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Jack Zambrano

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars
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Character Information

Character Type
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Human with Civil Demon
Alfonso Herrera
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Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Spirit Detectives

Character Summary

• Born Javier Cristóbal Zambrano in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
• Half Mexican, half Brazilian -- his mother is a stay-at-home mom and his father is a retired Legion Captain who left the force to move back to Brazil because "the City is no place to raise a family"
• Worsening conditions in Rio, a series of bad investments, and his father's struggle with alcohol addiction forced the family to relocate to NYC in search of greater opportunities when Jack was ten years old
• A smart kid but a lazy student, Jack spent the majority of his childhood getting into trouble in and around Queens, New York
• Dropping out of school at seventeen to work at a local car dealership, he ended up getting fired after repeatedly butting heads with the dealership owner
• By age nineteen he had decided to move to the City and try out for Legion, but -- much to his father's bitter disappointment -- Jack failed to qualify due to his argumentative nature and his general lack of discipline. Stung by rejection and his father's disapproval, he decided to enlist with the Spirit Detectives instead
• Up until this point in his life, everyone had pretty much assumed Jack had a Primal Demon, because Lucrezia had refused to speak to him (or otherwise divulge her presence) until the eve of his 21st birthday -- which, according to her, is when humans "FINALLY start to get interesting"
• Manipulative, vain, petty, shallow, and above all, horrifyingly indiscreet, his demon had the bad luck to appear when he was already two years into his Spirit Detectives training, and almost resulted in getting him kicked off the force on more than one occasion
• However, after five years of false starts and reluctant compromises with his demon, things finally seemed to be going well for Jack -- he'd been promoted, his fiancée (and coworker) Alayne was expecting their first child, and Lucrezia had grudgingly agreed to take a backseat until the baby was born
• Then, two weeks before she was scheduled to go on maternal leave, Alayne was killed in what seemed like a freak accident when her demon was devoured while the two of them were investigating a possible drug den in Ghost Town
• Believing himself to be at fault, and blaming himself for not being able to save his soon-to-be-wife and unborn child, Jack spiraled into depression, self-medicating with alcohol, opioids, and casual sex
• Six years after "the incident", Jack's life is still at rock bottom. Aggressive, reckless, and unpredictable, he's been demoted back to Gun after one too many incidents on the job, can't seem to save any money, and is no longer on speaking terms with his father due to years of alcoholism, neglect, and mutual disappointment
1. Biomancy - Control Based (Lesser)
2. Conjure - Control Based (Minor)
3. Duplicity - Control Based (Proficient)
4. Light - Power Based (Proficient)
5. Pathfinding - Power Based (Lesser)
6. Pheromones - Power Based (Proficient)

Character In-Depth


It's no secret that that Jack Zambrano has spent the majority of his existence feeling like a fish out of water. A permanent resident of the hot mess express, he's smart (but not ambitious), opinionated (but not influential), and great at breaking down and assessing dangerous situations (usually before rushing into them headlong with reckless abandon.) You know the type: the kind of guy who shoots first and asks questions later, who talks little and reveals even less, and who tends to collect acquaintances, not friends.

If you're looking for an explanation of why he is the way he is, you probably won't have to look very far -- there's his multicultural upbringing, the fact that he's spent the majority of his life as a brown person in a white person's world, his father's battles with alcohol, and oh yeah, the shocking death of his fiancée and unborn baby, which he still kindasorta blames himself for. Go ahead, take your pick!

The sad thing is that, prior to the freak accident that resulted in Alayne's death, Jack was on the path to getting his shit together for the first time in his life. The low sense of self-worth that had plagued him throughout his childhood -- mostly due to his tense relationship with his dad, which was made 1,000x worse by his failed attempt at getting into Legion -- had finally begun to dissipate, leaving behind a feeling that was dangerously close to contentment. Alayne was everything he ever wanted in a woman: beautiful, clever, and headstrong, she was the first person Jack had ever met that he felt like he could do anything with, or say anything to, without embarrassment or fear of judgement. In his mind, she was like the North Star -- part exceptional human being, part guiding light in the darkness, who in turn made him want to do better things and be a better person by comparison.

Of course, all Jack's illusions, his hopes and dreams and plans for the future, and all the progress he'd made in accepting himself and finding peace came crashing down upon her death. Bitter and wounded, he took solace in his work, throwing himself into each new case with a fury and intensity that he'd never displayed before. In the days and weeks and months that followed Alayne's death, he was working at all hours and burning the candle at both ends, all the while nursing a not-so-secret dependency on opioids and narcotics. It started with Ambien (to help him sleep), then Lexapro (for depression), then alcohol and morphine (to help dull the pain and obliterate the senses). That's about the point when his superiors decided to intervene, stepping in to insist that he get professional help in the form of counseling and a weekend rehabilitation program, before slapping him with a demotion and reducing his number of work hours just to add insult to injury.

