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Azalia Carter

"You're gonna miss me, and these hot lips."
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Character Information

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Human with Civil Demon
Selita Ebanks
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Demon Age

Character Summary

The words "There are two sides of me, and sometimes I set the evil one free." very much embodies Azalia Desirée personality in every sense of every single word written in the statement. With this said, however, she is not riddled with dissociative identity disorder, more commonly known as having multiple personalities, nor does she display signs of schizophrenia or any other mental illness. Truth be told, whether people choose to agree or choose to disagree, the thirty-five year old has a very, very strong grip on the inner workings of her mind and the state of the world's fragile sanity.

If one were to accidentally bump into her on the bare, common streets of whatever town she is currently occupying, they would discover she is actually pretty - well - sweet, with her personality reflecting her appearance. A normal first impression given is a rather beautiful one, in other words. If there were people who truly needed help, she would take time out of her busy, dominatrix schedule long enough to actually lend a helping hand with a smile and establish some sort of relationship with these individuals, regardless of whether it would be fleeting or not. Despite how she might appear in front of various human beings who, for the most part, work in her favor, the female is friendly, witty, and sharper than a tack.

Though parts of the world's population would consider her a rather complex creature to understand, things are honestly not so excruciatingly complicated. Carter's ultimate concern is for her and her alone. It is as simple as a blank sheet of printer paper written with bold, black words. Her mind is a working, shifting, little lustful labyrinth full of vain properties, and she has an overflowing confidence in the way she goes about handling her day-to-day events while maintaining an addictive, magnetic charm to pull people close to her, closer than what they should be, and never letting them go. Desirée is a calculating individual and will stop at absolutely nothing to get what she wants.

One thing Lust's little monster never does is raise her voice higher than an average speaking tone nor is she one to get angry. If someone has managed to anger her, they will never know what they did nor why they are currently being hunted until it is the moment too late. Needless to say, she is not very forgiving nor very empathetic. When the female has an idea in her head, it is impossible to remove it from the tight clutches of her brain, so it is futile to even attempt to try.

Not your girl, I'm just your wet dream.
The Chosen One

Lesser Control
Generation and control of steam. Can be used to manipulate the power source of steam powered technology.

Minor Power
The ability to create, manipulate, strengthen, dilute and harbor immunity to all acids.

Lesser Control
The ability to create physical duplicates of oneself. Duplicates are limited with what they can interact with in the physical world, as well as how long they can stay before disappearing. Greater mastery level users can create stronger and longer-lasting duplicates.

Lesser Power
The ability to travel through electrical conduits such as, but not limited to: cell phones, computers, power lines, telephone lines, television sets, etc. The user is essentially turned into electricity themselves, however they can only use this power as a method of transportation.

Character In-Depth


Azalia Desirée Giordano-Carter is a name with many variations and meanings, multifaceted much like the human it belongs to. Her first name Azalia is a spelling variant of Azalea, a flowering scrub. It is Greek, Latin, and Hebrew in origin with the two former roughly meaning dry/dry earth, in reference to the type of soil the flora grows in, and the latter meaning reserved by God. As a flower, the azalea is a symbol of femininity, softness, and womanhood. It also represents temperance, moderation, and fragile passion. Giordano is a Italian variant of Jordan, and it means to descend or flow down, while Carter is Irish, Scottish, and English in origin and is an occupational name given to those who transport goods by cart.

First and foremost, above all other, Azalia dreams of leading a happy and enjoyable life. If she finds herself in a situation which hinders this desire, no matter what it is, she will promptly find herself out of said situation. Because of this, though she thoroughly desires to have a child of her own, it would probably not ever happen in this lifetime. She would also like to travel to space at least once in her life. Finally, more of a musing than a goal, the lady would like to find herself dying in a hilarious and exciting ways, such as on a roller-coaster.

Confidence is a quality Azalia exudes from her pores.
✾ The woman is very Hardworking and has even worked until she has nearly lost consciousness. Her business is, without a doubt, the most important thing in her life, and she works restlessly for its success.
Honesty is a quality character to Azzy. Even though she is a wonderful liar, being untruthful is such a waste of energy.
✾ Lia has a very Humorous side to her, but she rarely shows it herself. However, she has absolutely not problem with snickering into her hand at other people.
✾ Though she is the daughter of a mob boss, the woman is very Moral. As a person, there is a level of care people as a whole should have for each other, and if she finds someone violating the general code, it is not beyond her to handle it according.
✾ Azalia is very Observant of her surroundings. She has had to be because of her lifestyle.
✾ Being Passionate is a large part of her personality, and she will never try to control it. As William Blake has said, "Those who control their passions do so because their passions are weak enough to be controlled." Lia will never have such a passion controlled.
✾ She does not know how to be delusional. Having Realist ideals is a liberating thing in today's society.
✾ Azzy is extremely Resilient in every part of her life: personal, business, and street. She is an unmovable object, and she has yet to find someone to change this.

Lia has always fought an extreme battle with automatonophobia, the fear of anything that falsely represents a sentient being. This includes mannequin, dolls, and animatronics, along with ghosts and phantoms, which is labeled as phasmophobia. Gamophobia, the fear of marriage/commitment, has plagued her since she left her first husband. Though she thought it to be a wonderful idea at first, she found it brought many insecurities along with her fear of dependence on others or soteriophobia. Marriage, in her eyes and from her own experiences, forces women into positions to have to depend on someone else. Lastly, Lia has tomophobia, also known as the fear of surgical operations. To put it plainly, she believes she is too beautiful for surgery, and if something were to happen in which she would need surgery, she would probably rather choose death.

Considering how she left her first husband because she was bored in her marriage, Azalia is scared shitless to get married ... again, though she will never admit it. She has rejected many a patron, even if they were quite fitting for the job, and will continue to do so for some time until she manages to overcome her fears.

Children have always been a huge desire in Azalia's life, but considering how she thoroughly enjoys her freedom, she knows having one would not be the most intelligent thing for her to do in this lifetime.
✾ Azzy is extremely Proud. She was raised to be a proud person and does not allow disrespect, mediocrity, or shirkers into her life.
Reptiles, with their scaly skin and the slinky mannerisms, are extremely creepy to her.
✾ Being Selfish is something she does naturally. Though many people generally have their selfish moments, the woman's entire life is about her and her alone, and she only does things to her benefit.
✾ There is no need to speak about how Vain Azalia is. Those who question her beauty is obviously blind.

Demon Information


Lady's visage is that of John Brauer's Freyja, but with hair of deep chocolate. Though she is a civil demon, she does not speak much and prefers to be more of a muse for Azalia. When she does choose to speak, her voice is like a whisper through willows: delicate, thin, and rather creepy. Lady is not one for idle action but is ready to perform whenever she is needed.