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Alain Perriñe

You can't study darkness by flooding it with light...
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Tomi OOC Information

Bring me your evil. Bring me your smut. Bring me your drama and pain. Bring to me all these things, and let me show you the game.

Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Lauren German
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Spirit Detectives
For Hire - PI

Character Summary

Exceptionally bright and gifted. Sometimes blunt. Naive. Guilt-stricken.

Her family led a sinful life. Their karma repaid with the appearance of the Demon Amos.

Alain’s dominions almost fell in line with the family’s sinful dealings. Her guardians become wary of her silent nature as a child. Especially when the familiar patron demon, Asmodeus, remained silent.

It happened on her 21st birthday - it was a dream of a place that shouldn’t be familiar to her. A door that always plagued her with the screams beyond it.

Unable to stand the howls of pain and suffering - she opened the door.

Releasing Amos Savas.

She woke screaming while simultaneously activating all her dominions at once. There were lives lost before Asmodeus could subdue the raging emotions.

That was 11 years ago.

Anti-Dominion Tech Alain wears a hematite ring on both middle fingers to suppress the effects of Acid and Necrosis. Interrogations can get hairy if touching a perp for too long can melt his face off. Better yet, if the combo kills him.

Something is unlocked within yourself. You've walked down the STAR path.

The Star Tier 1. Ascension to "THE URSA MINOR"

Ursa Minor contains Polaris, the North Star.

This path represents a sense of losing your way or abandoning a long-walked road. It can also represent sexual or reproductive disorder in one’s life.

The High Priestess Tier 2. Ascension to "THE HUMMINGBIRD"

The hummingbird is a beautiful creature with a prodigious memory and a patience for small details. The hummingbird follows known paths of knowledge, traveling hundreds of thousands of miles in its cycle of migration. The hummingbird rarely relaxes on its journeys. You feel new possibilities within you. You can now innately find your way and have a better sense of direction. You now experience improved concentration, memory and academic skill. The dominions paper, animation, shadow, and sound are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.

Mastery: Legendary

Water: The creation and manipulation of water, ability to purify water, ability to breathe underwater, ability to pass through water unharmed.

Power Based: The more water you can manipulate..

Mastery: Greater

Acid: The ability to create, manipulate, strengthen, dilute and harbor immunity to all acids..

Power: The more caustic and lethal the acids generated can be.

Mastery: Proficient

Mimicry: The ability to perfectly mimic watched actions or even dominions. Only higher levels of mimicry can bring true 100% mimicry and even enhancement of mimicked dominions..

Control Based: The easier it is to recall actions watched in the past. Actions you watched months ago can be recalled in a second on higher levels of mastery. Control based mimicry usually learns how to mimic other dominions easier/quicker as well, but is lacking in the amount of time able to sustain the copied dominion (in most cases of lower mastery being a couple minutes at once). .

Mastery: Minor

Air: The ability to manipulate wind, fog, mist, and air. This does not allow the user to fly on their own, but may allow the user to control sails of a ship, or kite-like devices.e effects.

Power Based: The more wind you can manipulate at once. .

Mastery: Minor.

Acid: The ability to create, manipulate, strengthen, dilute and harbor immunity to all acids..

Power: The more caustic and lethal the acids generated can be.

Mastery: Lesser.

Combustion: The ability to create explosions, and the power to create bombs of various types from thin air. .

Control Based: The more precise the combustion and farther away from you your bombs can travel before detonating or being detonated.

Character In-Depth

Kayin Perriñe was in line to be the next head of the Family. Asmodeus declared that he would follow her, that she pleased him. The family wouldn’t argue with this. They were a promiscuous bunch! Sex scandals, illegal anti-dominion dealings, drugs, and blackmailing. That was on a good day. They were drenched money and information. They had bastard children in every corner of the planet. Because those genes created powerful soldiers for the Family.

Imagine their surprise when one of Kayin’s dalliances resulted in a pregnancy. Asmodeus was not pleased but continued to use Kayin in as many ways as he could. Kayin gave birth to a baby girl, Alain. The child didn’t cry when she was born. She hardly cried at all. Kayin gave the child to a guardian branch of the family. Unsure what the future held for Alain - Kayin continued to flourish under Asmodeus.

Preparing to make a leap into the political stratosphere, thanks to a hefty amount of blackmail, they were invited to the home of a victim. A grand celebration to prepare for a merging of families. What waited for them...was something worse. Lexand’r Perriñe, the former head, was nearing the end of her time.

“Asmodeus, you know how to pick them - don’t you?” Lexand’r smiled over a drink while the party carried on.

“We had a good time together, Lex.” The demon towered over her, a finger caressed her cheek. “You may have broken the mold with her.” He smirked as a cigarette dangled from his lips.

“I can die happy. I think I’m a bit too old for all the orgies.” Smirking. Her eyes went dark as her head whipped toward the house. Asmodeus knew that look. It was the one look in all of his existence that gave him pause. “What is it, Lex? What do you see?” He grabbed her by the shoulders, the bones crunching to snap her out of the psychic daze.

