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Aya Hannouchi

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ruelle OOC Information

Control Based: The larger amount of ways you can manipulate that blood at once.

Power Based: You can sense things at an amazing level, but only when you actually attempt to, and for a short amount of time, which gets longer and more frequent as the level increases.

Power Based: The faster you can move as well as the greater amount of electronic devices you can jump to and from in one go. However, power based users often cannot control which device specifically they want to move through.

Control Based: The more precise the combustion and farther away from you your bombs can travel before detonating or being detonated.

Control Based: The greater amount of light you can bend to your will.

Power Based: The more fire you can create.

Duplicity: The ability to detect others’ lies and keep your own lies from detection. Control Based: The easier it is to detect others’ lies.

Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
aldious re:no
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Criminal aka Aiden's property

Character Summary

Attitude | Guarded | Street Smart | Sassy | Mature | Suspicious | Secretive | Feisty | Skittish | Adaptable | Amoral | Self Serving | Two faced | Distrusting | Actress | Sexual | Manipulative


She's a spitfire when she wants to be, a complex creature of rules, morales and attitude. While her Style ranges to nice things, she isn't above the street look, goth or dark stuff. Nothing cute or professional. Business clothes? Nope, and skits need to have flare and be short if anything. Comfortable is less clothes, not more but even then that's more fashionable PJ's because oh hells no, not flannel. She's picky in her tastes and never goes out without make up of some type. Her hair is worn long, always. Blonde and long, forget that she's Asian, thin and has natural brown eyes with a height of 5'5... she's bigger than her britches and defies the standard of her general genetics. She sounds like a handful doesn't she, only if you piss her off, but other wise, she's oddly... mature. An old soul that most likely divulged from the time in the big house but that doesn't mean she can slip to playful, sassy and fun loving. There are so many layers to her that it's not to define it with words but to simply experience her full tilt. She listens to Demora with a respect and sometimes bickering that of a child to their mother hen, but seeing as she's stuck with the Harpy... why not make the best of her knowledge. It's saved her more times that she can count. Aya can walk the walk and talk the talk, she's got sticky fingers and enjoys petty theft, meaning she's not above pick pocketing old ladies. Girls gotta eat right? This means that she doesn't trust as easy, why? Well being a pickpocket means street living and seeing as she has gone to prison before... caution is the new name of the game.


Control Based: The larger amount of ways you can manipulate that blood at once

Super Senses
Minor (upgraded to via prize)
Power Based: only when attempting to see,hear,smell

Electrical Transport
Power Based: faster and more items to move through, no control which items

Control Based: Precise and distance in bombs

Control Based: The greater amount of light you can bend to your will.

Power Based: The more fire you can create

Gifted below - increased to minor 10/30/2017

Duplicity: The ability to detect others’ lies and keep your own lies from detection.
Control Based: The easier it is to detect others’ lies.

Character In-Depth

The Youth

I remember a time when I used to have free run of the house, to play with those of my siblings and the large mansion I grew up in. How lovely the gardens were and the way that you could hide in them for hours at a time without run of losing the hide and seek game. I was pretty good at it too, keeping myself from being found. I had of course no idea that would come in handy a year later after my 6th birthday. That the loving parents I had once known , although now no longer remember their faces, and all I had come to know would be dashed within smoke and fire. My own coming into powers and age were still in development of course but it was what saved my butt from ending up in the barbeque. The secret of my family was not yet known to me as I played innocently amoung the bushes, I had hints even from the young that I was at. Things that didn't seem right and those snide comments from my sweet companion that was too advanced for my young mind. Glimmers of what was beneath the surface that all came crashing through that one night that started in a blaze. Quick came the attack that even I was nearly caught by those seeking to wipe out all that standing in our home. I remember fleeing. Smoke. The sounds of screams. The sweet voice in my head telling me what to do and where to go. I found myself outside the gates and from there… homeless. I learned from her that my name was not good to bare and succor was taken from the dark corners and boxes left in alleyways. A starving belly was replenished from closed groceries and same that of fresh attire. There was a time spent in a closet of a restaurant and that was where I met Touya.

The Crime

The gang I joined was not very large and I was only welcomes because of my use to get into places and get out without detection. I made my mark early. A staple to what would be my own Oliver Twist story. Cliche that rich kid turned criminal and looking back I would agree that it was totally like that. A spoiled girl turned into a small time gangster and trouble maker. We were small time and sort of a branch that ran information, keys, and basically did the dirty work. We weren’t as tightly knit as most would think with being in a group for survival. I was quick to learn that survival was the game and often times went without a meal being the lower end of the totem pole. Only Touya looked out for me in those occasions, yet even he had his own agenda when it came to climbing up the ladder to leave me in the dust.

