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Amos Savas

"I look forward to eating your heart one day."
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Edgemoor OOC Information

I am Edgemoor, and I consider myself to be a very open and friendly individual. The only serious triggers I have are player disrespect and god moding. Anything else is fair game. I love gore, violence, sex, and deep character development. I love to challenge, and I love to be challenged in return. Don't be shy about contacting me for anything, whether it be about characters, site help, or life. I look forward to playing with you.

Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Donny Lewis
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Only the ones that struggle are fun to play with
Human Smuman
He. Him, His, It
Ira Captain - Kairos

Character Summary

Conniving, clever, and a compulsive liar and compulsive speaker, Amos has more personality than most can comprehend or handle. Bored easily, he sees the world as a giant playground that was set up just for him. Although one might believe that the more he has to do, the less trouble he will get in, this is the wrong idea. Consequences and judgment calls are 'human things' and have no place in his world. He deals in blood and bones, not in 'doing the right thing' and money. Petty, vicious, and dangerous, Amos doesn't understand the what 'no' means'. In fact, with the number of times he's heard people beg him not to rip their spines out their throats, he probably doesn't even hear the word anymore.

Despite his profession, this demon knows how to be careful. He has 'people' who clean up after him, paid with the probability that they won't end up being his next meal. Probably. Currently without a faction, Amos is a lone wolf with only his own 'rules' to follow.

As a contractor who prefers body parts or precious treasures over human currencies, Amos isn't hard to please... if you aren't afraid to rip off some limbs, spill some gore, and guzzle blood. Contracts are never something that he partakes in, and he finds them immensely offensive. Go ahead; tell him you don't trust him and see where it gets you. The ride'll be fun. Promise!

Starting Dominions: 6

Starting Ascension: N/A

Dominion 1

Bone Manipulation

Mastery: Minor

Bone Manipulation: The ability to move, bend, break, or even reshape bones in or outside a living or dead body.

Power: The more bones that can be affected at a given time.

Control: The larger transformations that can be made to bone placement and configuration, specifically strengthening the ability to reshape bones.

Dominion 2


Mastery: Minor

Combustion: The ability to create explosions, and the power to create bombs of various types from thin air.

Power Based: Larger and more destructive explosions.

Control Based: The more precise the combustion and farther away from you your bombs can travel before detonating or being detonated.

Dominion 3


Mastery: Proficient

Telekinesis: The ability to manipulate objects and others at will with the mind.

Power Based: The more inanimate objects you can move at once.

Control Based: The more living creatures you can move at once.

Dominion 4


Mastery: Minor

Necrosis: The ability to induce necrosis or begin necrosis in a target’s body; users can also end the decay as well, but they cannot reverse the effects. **Necrosis: Premature cell death; the decay of human flesh. It is said that a legend once walked the City that only had to breathe on a victim to start the process; however, no matter the level mastery, skin to skin/surface contact with a target is always required. Necrosis is also not an easy dominion to control, and accidents have occurred in which people are accidentally made victims when brushing against someone with the dominion.

Power Based: The more powerful the necrosis, and the quicker it spreads to become lethal. The less control you have over who you affect in passing.

Control Based: The easier it is to start the necrosis, and the more control you have over it. People with higher control will never accidentally wither their lover’s face, or corrode their puppy’s skin, however they usually have to grab and hold on to someone for a second of two before their necrosis can activate. This can obviously lead to some clear openings for an opponent.

Dominion 5


Mastery: Proficient

Pathfinding: Ability to find places, people, or objects over a certain distance, regardless of whether these things or people are obscured or hidden.

Power Based: You can find things at further distances and follow longer paths, but get tripped up if there is too much intricacy or magic barriers guarding the way.

Control Based: You can follow more intricate paths and find people hidden under the deepest magical obstacles, however your senses get muddled at greater distances.

Dominion 6


Mastery: Lesser

Teleportation: The ability to completely transport oneself along with other people or objects to any recently-explored or familiar areas.

Power: The more people or objects that can be transported with the user.

Control: The less familiar the user needs to be with the destination in order to teleport successfully there.

