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Atticus Valentine

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Henry Cavill
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
He // Him
He // Him
Owner of Reign Security

Character Summary

In order to rule well , a man must possess a number of qualities. Intelligence. Strength. A calm heart and a cool head. Above all, he must have the will to use these traits, the focus and implacable desire to see his goals accomplished.

These words were repeated often to Atticus during his childhood, and he took them to heart. He has spent his entire life striving to become worthy of his aspirations, through hardships and trials willingly undertaken. It shows. A naturally strong-willed individual, Atticus has refined himself endlessly in order to become the man he is today. Possessed of a singularly focused mind and a dauntless will, he pursues his goals with an almost unnerving degree of tenacity, as he is a firm believer that he can bend situations to his desire if he simply applies himself.

Both in and out of combat scenarios, Atticus is a calculating, shrewd man. He is constantly assessing people and places alike for both danger and potential usefulness, with a very marked tendency to turn unfortunate situations to his favour in at least some small fashion. He is efficient, brutal when necessary, and absolutely does not mess around when something needs done. He simply does it, and proceeds to his next task. Organised, goal-orientated and commanding, he excels at running Reign Security, managing both the operations and finances with admirable acumen.

He is not all sharp edges and cold logic, however. He is quite a warm individual, when the situation permits it. Charismatic and mannerly, he has little difficulty in presenting himself in a respectable fashion, and he has a very strong belief in polite conduct at all times, to an almost archaic degree. This is largely due to the strong influence of Abraxas throughout his life- As is his penchant for carrying a longsword at his hip, and his absolutely lethal proficiency with the weapon.

Height: 6'6"
Weight: 270 lbs

The Emperor Tier 1. Ascension to "THE CENTURION"
The Centurion is most at ease when they have command over others. They give out orders and they are followed, whether out of respect, fear or admiration. The Centurion is at home on the battlefield and leads those under their control with success.
You feel new possibilities within you. You seem to attract wealth and power. The dominions Earth, Superior Strength, Superior Speed, and Gold Touch are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.
Superior Strength: II Minor // Control
Superior Speed: III Proficient // Power
Superior Endurance: II Minor // Power
Regeneration: IV Major // Power
Telekinesis: II Minor // Power
Psychic: II Minor // Control

Character In-Depth

Atticus came from humble beginnings.

His parents had separated before he was old enough to speak, his mother leaving him to the dubious care of his lacklustre father. While the man genuinely tried his best to be a good parent, he failed in every capacity that mattered. Atticus' demon, Abraxas, informed the child that this was because his father was weak. He lacked the will necessary to salvage his ailing marriage. He lacked the focus and the drive to better himself, to pursue a better career, to improve their lot in life. He was not a bad man to any real degree, but he was weak. Feeble of presence and personality, he made for an insipid role model- and Abraxas would not stand to have his ward led astray by a milquetoast failure with no desire to better himself.

So he took it upon himself to guide the child, employing his millenia of experience to educate young Atticus, to help shape his growth so that he would grow strong, of mind, body and soul. It was in both of their best interests, the demon had explained, and though what he asked of the boy was often difficult or seemed excessive to the point of cruelty, Abraxas believed that it was necessary. No sword was forged with a gentle caress, after all.

The boy grew swiftly under the demon's guidance, learning much under the ancient creature's tutelage. Philosophy, rhetoric and history to shape the mind. Rigorous exercise, martial instruction and strict dieting to strengthen the body. More unusual, perhaps, was the method in which he sought to hone the boy's ability to lead. He bade him seek out the most misguided and troubled of his peers, the unloved, the unwanted and the friendless. So the boy did, gathering to himself three such youths with persuasion, intimidation and charm alike. Mina, Sam, Roland and Maria. Four youths, desperate and alone and in need of something, someone to drag them out of the mires they dwelled in. Abraxas tasked him with forging them into persons worthy of their grand destiny, for they would be his soldiers in the times to come, and he their commander. So he did.

It took a few years, but it worked. He coaxed, coerced, bullied and bludgeoned them into shape, subjecting them to the very same routines that he himself had undergone. He educated them, he trained and fought with them, but most important of all, he came to love them, and they him. Family, Abraxas informed him, was what you made of it, not what you were given. All four of them had developed into respectable young adults under the demon's care, and when Atticus was seventeen Abraxas informed him that it was time to get some practical experience. So they went to war.

Soldiers, first. Purely as a learning experience, of course, as Abraxas would not expect Atticus to suffer the yoke of another's command forever- That simply would not do. It did, however, teach him a great deal. It taught him how to lead in a real fight, how to bolster flagging morale, how to adapt when your plans went awry, and much more. The four of them worked together better than ever, their long years spent in almost constant proximity to one another serving them well in high-stress situations, and they knew they could rely on each other. Most of all, they knew that they could rely on Atticus. He was always there for them, come rain or fire or a hail of bullets. He dragged them through more than one situation where they shouldn't have made it out at all, through quick thicking, a cool head and sheer force of will. Their performance was such that they were successful in their application to a particularly efficient special operations division, where they experienced combat and scenarios of intensities several magnitudes greater than what had come before.

But they endured. Thrived, even, perfecting their skills and tactics to artful levels. So much so, in fact, that Abraxas deemed them ready to proceed to the next, logical step in their path; Independence. It wasn't a difficult thing, to fake the deaths of a team that routinely undertook some of the most lethal missions available to them- A botched operation, bad luck and poor intelligence, and they were dead, bodies so burned that they were identifiable only by carefully secured dental records.

After that, Atticus founded Reign Security , a private military company that presented itself as security experts. It was slow, getting off the ground, but their expert performance soon secured them a regular batch of clients, very well paying clients. They played bodyguards and assassins, mercenaries and enforcers, taking care to select contracts that fit within the peculiar morality Abraxas instilled upon them all. The company grew, acquiring very select, hand-picked personnel to fill out new teams, expanding the potential for their operations until they became modestly wealthy. Wealthy enough, Atticus deemed, that they had sufficient resources to justify their move to The City.

Now Reign Security has its primary offices in The City, and Atticus has set his sights on amassing a power base and a steady pool of clientele- and on far more ambitious heights.

Demon Information


Ancient almost beyond measure, Abraxas came into being at the very dawn of humanity. He claims that he was born when the first man sought to bend others to his will, to dominate his fellow man and bring order through his rule. Abraxas whispered in countless ears over the millennia, inspiring nascent warlords, kings and tyrants alike. He fanned the embers of their ambition until the flames burned bright indeed, stoked to an intensity that could not, would not be ignored. He claims that he is responsible for the formation and downfall of a great many dominions of man, all to sate his burgeoning appetite.

Atticus, however, is different. Abraxas actually has genuine respect and fondness for the man, which is unprecedented. He looks upon his man as a peer, someone finally worthy of ruling at his side rather than crushed beneath his heel, or a tool to use and discard. Together, the demon believes, they will forge an empire the likes of which either world has never seen- Perhaps even bringing the entirety of the City itself under their conjoined rule.

Abraxas is a being that takes great pride in comporting himself at all times with the utmost dignity and composure. He has has thousands of years to develop a highly cultured view on life, possessing a distinctly courteous manner and a regal, refined bearing. He sees no need to express his superiority or power, for the most part, as such a necessity is for those who only pretend at such things.

He is a great lover of the arts, in their various forms. Music, visual art, literature and fine dining are all things he greatly appreciates, though perhaps his greatest love in life is chess.

Height: Variable, usually around 14", room permitting.

Voice Sample