The Betrayal

It wasn't a surprise really, I saw it coming a mile away. Watched that our product we so risked our lives for to get be the very thing that made us expendable. The job came as it always did, in the form of a note within passing and very few knew what we were actually going after. I wasn't fooled by the glamour that was so placed in this job, neither was Touya. We both knew this file being stolen for the White Rabbit was not one to just let it slip into the hands of other low lives, that someone would have the knowledge to crack it and put it to better use. Someone would pay high dollar for it. How did I know this? Easy. My Demon was very observant and been watching the jobs we've been running as of late. The increase in 'pay' and the more dangerous risk our fearless leader took for us. Any blind person could have seen it right? Nope, they all followed like sheep and when it was over and them left with the dummy USB I swapped it for, they were making the drop while I was several blocks away. I met with Touya as the explosion went off and I knew it wasn't mine. What I had expected was Touya's betrayal too, but not to the Fuzz. My own trip to a buyer resulted in arrest... well Karma is a bitch and to shorten my own sentence... I turned him in.

The Time

What I had in my possession was of no real concern, but it had earned me seven years in prison. The place that was worse than the hovel I lived in before. Far more dangerous and it was where I got to put my life on the line the most. Ducking my head was important, side deals and things I could get for just about anyone. My affiliation with the White Rabbit had not been proven. It most likely would have gotten me killed within the first ten days of that hell hole were I outed but then it was almost standard anyone in there was for junk more or less than the petty theft. To say that I had a few scraps, made enemies as well as acquaintances because screw friends, they stabbed you in the back for a cigarette in there. I made myself useful as always.

The Release

Becoming an ex con and thief is the hardest part of not slipping back into old habits. Does this mean that time in prison did anything for my morals? My mindset? Hell no. Just to to get caught and trust even less. Be smart about it this time and maybe try not to get into trouble. Well, maybe a little trouble. I'm older now, not by any means of staying in prison of course but maybe in experience and either I move up in life to stay a waitress somewhere... the second is of course not going to happen at least for long. Out and in the fresh air... I have a goal in mind and it's only going to be shared with me, myself and one other.

Demon Information
Name - Demora
Type - Harypie-ish

Mature - She's got class and doesn't act childish. She likes high fashion and the top notch of things. Mostly oft things for nesting and this translates over to Aya for loving soft fluffly things.

Haughty - she is a harpy like creature to start out with so she preens at compliments if but slightly less humble than that of a peacock knowing it's pretty. Superior and self entitled she could be a sort of snob.and has her nose in the air when it comes to anything of distasteful acts, foods, places, filth etc. She likes the clean, and organized.

Calm - Surprisingly, she's a hard one to piss off and very analytical. Clear headed and collected

Amoral - Right or wrong doesn't matter to her. If she gets what she wants and they had to kill to get it, meh... she has it now and there is no problem in this.

Observant - She watches everything with a quiet like one would their prey from the shadows. Taking in weakness's, strengths and with all the data, only then does she make a Judgement.

Ruthless - As above with her judgements, its hard to change her mind and once she has decided you're not worth her time, or too much work, she calls it a loss and moves on. This might mean killing you and she'll not bat an eyelash at it either.

Cut throat - Stepping on people to get to the stop. She will drop anyone in her way and cut the line to be sure she survives, no matter who gets in the way.

Soft spoken - Her voice it gentle, alluring, seductive and it's very creepy to hear how calmly she can talk about slaughtering people without raising her voice. She never yells and prefers to coo.

Sexual - Not shy about sex... well, goading Aya into sex anyways. She doesn't much care but she knows all the little kinks, dirty talk and such that her previous hosts have taught her and well, if her hosts enjoyed it she encourages Aya to... Although is might be just to feed off the fantasies and daydreams that her little host has out of embarrassment... who knows.

Aggressive - If she sees something she wants, she can flips the switch to lose that calm demure poise and go for the heart of the matter. She does urge and drive Aya to go for their hearts desires and can turn aggressive to get it. This may mean a how of force or simply urging.

Possessive - What is hers ... is hers. And sharing her host is tolerated but only allowed as she knows that Aya needs more than just her for companionship. She'd rather not let anyone touch her, even though she tease Aya with all the naughty thoughts of carnal desires, it doesn't mean she isn't protective nor wanting of that attention herself. Mine.

____________________________________________THE PREVIOUS HOSTS_________________________________________________

She was an adolescent when her first host was slammed into her. Thomas Young (1773-1829) what she learned much from his intellect, more observing and learning from him in that first body.

The next was a child that was in France. A soldier in in his adult years... he died rather suddenly, go figure in the war... but she learned t have a certain protection over her hosts at this time and appreciate their fragility. Next one would be less encouraged to do something dangerous like fight again.