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Sean Mason

Don't follow the butterfly.
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Primal Demon
Christopher Eccleston
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
He / His
It / Its
Spirit Detectives
Private Investigator / English Professor

Character Summary

Professor Sean Mason • Age 42 • London, UK • BA, English • MA, Education

Spirit Detective • Private Investigator • English Professor

Primal Demon: Errata

Determined • Calm • Focused • Occasionally Impulsive • Pessimistic • Attentive • Academic

Sean Mason is a a member of the Spirit Detectives working as an investigator. As an English professor for ten years, his expertise lies in his attention to detail. His skill helps him to detect forgeries and frauds that most people might miss.

Mason works for the Spirit Detectives because he is on a personal mission. His best friend, Samuel Bennett, along with Bennett's family, have gone missing soon after moving to live in the City. Professor Mason failed to find information from Bennett's employers, the Legion, and so he's taken on a support role in the vigilante group instead.

When it comes to his Dominions, Sean is unpracticed and only vaguely aware of his capabilities. During a fistfight, his style is clumsy and brutish, but opportunistic. He's not a fighter by nature.

As a person, Mason is polite, but can be cold. He has a history of small personal loss and it helps keep things in perspective for him. His demon, Errata, takes the form of a small golden butterfly that gives him intrusive thoughts constantly, to feed off of whatever impulsive actions might result. In the City, he lives off of his savings and makes extra cash with English tutoring.




The Wand shows middling command of organization and diplomacy. A self-confident soul, one wave of their hand and they’ve made order out of chaos. Magic happens when a wand puts in effort, nothing less. People on this path are prepared for the life they choose and attack it with a plan.

You feel new possibilities within you. You can now more clearly see the way to organizing a space. You can now cause minor illness in yourself and others. The dominions technopathy, magnetism, alchemy, psychic, and biomancy are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.


The samurai exemplifies the artful side of warfare. They are honor and duty-bound. The samurai prioritizes skill, be it skill in wordplay or skill in death-dealing. The samurai believes in revenge when slighted.

You feel new possibilities within you. You can now manifest one weapon at will, whether or not you’re in ascension form. You are limited to the same type of weapon every time you summon it. If the first time you summon your weapon, it’s a halberd, it will always be a halberd. The dominions fire, blood, combustion, and poison are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.

Minor | Gold Touch

Turn small things to gold, such as papers, apples or coins.

Minor | Invulnerability

Gain immunity to injury for a short time, with a fairly long recharge time.

Minor | Alchemy*

Transmute something small into something else or give it different properties, given enough time and the relevant resources. *Augmented via ascension.

Proficient | Fire Mastery (Control)*

Create head-sized fireballs, manipulate existing fire, and withstand being surrounded by fire. *Augmented via ascension.

Proficient | Pathfinding (Power)

Find places, people, or objects over rather long distances, but get tripped up if there is too much intricacy or magic barriers guarding the way.

Major | Superior Speed (Control)

Run at very high speeds, resist the harmful effects of those speeds, and protect other objects or people from the effects too.

Greater | Conjure (Control)

Conjure a few spirits of the dead, and greatly influence their duration and interaction with the physical world.

Character In-Depth

Sean Mason was born in 1975 in London, UK. Growing up, his father was an accountant while his mother stayed at home. Mason was an only child, though his unpredictable antics gave his parents enough problems on their own.

The name of Mason's demon is Errata, or Rata for short. It takes the form of a zippy little golden butterfly that constantly whispers intrusive thoughts in Mason's ear, much to his annoyance. Rata feeds off of impulsive acts.

After some troublesome teenage years, Mason grew up to pursue his English language and teaching degrees, showing formidable ambition and focus compared to his peers. A lifetime of dealing with Rata's impulses meant that he had actually become a rather mild-mannered person in the eyes of most strangers. However, something as simple as a firm, polite handshake could reveal his deliberate nature. While earning his English degree, he gained a new lifelong friend in Bennett, a jolly fellow who joked often, drank too much and yet didn't seem to mind Mason's studious way of life.

Professor Mason taught secondary school English classes for a total of ten years, after four of which he met the love of his life: Melissa Carroll. Ms. Carroll was a biology teacher with whom Mason was immediately smitten. It didn't take much coercing from Rata to pursue what would become a wonderful, mutually-respectful relationship with her for years. She would be his only love.

