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Revanche Baudin

If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it could be a really ugly swan
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Candice Swanepoel
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Human Age
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Demon Age
White Rabbit
Model at Harlequin Designs

Character Summary

Revi stands at about 5'9" and has a lithe and lean figure. She's a bit of a sassy person but definitely cares about those she's around quite a bit. She does try to keep active and she can flirt with almost anyone she comes across. She's protective and absolutely adores Avery. Keeping active for her include kickboxing martial arts training, yoga, and running when she isn't on the runway or doing fittings. She's French and proud of it, and while she speaks English it may not always be fluent and she doesn't get slang or idioms, which can sometimes result in hilarious phrases.





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Character In-Depth

Revi was born in the south of France to parents who were rather well off. At the age of two, her demonic attachment showed as a civil attachment, preferring the form of the Black Swan role that Revanche had become attached to, watching her mother's old ballets. Her father worked for the government and her mother was a retired ballet dancer. They eventually moved up to outside the city of Paris for her father's work where she went to private school. She was discovered as a model when she was sixteen while out shopping with friends. Her parents encouraged the part time modeling as long as she kept up grades in school and the agreement was that when she was eighteen she could choose college or modeling. Once she graduated she ultimately chose modeling, moving back to France for a while.

While in France she became a full time model, only to learn that her parents were both killed in a car crash back in America. It had been a freak accident, but she had straightened up and walked that show, crying afterwards. No choice but to carry on, they were flown back to France after she buried them at twenty. No stable boyfriend or lover to speak of, she left her home and became a world famous model. She took up keeping active because she wanted to be in shape, not just skinny. She fell in love with kickboxing and mixed martial arts and took it up, finally finding something else she enjoyed, since she did not inherit her mother's skill's with dance. Doesn't mean she can't dance, just don't expect anything gorgeous.

She decided to attend school online, learning on the go and with modeling and shows, working with a ton of different designers. She finally ended up getting a bachelor's and then an MBA in business so she could negotiate her own contracts and finances, a better understanding of what she wanted for when she did move off the runway and start doing more and more with her life.

A year ago she was signed to Avery's label and has been with him ever since, rather fond of him and his designs, choosing to request to keep working with him and finding an apartment nearby. She's not afraid of the outdoors and much prefers to be outside whenever possible, usually on a beach or by a lake or mountainside. Though if she's being honest, sand between your toes is one of the worst feelings ever. Approached while she was working with modeling, she became armcandy around the world, learning to coax out secrets. It was amazing what could be learned through pillow talk or what was divulged when the room assumed you to be pretty instead of having a brain.

Demon Information

Swain, as he prefers to be called currently, has taken to rather enjoying the forms of long necked birds. Swan or Canadian goose, depending on his mood. He rather keeps to himself, likes to be quiet as opposed to his counterpart and much prefers classical things versus modern fashion. When he takes over, there is dramatic makeup involved and definitely more conservative or ballet inspired outfits. He is rather attached to the figure of the Black Swan, having that become a preferred fable and story, playing pranks because swans are not exactly nice, yo. He is also fiercely protective like his host of those he deems as 'his' and he is not a fan of children. They're too grabby.