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Cullen Stark

Lightning before the Thunder
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Primal Demon
Sebastian Stan
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
White Rabbit
Computer Engineer

Character Summary

Cunning - Charming - Manipulative - Extroverted - Clever - Mischievous - Solitary

TW: Drugs Cullen was born and raised in downtown Detroit, Michigan. He lived with his mother, and never once knew what his father's name was. Their roof leaked, and their fridge was never full. Of course, Cullen was a child, he didn't know any better. The fact that his mother was addicted to a number of hard drugs was just a part of his every day life. She was kind to him, so he never had much of a reason to question it. When she died, Cullen was only nine years old. It was unfortunate, because he did not have any family left to take him in. This began a long list of foster families. Usually one every couple of years up until the ripe old age of fifteen. That's when he found a family that wasn't overwhelmed by his petty theft, his outbursts of unprocessed emotion, and his keen intellect. He stayed with them until after college. That's when he left Detroit, and took off to find a life of his own.

Things got better as he aged. He was able to get a college degree in Computer Engineering. He left home, but still went back every Saturday for dinner. Things began to level out and look like an average life. It was calm. It was also boring. He kept the appearance of a man who kept his 9 to 5. It was when people weren't looking that he was capable of his mischief. Stealing, lying, deceit. Anything that gave him a thrill. After all these years, a normal life just wasn't for him. If he wasn't at risk in one way or another, it just didn't tickle his fancy.

He prefers to work on his own, and doesn't let too many people in on his of his secrets. That doesn't mean that he doesn't fall in to the wrong clouds. After dark, he can often he found surrounded by people you would not want your mother to meet. Preferably in a seedy bar. The type that doesn't have enough lights, and always seems to have a small little room in the back for the illegal gambling. Nice and wholesome.

Cullen can usually be seen dressed in worn wash jeans, with an assortment of plain t-shirts and a thick leather jacket. Only when he's at work will he pull it together to look a little bit more professional. Even then, he doesn't enjoy it. His hair is usually a mess, because he can't be bothered with it once he gets out of bed.
The Hermit Tier 1. Ascension to "THE SNAKE-OIL SALESMAN"

The snake-oil salesman is a liar, first and foremost. They pretend to be something they’re not, and delight in fleecing the innocent. This path is a path of deception. You feel new possibilities within you. You can now tell better lies, and do better card tricks. The dominions mimicry, duplicity, pheromones, pathfinding and invisibility are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.
Duplicity: Minor
Metal: Major
Pathfinding: Lesser
Phasing: Lesser
Technopathy: Minor
Shadow: Lesser

Character In-Depth

There's two things that Cullen has come to be very good at. Computers, and stealing stuff. One of which makes him money, and the other entertains him. He doesn't see it as a problem, it's more of a habit. Something he likes to indulge himself in from time to time. It's usually small things, such as a poorly hidden wallet or a nice looking watch. The money doesn't even matter, it's just the thrill of doing it that he loves. When he was a young child, he used to take things like food and clothes for school. Old habits never die, or so he likes to say. Of course he will never tell people about this. It's his own little secret. He does often find himself surrounded by unsavoury people. Usually stuck with a bourbon in his hand, flirting with a pretty girl. Known to gamble from time to time, just don't trust him around your money.

Then he has always been smart with computers. In fact he makes a living off of creating new programs and systems for a pretty well known company. It pays a pretty penny, but Cullen also knows how to navigate himself around the parts of a computer others might not want you to know about. It's mostly for fun, and his own personal gain. However he does associate himself with a group known as the White Rabbit. He is capable of finding very hidden things, when he really wants to.

When his mother died, Cullen lost the only family he had ever known. In the many years since then, he has never let himself truly care for another person in that type of way. Family was off limits. Love and affection was off limits. This is why his relationships last little more than a few months. He had control over the way he felt around other people if he didn't let them get under his skin. He has to have the upper hand, always.

Demon Information

Cullen's relationship with his demon is strangely positive. He has always felt comfortable with his demon, who he has named Sullivan. This demon is primal, and does not speak to him, however it appears in the shape of a large black raven with opal coloured eyes. It can naturally always be seen within a small radius of Cullen. Primarily sitting perched on an object, preferably watching whichever situation in unfolding in front of it with great interest. Cullen views his demon more as a friend than a hindrance. It is also known that Cullen's mother had her demon take the shape of a dove. Birds are always seen as a positive influence in Cullen's, and Sullivan is no different.