Character In-Depth

Aggressive. Heated, though not with anger. Long, light strides. A warrior’s walk. There is a certain swagger, a kind of roaring confidence that stems from every stride that he takes. His head is almost always up, and his eyes are bright, though they aren’t always observant. Sometimes there seems to be some sort of glaze that encompasses his entire face, as though he’s not ‘all there’. He’s dominant and in your face, and he’s overpowering and assumes command. Just beneath the surface of all of that heavy, controlling energy is menace. Urgency. Danger. There’s something not quite right about Amos Savas. Something eerie and unnerving. Something wrong.

If public speaking had a face, it would be Amos. He is bold and loud, and he will say whatever comes to mind when he wants to say it. A compulsive speaker (And a compulsive liar, let’s be real), he’s never been afraid to speak up. As a man who never truly thinks about consequences, he’d just as soon talk back to a police officer as he would sweet talk a beautiful young woman. His voice is a rolling baritone, pleasant to the ear, almost comforting. It grabs the attention, not with loudness, but with the presence and the resoluteness that he throws into it. There are rare moments, though, when that voice softens and even grows gentle. Warm. Soothing.

The psychos's scent is just as distinctive as the rest of him. Carnivorous and hungry, if either have any particular scent. Something smoky, but not overwhelming. A certain spice, one that’s pleasant, but also makes the nose wrinkle in response. On occasion the pungent odor of a cigar or a cigarette overpowers his natural smell, but he prefers the taste and the feel of strawberry flavored Hookah and maybe the odd puff of Hashish. His livelihood draws the scents of many people, and so he often smells like blood, bone marrow, cotton, aftershave, leather, make up, and various kinds of fragrance. He smells like war, of steel and iron and wood. Gun powder, oil, elements of vitae just there on the edge of existence.

For him, there's nothing more exciting than seeing those lesser maggots shrink back from his presence. These individuals tend to escape his notice, much like how an ant crawling across a sidewalk escapes yours. Once in a while you may have the urge to stomp its life out, but for the most part... meh. It's not fun. It isn't a great toy. And the hell with returns, that takes way too long.

Now... those who have never heard of him or those who scoff at his dominance or those who dare to challenge him. Now they... they are the mountain lions that wander through your backyard. The things that make the hair stand on the back of your neck because you know they're dangerous.

And Amos? He's the ridiculously and obnoxiously excitable being who just wants to put it in chains and stroke its fur. He's the one who wants to add those dangerous beasts into a collection of cryptic insanity and dangerous beyond the worst imaginations. He's a collector of trinkets and books and creatures and things and all things that catch his eye or sate his thirst for whatever the hell opposes boredom.

Demon Information

Throughout the millennia, Amos has been worshiped and feared by humans and demons alike. He's had many names throughout his time, many of which proclaim some kind of sway toward the devil himself. He's been shunned as the devil in Mexico and worshiped as Lucifer in the Germany. He's been called Shaitan in Oman and the Antichrist in Bolivia. There is no end to his influence throughout the world.

Or at least... that was how it began.

As a lover of flesh, feeding upon blood and marrow and meat, Amos has always had an infatuation with gluttony and greed. He's a cannibal of the most primal nature, a beast with teeth. He's slaughtered entire families without a conscious care, but back then... back before he was driven insane... he was far more conniving. Strategic and careful, not nearly as devious and daring. But all things, as though tend to... change.

When he killed a family he saw as any other, a survivor he hadn't counted on found him. Saw him there in the middle of a church, picking his teeth with her daughter's bones. And there, a battle like no other took place. Buildings were leveled, explosions sent mushroom clouds into the air, and the destruction was immense. But in the end... Amos did not come out on top. Anti dominion magic was used to capture and detain him. But things went farther than that.

Much farther.

For millennia, he was tortured and weakened, the technology he loathed so much used to strip him of the power he had once used to destroy and hunt. Eventually, he was driven insane, the chains that bound him becoming the reason for his mental instability. He was pissed on and beaten, crushed and accosted. They ate pieces of his flesh and broke his bones. They made him feel as helpless as he had, once upon a time, made them feel. And on and on it went, without an end in sight.

Until one day... she came. Until that fateful day when she took pity upon his soul - or whatever happened to be left of it - and freed him from his prison. Throughout the city lay pieces of his power, hidden so carefully, masked as blue ring pops. No one ever thought, in his current state of insanity, that he would ever find them. And so there they hide, cryptic pieces of power that now wait for him to find them.