Filled with anger and self-loathing, Jack is nevertheless committed to trying to kick his alcohol and narcotics habit, primarily because he sees in himself a weakness in his father that he despises. In addition to going meetings and therapy like a good little boy, Jack chooses to self-medicate in other, slightly less harmful ways, up to and including: extreme sports, dominion practice, meaningless sex, and taking out his anger on Lucrezia, who (let's face it) probably did something to deserve it 99.99% of the time.

With that being said, Jack's road to recovery and acceptance is severely hindered by his demon, who's pretty much the dictionary definition of an enabler if ever there was one. Catty, manipulative, and an all-around bad influence, she tends to exert an undue amount of influence on her human host, often managing to exploit him by both direct and indirect means.

Demon Information


Lucrezia is a complicated creature. Born sometime around the mid-1500s, she spent the better part of her (deeply misguided) youth rubbing shoulders with the glittering golden horde that flitted through the courts of Eastern and Western Europe, desperately vying for money, power, or both. From Istanbul to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Versailles to the court of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain, she was perfectly content to spend the first couple hundred years of her existence pulling strings in the shadows and lurking just below the surface of human awareness. One-third goddess, one-third muse, and three-thirds deeply self-obsessed nihilist, it's been said (though never within hear hearing) that she's managed to pick up all the major vices of every era that she's lived through. Famously capricious and decidedly cruel, her incomparable beauty -- coupled with her penchant for breathtaking acts of savagery and heartlessness -- would go on to stimulate the imaginations and enflame the senses of kings and artists, poets and actors, resulting in the creation of several priceless and iconic works of art that are still on display in museums around the world today.

Of course, when 1723 rolled around and the wall between the Human and Demon Realms came crashing down, all that had to change. Lucrezia wasn't a puppeteer pulling strings from behind a velvet curtain any longer -- instead, it was as if somebody had flipped a switch and she'd become an active player in a much more dangerous and deadly game overnight. Anchored to a screaming baby human for the entirety of its lifespan, with no say in WHICH human. WHERE, or WHEN? Some demons initially found it horribly disruptive (and let's face it, some still do), but Lucrezia has always been a practical sort, and it's a well-established fact that she thrives on chaos. In fact -- SPOILER ALERT -- chaos is what Lucrezia feeds off of. So while she might have initially been put off by the whole "tethered to humans for all eternity" thing, she's gradually come to accept the fact that her lack of freedom is just a minor inconvenience that's partially offset by both the entertainment value and sustenance her host is able to provide. (Or at least, she's managed to graduate to a point where she's not actively trying to kill them off for her own amusement, which is more than can be said for her first 37 human hosts.)


Unfortunately for Jack, Lucrezia is one HELL of a demon to have to put up with, even on her "good" days. Clever, manipulative, and uncooperative, she can generally be counted on to show up at the most inconvenient times and do the exact opposite of what the situation calls for. In addition to almost getting Jack kicked out of Spirit Detectives training (twice), catapulting him into dangerous situations with alarming regularity, and siccing spirits on his alcoholic dad during their last family holiday, Lucrezia kindasorta secretly arranged for his pregnant fiancée and her baby to be killed. Not because she was jealous -- pffft, as if -- but because she found out through her superior powers of Duplicity that Marina's baby wasn't actually Jack's. Of course, as far as Jack is concerned, Alayne's death was a freak accident that he should have somehow been able to prevent, and now he's all fucked up in the head about it. Funny how Lucrezia's first act of selflessness in decades can also simultaneously turn out to be an act of supreme and utter selfishness, but hey, that's Lucrezia for you. When she sees an opportunity to kill two, or five, or ten birds with one stone (getting rid of an obnoxious girlfriend, getting revenge on a cheating whore, removing a future distraction, sending Jack into spiraling depression that breeds exactly the kind of chaos she likes to feed upon...), then by God she's gonna take it.


In keeping with her overall theme of "deceptively harmless but secretly vaguely sadistic Euro mega-bitch", Lucrezia typically manifests as a young girl of about 14-16 years old with long, flowing blonde hair, delicate features, and pale pink skin. She wears a dress or shift of white muslin cloth, bringing the word "virginal" to mind for probably the first time since the 19th century. Sometimes she'll shift to an older version of the Virgin Girl, dressed in either modern or antiquated court clothing; sometimes she'll appear with blue skin, because for some reason she really enjoyed Jennifer Lawrence's character Mystique from the X-Men franchise. When she's feeling particularly vindictive she might appear as a carbon copy of Jack's lost love Alayne, although she doesn't do that very often because she claims it makes her "nauseous".