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Cole Gallo

Happiness is a warm gun
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Ansel Elgort
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Motorcycle Shop Clerk

Character Summary

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 160lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown

Cole walks a fine line between good and evil, but that's just the nature of anyone that lives with his demon. Much like the men who have wielded his demon before him, he often finds himself outside the law. He's a wild one; you can easily find him speeding through the streets on his crotch rocket, dancing in the lights of a club in Behemoth, blitzed out on some kind of numbing narcotic, or indulging in any form of physical pleasure that helps numb the guilt he doesn't want to feel for the lives he's taken.

The Chariot Tier 1. Ascension to "THE HOPLITE"
The hoplite exemplifies the ruthless side of warfare. When the hoplite starts a fight, they tend to attempt to finish it in the same blow. The hoplite is never as at home as they are in the middle of a conflict. Never underestimate how much they love to win.
You feel new possibilities within you. You can now manifest one weapon at will, whether or not you’re in ascension form. You are limited to the same type of weapon every time you summon it. If the first time you summon your weapon, it’s a halberd, it will always be a halberd. The dominions fire, blood, combustion, and poison are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.
Proficient | Control

Lesser | Control

Lesser | Control

Proficient | Control

Minor | Power

Proficient | Control

Character In-Depth

Cole Gallo is a man of many contradictions. The desire to fight and kill runs deep in him, but that same desire in others is evil and must be eradicated. Crime, itself, isn't always the problem, but the injustice that causes it. A police officer can be just as guilty as a drug dealer in Cole's book. Corruption is a weed, and given room to grow, it will kill everything else around it.

He knows this, because he grew up with it in El Paso, Texas, where his father was a border agent and his mother was a schoolteacher. The drug cartels don't just have control over the government in Mexico. They've dug their fingers into the American side of the border, too, and his father, a good man, was murdered for it. Unfortunately, Cole and his mother happened to be at home when the hit came.

They lived on a ranch outside the city, and on this particular night, there was a dust storm obscuring the sky. Cole remembered the dust because when the first window was crashed open with a brick, the dust got in his eyes. Panic ensued and gunfire erupted. Cole watched his father's body get riddled with bullets, then his mother get mowed down as she was trying to get him to safety.

Detectives still don't know how he survived. A ten year old with no weapon, no defense. There must have been someone else there, because how did the five men that came to the house to kill the family all die? Each of them had a gunshot wound to the head. Some skilled gunman had taken each of them out in a matter of seconds. It wasn't their own guns, the bullets didn't match. None of the guns in the house had even been fired. And even more strange...the bullets that killed the gunmen were nowhere to be found.

In the end, spirit detectives ruled that it must have been Cole's father's or mother's demon. That before one of them completely died, their demon must have taken them out. It was the only explanation. Cole knew the truth, but he didn't say anything. The boy only had one relation left, and it was an uncle in The City, so that's where he moved, and has lived ever since.

Like anyone that has been through something traumatic, Cole has rough edges and dark moods, but he also has an insatiable appetite for living life. His demon, which manifested for the first time when he was ten, prefers death as sustenance, feeding on the dying breaths of humans, but it can be sustained on fulfilling many other desires, too. Eventually, though, the killer instinct kicks in, and when it does, Cole looks to the murderers of men and the purveyors of injustice to satiate the beast.

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