Sadly, it wasn't meant to be, as Melissa eventually felt sufficiently burdened by her desire to be free. She wanted to see the world outside of dating within the schoolhouse. After four years, she peacefully parted ways with Mason and went to go live in California. He didn't want to see her go, but he knew he could not stop such an impulse. She would not return. As painful as it was, he stayed at his teaching post for two years, a little more sullen than before.

After those two years, Mason's life was at a crossroads. His plan had been to pursue a career with a prestigious university as he furthered his education, however, that never came to pass.


A few months ago, an old colleague of his knocked on his office door.

"Mason, old chum! How are you?"

"Fine enough, Bennett. What's got you skulking around London again?" Mason spoke with a creased grin as he stood up to greet his old friend, who looked as red in the face as Mason remembered. It had been several months since he'd seen the man, before he went on his travels into the City.

Bennett clapped his hands over Mason's and shook it vigorously, beaming stupidly. "I've gotten a City job!" Bennett's daft smile told Mason that he probably wasn't talking about the city of London. "Linguist for the Legion. Pay's good. I'll be a translator. Better yet: they've got another opening. You should join me!" Bennett nodded with such enthusiasm that Mason figured his head might fall off.

"Join the Legion! Abandon your career!" Mason could hear that little voice in his head as Rata bounced around him like a coked-up firefly, and Mason shooed it away nonchalantly. Rata never actually spoke to him in a proper way, but the intrusive thoughts were so very crystal clear.

"Ah, that sounds tempting, Bennett. You know I would, but I've got a good thing here. Any day now, the University will have an opening for me and I'll be right on my way up." Mason clicked his tongue matter-of-factly. "So er... but hey, congratulations to you! How's the City treated you? You must like it well enough."

"Oh, it's bollocks, the whole City is. But that's why the Legion needs people, you know? Crime rate's through the roof. Not that it's super-violent, mind you, just a lot of muggings and the like."

Mason scratched his nose. "Not very violent, are they, the muggings?"

"I mean not really, they usually don't kill people. You can't trust the statistics."

"Mmm," Mason hummed. "Say, doesn't that whole City have..." he waved his hand in a mystical circle, "an automatic translation thing, just in the air?"

"Sure it does, but they still need translators for stuff that's written down. Not many English-French-Chinese linguists willing to work in the Legion!" Bennett explained. "They told me to ask around, see if I knew any linguists who might want to step into the box when duty calls."

Mason grimaced. 'Step into the box?' He started to wonder if his friend were really Legion material. "Bennett, I must say that I'm surprised. I didn't really expect you to be Legion material. Don't they have some sort of a fitness test?" He smirked and actually felt a bit impressed with Bennett's apparent sense of righteousness.

Bennett laughed from his belly and clapped his friend Mason on the back. "Yeah sure, for the blokes who need to run! Lucky and I have got our bases covered, you know that."

Mason remembered that Bennett's demon has a particular propensity for making people laugh. "Right, right. For the muggings." He snickered and looked to the floor, shaking his head a bit. "Well, again, I'm really happy for you, but I've got to stay here and continue my studies if I want this job."

"No you don't!" came the voice again, and Rata was darting into Mason's forehead repeatedly like a moth to a lamp. Mason finally managed to grab Rata by a wing, and in an instant the bug turned to solid gold. This transformation lasted just long enough for it to get tossed dismissively at a corkboard across the room, like a ninja star. After that, it reanimated itself and fluttered harmlessly about the room. The corkboard already had several other butterfly-sized slices in it.

"Sean Buddy," Bennett went on, taking on a more serious, sympathetic tone, "I know you don't want to stay here forever. This school reminds you of sad times. Teaching reminds you of sad times. Do you think the University's going to be any different? It's still teaching."

Mason sighed. "Happy times, actually... but I know. But it's my best chance to keep doing what I like doing. If I go to the City, I might not like what I see, and then I'll have to come back here. If I go to the University, well..." he trailed off. "Well... it'll be different enough, I think."

Bennett wore an asymmetrical frown. "I get it. Still, I'm glad I could come say hi before I go. I'm headed back out to the City in a few days for training, so maybe I'll convince you by then, eh?" He stuck his tongue out with his characteristic huge smile again, and slapped Mason on the shoulder.

Mason let out a ponderous breath. "You bringing the wife and kids? How are they doing?"

Bennett shrugged and nodded, hands in his pockets. "Same."

"Yeah, same." Mason put his hands in his pockets too, gazing blankly around his office. Rata tapped against his temple a few times. "Hey! Let's go for a round, on me."


