends to wear more extreme makeup, with a special emphasis on smearing lipstick all around her mouth – or maybe other red things. Sometimes when she completely loses her temper, she also gains bat-like traits, most notably her ears changing. This is extremely uncommon, however; she might not like people but making her really mad (and not just annoying her) is pretty uncommon. Far less commonly, Camazotz assumes a more animalistic form - not unlike her bat association, with wings spreading out from her back at her shoulder blades and tapered horns flaring out from an unusually bat-shaped face with a singular eye at the center. This form is far closer to her natural one - which is a big part of why it is not seen that often.

Because she is a demon, Camazotz must feed. Her favored feeding of choice is excess, and fashion shows run by her host make for some of the best sources of it. Greedy, gluttonious humans - what's not to like about that?