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Tsabaki Eiji

What's done in the dark will be brought to the light.
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White Rabbit

Character Summary

reserved clever perceptive obsessive nymphomaniac prepared collector successful pianist patient

Tsabaki stands at 6 feet 1 inches tall with dark hair and eyes. He has tattoos dotted along his body, decorating it, and tends to favor high end clothing – even if he looks casual. That dark hair tends to be worn in a medium length but often put back out of his face for the most part. It simply depends on what he's doing. His outfits and mannerisms can sometimes be affected by his mood and the situation. Dress for success, after all.

Personality wise it would not be inaccurate to say that most people get along with Tsabaki. In the beginning of his life he had another name, Belus, but it's not used much by him or anyone. It is his name, the proper one, but he's been Tsabaki almost as long. He was not a wave maker, not one to draw undue attention to him, and when the worlds collided he took the opportunity it afforded without hesitation. A real go-getter.

Part of his charm is to be unexpected. Who's ever heard of him? Well, a few key people to be certain. Just the right friends in the places he needs them. He's a top player for Imenium, an international and city-based conglomerate that specializes in anti-dominion gear. His pet projects usually revolve around plants that produce fiber that can be made into clothing items. Plants are his thing, after all, and it's rare to find him without a pocket full of emergency seeds or letting one live in a pocket in case he needs it.









Character In-Depth

tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter
Belus, currently Tsabaki, would not have called his entry into the world anything spectacular. Demons, devils, princes of their aspects, kings of the filthy pit, and so many other power players had already risen. The game board was already full. So many cards already stacked against a rise – except who really wanted to rise? With power came a whole bunch of headaches and crying demons counting on you. At least that was what he learned early on.

There was luxury, protection, and excitement to be had in the world of contraband. It was during this discovery he also found himself with a penchant for the alchemical arts. It was not that he just wanted to be able to call himself an alchemist, either. Nothing as simple as that! Though truthfully it might have been the smallest bit of incentive just the same. Vanity is sometimes a thing, you see.

Contraband put him in the sights of people mostly looking for something – but also he found that it was dangerous. Any area of business has competitors. So he learned how to move around, who to talk to, and how to circumvent problems before they started. Always keep one eye on the now and one eye on the future. If you want a future, that is – which of course he does.

Why wouldn't he? Tsabaki has managed thousands of years of playing, collecting, and hoarding. He's amassed wealth, rare items, and cultivated a network of both demons and people to support his habit. Habit? Why, yes. He has a weakness for the finer things. His home in the city, a sprawling penthouse in almost perpetual rain (thank you city), is full of acquisitions and things he's gathered.

It's warded to the teeth, put under every protection he's ever heard of or traded for, because he wants to protect it. Just the same he's not so in love with everything that he would defend it against someone who could get past the protections of it that meant him or his items harm. Self preservation comes before items that can be regathered and reearned, mostly – but beware.

Not killing him means that he's got time to plan a world of wicked delights in revenge. Theft must be answered swiftly and decisively, after all. Slights, as well. If they are big enough to be talked about, to get attention, they have to be dealt with. The demonarchy is...a difficult place that tends to grind the weak out. Or at least it did before the seventeen hundreds.

Cheap Liquor

tell em that god's gonna cut em down
As the City crashed into the human was a time of chaos. There was a lot of death and surprise killings abounding, as adjustments were made, but in the end it turned out not to be such a bad thing. Coming up demon~ Except with more demons in the world the playing board had, for once, gotten bigger. There was room for expansion and power positions opened up. A clever demon might strike gold if he were quick enough.

Tsabaki operated alone for a very long time, still for the most part continues to, but he found the White Rabbit and rather than hinder him he found it an opportunity. He found it to be something he could use, a network that worked for him as much as he worked for it, and only on his own time. Well, mostly on his own time. Occasionally he gets messages and suggestions, or he takes them as suggestions, for different work.

Whispers of things needing done, information needing passed, and item procuring are all different things he's done or is doing for the organization. He passes along what needs passed but the rest he keeps for himself. In his private life, though, he's something of a hermit. In the middle of a party he can be suave, engaging, and charismatic.

Often once the party is over he's alone. The kind of friends he tends to attract aren't the kind that come over for drinks regularly or you Netflix and Chill with. It's mostly business. A handful of people make it past – the ones he would kill for. It's not that there isn't a middle ground it's just that he tends to turn off the charm afterward. It's much like watching an actor take off the costume.

Give em the 'ol razzle dazzle. Razzle dazzle 'em.

Rarely does Tsabaki start fights or arguments that he can't win. That's why it's dangerous to be around him. If he's a jerk or snarky – he's got something on you. It might be power or knowledge, some hidden tidbit that could pull your world down, but generally he has a plan for how to end you if you get uppity about it. To get him to that point has to be provoked, though. Why get into a fight when there are better things to do with your time?

Sex being one of them. Why fight when you can just...quietly go off into the back room and work out some aggression in a better way? Well, with some people any how. Tsabaki tends to favor lovers that like to be on bottom – in more ways than one. He likes submissive people, those he can encourage to do what he likes with, but occasionally puts out for dominants. It just depends on the mood, the booze, and the full moon – or maybe just timing. Who knows. Enthusiasm is a weakness.

He's a sucker for someone -really- in the moment. Trumps looks, experience, and pretty much everything else. Wanting it, after all, means he has power over you. Instant aphrodisiac.

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