It had been just two months since that conversation in Professor Mason's office. The professor now found himself standing in the cold rain in the middle of the City, wearing a long dark coat and clutching a piece of paper in his left hand with an umbrella in his right. Rata buzzed around his head in all directions as it pointed to random places of interest to investigate: clubs and restaurants and street performers from across the globe. Mason, though, wore a face of deep determination as he approached the headquarters of the Legion on Floor 401: Monai Destrict.

Grand ornate terraces swept beneath the skyline in both directions as Mason walked towards the Legion building. He walked with purpose, making eye contact with the oddities along his way. People and demons of all shapes and sizes hurried about, some giving him looks that were just as odd as his own returning glance. He smelled enticing exotic dishes, and Rata kept tapping around his stomach, but he ignored that impulse for now.

To the first Legionnaire he saw outside the building, Mason spoke up: "Excuse me. I'm looking for my friend; he was recruited about two months ago. I believe he worked at this precinct. His name was Samuel Bennett."

"Bennett, eh?" pondered the patrolman, scratching his chin. He looked fairly young, and could have been Mediterranean. Mason wondered with bemusement if the man was actually conversing in something like Italian to him. "I haven't heard of him. When did you say he came in?"

"Two months ago," Mason repeated curtly. "He and his family have been missing for two weeks. He said he was working on a really high-profile case about some mass murderer, and I haven't heard from him since. Then I got this letter telling me to come here. Who can I talk to that might know more about him?" To his question, the patrolman simply shrugged and pointed inside.

The Legion HQ atrium appeared impressively grand and broad-sculpted, filled with works of art from all around the Americas. Behind the front desk sat a pretty 20-something woman, and Mason stepped inside to approach her, after closing his umbrella. "Pardon me, Miss, I'm looking for a man named Samuel Bennett. He came to work for the Legion two months ago, but I haven't heard from him or his family in two weeks. Do you have any information on his whereabouts?"

The clerk gave a courteous smile and thought for a moment before she began to type. "Just a moment, sir, let me see if I can find his file." Mason recognized her accent as that of a speaker of Hebrew.

Mason smiled politely for a brief nod. "Thank you." He leaned an arm on the counter, idling as he peered all around the busy station, watching other Legionnaires and civilians chatting about their day. Rata landed on a simple ballpoint pen resting on the counter, struggled to carry its weight for more than a couple centimeters, then let it drop with a small clatter. "Steal that pen!"

Instead, Mason took the pen and handed it back to the clerk with another strained smile. She took the pen wordlessly, chuckled innocently at Rata's antics, and then continued typing and clicking for some time. "Sir, it looks like Samuel Bennett did in fact work for the Legion, but there is nothing in his file stating his cases or his contacts for the past month. It's as if he simply--"

"Disappeared. I know. Is there a missing-persons case for him, then?" Mason leaned forth, with both hands on the countertop.

The clerk chewed her lip and began to type again. "Let me see... Actually, it says that Samuel Bennett left the City two weeks ago. But that can't be right. His case history..." She appeared confused, and Mason caught this.

"Something the matter?" he asked, feeling somewhat relieved that someone else found this situation peculiar. Suddenly, he remembered that he had the note in his pocket. "Here, if it helps, I got this letter telling me to come and find him. I think he knew he was on to something big." The folded letter addressed Professor Mason by name, and he read it out loud before handing it to the clerk:

Professor Sean Mason,

You and I have been close friends for a long time, and I want you to know that I trust you completely. I know that you're a busy man, but if anything ever happens to me, I'm asking you to help take care of my family.

I'm helping to work on a case that's stumped the Legion for some quite some time, and I think I finally have something nailed down. I can't tell you where I'm going or what I'm about to do, but suffice it to say that I sent you this letter with the hopes that you wouldn't need to do anything.

If you don't hear from me within in two weeks, please help my family in relocating back to London. Maybe you were right - maybe I'm not Legion material. But I'm damn sure going to try.

Your friend,

Samuel Bennett

The clerk frowned as she took the letter from him, gazing at it blankly before she started to shake her head. "I don't know what he was talking about, sir. Like I said, there's nothing in his case history from that time period. I'm sorry; I wish I could help more." She handed the letter back, eyes wide with sadness. "I can put in a missing-person report right away. I don't know how this happened."

Mason clicked his tongue and nodded reasonably. "It's all right, miss. Thank you for your assistance. Let me know if you find anything, all right?" He gave the clerk his contact information, stuffed the note back in his pocket and left the station. "For what it's worth, I already checked the place that his family was staying. It's empty. Here's the address..."


