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Jeanne Vernet

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Imaan Hammam
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
White Rabbit
Intelligence Agent

Character Summary

Observant and cautions, Jeanne is used to blending into the background and taking in her surroundings. She enjoys people watching and likes to play mental games with her demon about how they can best toy with the people who happen to walk by. Though she may seem aloof as she watches the word around her, Jeanne is surprisingly social and expressive during conversation. With Avantes’ encouragement, she has crafted her own breed of humor to disarm others and make them more pliable to her wants. She not necessarily deceptive by nature, but both Jeanne and Avantes have no problem using others for their own benefit. And often, she will give the reigns over to Avantes, who’s charm and persuasion far outweigh her own.

Since Jeanne loves watching others, she uses her talents for White Rabbit as an information broker. She has a bad habit of tailing people for sport as is, so she figured she might as well get paid to glean information from others. Jeanne namely tracks the movements, habits, and routines of certain high ranking individuals and then reports back with intel about their customs. Occasionally, she may also be asked to lift possessions from these marks, which Jeanne loves doing the most. The challenge of getting close enough to a person to slip into their purse and steal some identification card or flash drive or what have you is thrilling for her, but she takes absolute care never to get caught.
None Currently
Absorption - Mastery: Proficient

Astral Projection - Mastery: Minor

Mimicry - Mastery: Lesser

Pocket Space - Mastery: Minor

Regeneration - Mastery: Lesser

Telekenisis - Mastery: Lesser

Character In-Depth

In one of his cruelest moments, Avantes once called her “Jeanne the Unloved.” And for a time, the moniker fit the girl all too well.

Jeanne was born into poverty by a woman who was conned into a pregnancy she never wanted. Her mother, Marie, bitterly regretted the pact she made with the demon who promised her riches in exchange for a child: a deal which eventually fell through. Marie claimed that her child’s birth was the beginning of the end of her life; a fact she never let Jeanne forget. Jeanne was always last in her mother’s mind, an annoying afterthought after a long day of self-absorption. Marie did the bare minimum for her daughter after her birth, and her neglect only grew as Jeanne gained scraps of independence as she aged. Some days Marie would seem to willfully ignore the fact that she even had a child, forgetting to feed or bathe or even remotely care for Jeanne. And under this neglect, Jeanne found her only respite in her demon, Avantes.

He was her only company, and even though he had no love for the child, Jeanne clung to him none the less. For a time, Avantes merely watched the downtrodden girl, wondering if she would survive her sorry state or if he should abandon her for a new host. But every time he thought that Jeanne would throw in the towel, she endured. When her hunger pains grew extreme, Jeanne snuck scraps from the trash. When her loneliness threatened to overwhelm her, Jeanne invented her own friends. Whether it was out of pity or some bizarre fondness for the child, Avantes began to care for her – teaching her domains which would later become her lifeline. He created a pocket dimension as a gift for Jeanne, and he taught her how to hide her astral form in this space if ever she needed an escape from her troubles.

Avantes would care for Jeanne’s body while she was hidden in the pocket space. At first, he would encourage her to project her soul away when her hunger or distress was too intense, bearing the brunt of the physical pain in her stead. And as they grew closer, Avantes could do more in her body while she was gone. He would steal food from the bakeries to fill her stomach and toys from the stores to occupy her mind, sneaking them in to her pocket dimension for her find later. Jeanne reveled in his affection. The more he cared for the girl, the more she relied upon him. She loved letting Avantes loose upon the word, watching safely nearby as he sweettalked the paperboy into giving her money and coned the brainy girl into doing her homework. And while Jeanne quickly adapted to this new quality of life, for Avantes, it was not enough. He was growing hungry.

Jeanne was still quite young when Avantes finally broke. He had hoped that he could wait until Jeanne was a teenager before escaping from their house of neglect, but he was starving and reckless. During one of Marie’s harsher mistreatments, Avantes acted. As Marie helplessly watched on, the demon crushed Jeanne’s fingers in the kitchen drawers, smashed her head into the countertop, and screamed loud enough to attract the neighbors and thus the police. Two days later, Marie was imprisoned for child abuse, and Jeanne was place into foster care. Such an arrangement did still not suit Avantes well, and when Jeanne turned thirteen, he whisked her away into the City. Here, Jeanne was finally able to begin to live. With Avantes at her side, Jeanne felt unstoppable. Her demon could charm their way into renting a flat, securing a job, and making new friends. Jeanne could now pursue her own wants and desires. But only one really matters to her – to stay with Avantes, forever.

Demon Information

Since birth, Jeanne has been saddled with the company of her shrewd demon Avantes. For centuries, he has thrived on the manipulation of others, carefully goading and coaxing and enticing others to do exactly what he wants. While many may see cruelty and fear as effective motivators for compliance, Avantes has developed a different set of tools for persuasion. He is charming and affable, easy with his smiles and soft with his words when he thinks they may benefit him. Avantes may present himself as your friend, your guardian, your lover, your heart’s desire, but his companionship is a ruse. He is inherently selfish, and the instant you are no longer serve he needs, he may cut you out entirely.

Avantes has cultivated a rather peculiar relationship with Jeanne. The demon has mostly just tolerated his previous hosts, twisting them around his little finger whenever he saw fit. But Jeanne needs no such coaxing. She is all too happy to appease her demon and loves watching Avantes play with other people. And as such, Avantes has found that the more he looks out for the wellbeing of his host, the more freedom she can give him. This has created a positive feedback loop of serving one another, the likes of which Avantes had never encountered with any of his others hosts. The duo has become so closely linked that often their wants and needs intertwine, and they act as one unified force. If you ask him, Avantes will claim that he only helps Jeanne to get something back from her, but in truth, he has become rather fond of the girl and genuinely enjoys her company.

With his assumed role as Jeanne’s guardian, Avantes rarely shows his corporeal form. He prefers to quietly manipulate a situation from the sidelines, encouraging Jeanne to glance a certain way or let her fingers rest for a moment too long on the hand of another. He is ever present in her mind and is at the ready to assume her identity should she require it of him. Yet when the pair is alone and comfortable, Avantes will occasionally slip out of Jeanne’s skin and assume his own form. A tall, young man with stark white hair and pale skin. Avantes could pass as human should he ever choose, but rarely does.