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Wallace Crawford

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Ansel Elgort
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Spirit Detectives
Reporter / Blackmailer / Pretender

Character Summary

Wallace "Wally" Crawford is a small-time reporter for the Elysian Herald, a news organization that's well-known for being a central spot for White Rabbit activities.

Wally himself isn't actually affiliated with the White Rabbit in any other way, but he enjoys using his position as a threat for people to give him money and other favors under the guise of offering White Rabbit protection. He's a pretender, and to his knowledge, he has yet to be caught.

He tends to talk himself into (and out of) trouble as a compulsive liar. There's almost nothing he won't try to lie about.

(Wally has not yet ascended.)

Lesser | Phasing

Move through solid objects as if they weren't there, with some difficulty through thicker surfaces or when bringing other objects along.

Minor | Duplicity

Detect others’ lies, and keep your own lies from detection.

Minor | Reflections

Manipulate reflections and see deeper truths in reflections.

Minor | Necrosis

Induce necrosis or begin necrosis in a target’s body or end the decay. Requires skin-to-surface contact. Cannot reverse the effects. Difficult to control.

Proficient | Shapeshifting (Control)

Transform and reshape the form of one’s body, especially into abstract forms and mythological creatures driven by your imagination.

Greater | Telepathy (Control)

Communicate messages to others' minds, and read others' minds with particular ease.

Character In-Depth


Demon Information

Wally calls his demon Nack. Nack is similar to the "nachzehrer", a ghoul-like vampire from German myths which was believed to feast on the flesh of loved ones or on the flesh of its own corpse. Nack primarily takes the form of a pale, undead man with dark hair and a well-kept black business suit. Despite the ghastly nature of his mythology, Nack does not feast on living flesh, but instead on the emotion of Guilt. After centuries of existence with humanity, Nack has found that the most agonizing, most nourishing form of guilt is provided by the loved ones of the recently-deceased. Theirs is the guilt which "lives after death". This might explain the family-based tales surrounding his terror.

Nack is clever, conniving and only selectively vocal. He doesn't speak much. Necrotic and zombie-like in his preferred appearance, he is still able to keep himself together in public enough not to arouse suspicion. His demeanor towards other humans is mysterious at times, and he has no qualms about displaying his naturally creepy appearance. It's Nack's belief that people feel more guilty when they're unsettled, and if Wally doesn't keep Nack in check, this manipulative feeding method can leave a person a nervous wreck.

One of Nack's more unsettling claims is that his appearance is based on the form of his previous human host, a lawyer killed by a former client in a rage. It's said that the nachzeher consumed the lawyer's guilt, and that the lawyer grew increasingly amoral as a result. If true, it forces Wally to grimly consider the legacy of his own postmortem visage, but he'd rather not think about that.

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