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The more the dark consumes me, I pretend I'm burning bright
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Primal Demon
Lucas Medeiros
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
He, His, Him
Detective in Monai

Character Summary

A city native, Farran once worked in the Legion and distinguished himself enough to be made detective. Yet, the pain of being orphaned by his family at a young age never left and became a thirst for revenge. By the time he realized this was his driving motivation, he was too far gone. His superiors realized it not long after--too much fixation on Superbia, too many questionable calls. He was dismissed from the Legion.

This was the best thing that happened to him, though, of course, there was still the loss of prestige and resources. But now he is free to work independently with whatever "questionable" techniques are needed.

None so far.
SUPERIOR SENSES: Proficient, Power
Combustion: Minor
Mimicry: Minor
Reflections: Lesser
Flight: Lesser

Character In-Depth

There were surely memories of happy family life before "The Incident" but they are all but gone. Sometimes Farran will receive an image, a sense of a blissful childhood, which is entirely incongruous with the rest of his life. But he remembers the day they died and he remembers the face of the gang lord that led the attack. It fueled every moment of his life afterward, along with the survivor's guilt. After all, why would they overlook him under the bed? Why would they let a boy of eight survive this?

The Vice Lord's face has since joined the dead. Years spent training, working his way toward Legion recruitment and then outshining some of his classmates, being promoted so early to detective. Easily one of his greatest accomplishments, along with the case against Superbia. He was on the verge of moving, on the verge of gaining enough evidence to strike with his Legion brothers and sisters and wipe them out. "Justice," was what he would murmur to himself. And then the Vice Lord was killed and the case was dropped. Of course, the new head of the crime family owed no loyalties to anyone. He was a black swan and would undoubtedly shape up the ranks. The case was only good on paper, nothing was deemed useful or reliable.

He was reassigned and left to contemplate the ruin of his life. How long had he been so obsessed that he'd forgotten to live? It hadn't mattered before, but now it was painfully obvious. His apartment was a room with little more than what was absolutely necessary to sleep, bathe, eat, and continue working.

Farran bought plants but they've since wilted. The case won't let him go. But even the low-hanging fruit they could pick off doesn't interest the bosses, plus Monai has a different focus. This obsession is far from done.


And then came the worst part--or the best, hard to decide. Farran was finally fired for "dereliction of duties" and "refusing orders" from superiors--whatever that meant. He was getting so close! So he copied everything he could get his hands on, passed it on to a trusted source in the White Rabbit, and signed up with the Spirit Detectives instead. Unfettered from "the Law" there are no limits to what he'll do now to bring his family's killers to justice. His justice.

Demon Information

Aeropia has never manifested nor communicated with Farran, but its nature and powers are obvious to him. He feels it keenly aware of images and shiny things, which is great because most deadly weapons have some metallic component to them. It feels most at home in the air, where it prefers to hover rather than fly. It is the Legion's professional opinion that the demon is either infantile or suffered some great trauma in its past before attaching to Farran at birth. None of this is apparent on the surface, but then who would know if it refuses to even manifest?