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Rory Atlidóttir

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Rose Leslie
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age

Character Summary

Introvert - Timid - Nerd - Selfless - Nurturing - Independant - Anxious

Rory had always been an independent child. Lost in herself since birth in her home of Iceland. Unreliable and unloving parents who did not have time for her shaped her into a self sufficient adult in the body of their daughter. It was never easy, living in the forgotten shadow of an older brother who lit up the world for her parents. No, Rory wasn't the type that stood out at all. Nose always stuck in a book, shaking off the unsettling words of her demon Lux from a young age. He would always taunt her. Whispering inside of her head about how her parents never wanted a daughter. They never wanted a girl who was no good at anything. He was always the voice in the back of her head that pushed her further into her own shell.

This continues to this day. Lux is the presence inside of her that makes her question every decision, every motive of her own and of the people that surround her. She is always on edge, always intimidated by what other people may think. She cannot bear the thought of people dismissing her as her parents do. Kept to herself, Rory doesn't know what it feels like to trust other people with the oddities that are inside of her. She will never feel good enough for you. Despite this, she desires to hope that there is good in people. She is adamant that not everyone in this world is as cold as Lux informs her. Not everyone must feed off of her insecurities like he does. Always trying to make the best of it, as she gets older, she takes Lux's words with a grain of salt. Confidence will come in time.

Rory is not the type of girl that will catch the eye of strangers passing in the hall. She was never particularly beautiful, at least she can't believe she ever was. Pale with freckles on her skin, and hair that's always falling in front of her eyes. She is never the type to seek attention, and is fine blending into the crowds.Attention is dangerous, because when people know you are there, they have the power to hurt you.

Rory finds comfort in her plants. Every room in her small home has a handful scattered throughout. From flowering cacti to ferns and succulents. She has a soft spot for every one. Next comes her pets. The first and most dear is her dog Breki. A white and brown Akita who she loves more than herself. Second is her tiny peppered hedgehog, who she named Castiel. They are her best friends. The only others she can trust. They are the only ones in this city who love her.
Teleportation : Minor
Flight: Minor
Ice: Minor
Hallucinations: Minor
Superior Senses: Minor
Plants: Major

Character In-Depth

It was never easy, and still is not, to have a voice inside of you that makes you doubt every move you make. Lux is the voice that wont stop. He is the menace that keeps Rory inside of her impenetrable shell. If not for his constant chattering, maybe she could appear outwardly as the person she feels she is inside. A kind person, someone who listens and likes to get to know one or two people at a time. Perhaps one day she can strike up the courage to mute her demon enough to actually form relationships with people that last more than a fortnight. Her insecurities poisen her chances before she can let others see the kind hearted girl inside of her. Her efforts are usually barricaded by doubt and fear of rejection. Rory is still not very good at ignoring him. He just sticks himself to the back of her head like a parasite that feeds off of her grief.

Despite all that he has done to her, Rory cannot believe that Lux is entirely bad. She can't help but think that it's just the nature of a demon. He is part the negativity in her, but it cannot all be his fault, can it? She has yet to decide that he is pure evil. Just the pain in her neck that wont stop snickering. He's quieter when she is alone, with no eyes to stare at her. He has less to talk about when she reads a book or sips at a coffee in her pajamas. It's just easier this way. Alone.

Demon Information

Rory has grown to call it Lux. However it will continue to protest that it's real name is Nökken.

He is, in Norwegian tradition, described as a dark monster with his eyes just above the surface, watching as people walk by. In Swedish tradition, he is a beautiful, young man, tricking women into jumping into the water, and then drowning them. To Rory he is a void inside of her, black as anything you can imagine. His claws always sitting just under her skin, basking in her fears and insecurities. It's as close to killing her as he would like to get. Making her skin crawl and the hair on the back of her neck stand on end. It's all fun and games to him.