The professor sighed as the door closed behind him. "Well that helped fuck-all," he muttered, putting his umbrella back up into the rain.

"Ain't that just the way?" came a voice from 3 meters to the left.

"Come again?" Mason said with a quick turn, and Rata instantly darted through the air in the opposite direction to the voice, as far as it could reasonably go. "Run that way!" it pleaded, yanking on the invisible string that bound it to its human.

The source of the voice appeared to be a younger gentleman than Mason, who seemed to come from nowhere and was cloaked in the shadows of a nearby wall. "That's how the Legion are. Unhelpful, corrupt bureaucrats. You can't trust 'em as far as you can throw 'em."

Mason blinked and leaned forward. "Sorry, are you talking to me? It's a bit hard to hear you in the rain."

"I said..." repeated the man a bit more loudly, and leaning forward, "The Legion aren't going to help you find your friend. You're going to want help from the Spirit Detectives."

Mason paused again and looked confused. "Did you say the Spirit Detectives?"

"Yes. The Spirit Detectives are a group of individuals who fight crime and corruption at a much more effective level." Seeing Mason's skepticism, the figure sighed and went on, "We find the bad guys, we stop the bad guys, and we save the good guys. With great power comes great responsibility."

"Okay..." Mason nodded a few times, then looked around the crowded city as if searching for cameras. "I suppose you were listening to my conversation in there? Who are you?"

The figure pinched the bridge of his nose. "My name's not important. Okay, look, do you wanna help find your friend or not?" At this point, Rata was back to fluttering around Mason again, and gesturing in the general direction of the mysterious stranger this time.

Mason put his free hand in his coat pocket and studied the stranger carefully. The man wore a long dark coat and a trilby-like hat; he couldn't have been older than 24 - almost as young as his students. "I just want answers."

The man grinned victoriously and did a fist-pump. "Then follow me! Let's go to HQ. You said you're a teacher, right?"

Mason felt defeated. "No, I didn't say that, but I'm not surprised you know it somehow."


It's been one month since then. Professor Mason still hasn't left the City.

The mysterious figure wound up leading Sean Mason to some more Spirit Detectives, and what followed were some of the most interesting days in his life. After having a phone conversation with one Professor Edison back at the University, Mason was told that he would be allowed to take one year off from his career if he wanted to resume the application process the next year. Rata encouraged him to take that chance, and he found it an acceptable compromise.

This allowed Mason time to personally investigate the disappearance of Samuel Bennett, with the help of the Detectives, though he was expected to help them out, too. Though most of their 'jobs' tended to be uncomfortably violent to Mason, he discovered that his astute attention to detail could help him solve some mysteries that left younger members of the group befuddled.

The strangest part about the whole thing is that Mason never saw the mysterious figure again. None of the other Detectives even saw who he was talking about.

(To be continued...)

Demon Information

Name: Errata • Age: 803

Primal Demon

Manifestation: Burning Golden Butterfly

Draws Strength From: Impulsiveness

"I actually got into a lot of trouble as a kid. My parents were worried when I told them there was a little voice in my head that kept goading me into random acts of violence, but it was just my demon talking. They didn't suspect the harmless little golden butterfly."

Tip that candle!

Steal that money!

Punch that kid!

"Say hello to Errata, or just Rata (RAH-tah).

"Doctors discovered that Rata was abnormally prone to providing me with intrusive thoughts. It didn't seem to have any rhyme or reason to it, but that turned out to be the point: it feeds off of impulsive acts. I don't have to tell you the kinds of problems this caused. My parents were able to afford some demon-inhibiting medicines to try out, but they didn't want that sort of life for me.

"When I got older, I tried to ignore Rata as much as I could. This resulted in my wildly unstable adolescent stage, when everything seemed to be OK for a month at a time, and then POW!"

Try those drugs!

Race that car!

"Rata wouldn't stop buzzing around my head until I yielded. It moves so swiftly that it leaves a dizzying, burning light trail where it flies. When it does that, it's bloody annoying and impossible to catch.

"Eventually, I learned to sort of bargain with Rata instead. Every now and then, I let myself give in to a harmless impulse, such as smacking a wall or buying myself a treat. In return, Rata won't try to make me drive the wrong way in traffic. I suppose that it just wants to liven things up a little."

Pursue that degree!

Marry that girl!

Follow those dreams!

"Rata isn't always a bad influence."