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Draco Willum OOC Information

My only note is that Draco is Sadistic and cruel, so if that bothers you at all just let me know. Other than that there's nothing to worry about from him.

Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
6,000 years
Gula Enforcer

Character Summary

Appearance: Draco has fluffy, unkempt, dark red hair that falls to the neck. His hair has a slight wave to it but is mostly straight. His eyes are a vibrant blood red with black sclerae and are more often than not narrowed and devoid of emotion. He has a light tan, and is fairly well built, and is often seen wearing a long sleeve(usually red or black), a vest(usually red, black, or gray) slacks(black or gray)?dark jeans(sometimes), and dress shoes(often black)/combat boots(black). He also has what looks to be a scar of sorts, but it's really just a tattoo of a black line with lines going through it vertically. The tattoo goes around his entire, neck, and he does have one on his shoulder blade of black wings as well. He also has some scars on his back, but they are something he doesn't like to talk about.

Personality: Draco is cold, calculating, and manipulative. He always knows what to say in order to gain someone's trust, or get what he wants. He doesn;t like attachments though, and he tries to avoid making them as much as possible. He also doesn't like to show emotion, but if you somehow get close to him he will. Draco is also rather sadistic, though it's more of a game, sometimes seeing others hurt makes him feel more alive, real even. He often speaks rudely and harshly, never really having anything kind to say, unless he is manipulating someone, and will often jab and target your insecurities to make you feel worse about yourself. He is actually somewhat of a softie when you get past the rough exterior, and he has a soft spot of sorts for children, often refusing to hurt them.

Likes: Blood, seeing others in pain, being alone, quiet, chaos, and music

Dislikes: Noise, showing emotions, being bothered, crowds, social events


Psychic/Lesser/Control Based

Scrying/Minor/Control Based

Plants/Lesser/Power Based

Magnetism/Lesser/Control Based

Combustion/Minor/Power Based

Psychometry/Proficient/Control Based

Character In-Depth

Draco used to wander the world aimlessly, having no goals and no purpose. That is until he found Afatamorgana. He has lived in the city for 10 years now, and while he still tends to aimlessly wander, he does have more of a purpose, more to do. He often has trouble keeping jobs due to his sadistic and rude nature, hence why he is working for multiple places at once. He doesn't talk much about his past hosts, but it is known that bad things had often happened to them, and to himself. It is also known that he has been a solo demon quite a few times. He also talks a lot about this man he met once, but he never drops a name or any information, he just says that he was a great man and that he saved him. It seems this man may be the only person Draco has ever been attached to, but whether he is alive or dead, or even who he remains a mystery.

Demon Information

Draco is often referred to or known as the Blood Well since he has been the cause of much bloodshed. It is unknown if has actually ever shown any kindness, at least, it's not common knowledge. Many people can't figure out if he is a civil, or primal demon. He looks and acts like a civil demon, but he also has some very primal tendencies. Draco seems to have some sort of fascination with humans, often studying them from afar. It is said he puts people into situations just to see how they will act, not caring about the consequences. After all, to him, it's nothing more than a game. That's what one of his old hosts said once, and that host had been his favorite. She had encouraged his game, even joined in it. She had sadly died at the age of 16 due to the game they played. Aside from the man he once knew, she seems to be the only other person he has gotten somewhat close to, even though it was all because of a game. While this isn't very well know, Draco is from the 7th circle of hell, which is often referred to as violence. His demon form is unknown, as those who see never live to tell the tale.