Her eyes were wide as she looked up at him. “They’re gone?” Her voice. Her face. So much confusion. She felt empty. One moment the sensations of pleasure and revelry. So much pain flooded her senses at once - she lost consciousness while standing! “Gods, no., no…”

Asmodeus felt the emptiness creep into him and they both ran. He didn’t know how much time he had. He willed himself to remain because he needed..he WANTED the name and face. They burst through the doors to a horrific sight. Lexand’r dropped to her knees screaming bloody murder as she saw a demon picking his teeth ...with Kayin’s bones. Asmodeus’ perfect vessel was gone, his favorite taken from him! His bellow of rage mixed with Lexand’r screams. In a blind rage, she rushed Amos - all her dominions raised, turning the house to rubble in the process. Asmodeus existed long enough to see the beginning of the battle.

The Family guardians joined Lexand’r destroying a quarter of the city from dominion and anti-dominion tech use. Amos was finally vanquished. The family demons made sure that they were waiting when he returned.

Lexand’r burned out all that she was to see Amos sealed away.

Asmodeus appeared in the human realm again - attached to Kayin’s daughter.

Alain was the opposite spectrum from everything that Asmodeus embodied. He lingered because he figured she would succumb. There was potential in her, he just needed to figure out a trigger. For some reason, Alain dreamed of dark, dangerous places. She dreamt of fire, rage, and pain. Not used to the extreme of emotions, they pulled her forward. For years these night terrors plagued her sleep. The smaller of her dominions became apparent at the time. It was a daunting task to learn ways to prevent injury. Asmodeus watched her grow into the spitting image of her mother. The demon didn’t think the pangs of lust boiling inside of him would be painful. He had his pick of the household guardians. But, he wanted to sink himself deep into the memory of Kayin. Alain remained firm in rejecting her family’s old dealings and ways.

On the stroke of midnight on her 21st birthday - that all changed.

The pain...she couldn’t take hearing that pain anymore.

She had to save whoever was in that horrid pain. The door was right there. It was strange to feel cool in a place obviously surrounded by fire and heat. There was a sizzle, like water dancing on the surface of a heated pan, as she reached for the door. Alain tugged hard pulling until a rush of heat had her stumbling backward. The door opened with tremendous pressure and the screaming stopped. A crash of sound as the door fell open and Amos’ rage was unleashed as he was freed. He was weak and all he saw in Alain? Was the remnants of Lexand’r ...the cause of his torment. Their eyes connected and the truth was revealed. He replayed that day for her. He revealed in the horror as she realized what she’d done.

Alain woke up screaming causing the compound guardians to come running. their deaths.

Asmodeus was deep into one of the female guardians when he felt a jolt to her senses. Filled with a bittersweet sensation, a flavor that filled him with renewed vigor. The wench was tossed aside as he rushed to Alain’s room. Something was wrong, he felt an unimaginable power rising within her. It was too late, by the time he arrived the room was wrecked. The noxious scent was seeping into the hallway. Alain kept screaming until he was able to subdue those emotions.

A wall of water formed by the inground pool splashed down and destroyed the landscaping. Alain slept dreamless for the first time in years. Asmodeus realized his folly by failing to interact with her properly. “Kayin, you still provide after all this time.” He purred. The guilt kept him full and he attacked with renewed interest. He would _make_ her succumb.

2 Years Passed..

Alain held onto her virginity - it was a game to Asmodeus. She joined a spirit detective firm - there were times where she crossed Legion. Alain shocked by assisting and doing everything in her power to help.

It was one case that brought her across Amos, in a different form. For the first time in her life, Alain dared herself to feel something. This dalliance lasted almost a year. Asmodeus couldn’t shake a feeling about the demon. Until the truth was revealed and Asmodeus helped himself to more of emotional torment. The very demon she had released had found his way to Alain’s life.

Asmodeus demanded his destruction - but Alain couldn’t bring herself to do it. Again, Amos found himself at the mercy of the Perriñe Family. Part of the very thing that made him who he was? Turned into blue ring-shaped candies. Nine rings were scattered to the winds.

9 Years later…

Alain was doing well as Spirit Detective, begrudgingly tapping into family inheritance, she lived modestly. She was considering joining Legion as a detective. Asmodeus is wholly against this. The level of freedom and antics he can get away with, would reduce.

Alain hadn’t noticed the change in the air. Asmodeus shielded her from it. But he swore in a crowd, he saw - for the briefest moment, a familiar face.

He saw Amos smiling from a distance at them, gone as quick as he was there. Alain’s demon bristled as he caught an inkling of power inside of that smile. “What’s your problem?” She asked looking up from a stack of papers on her desk. “Nothin’, suga. You don’t worry your pretty head.” He flicked an amused grin. Alain rolled her eyes and went back to work. Asmodeus watched the people go by, his fingers tucked against his mouth.

He knew what she was capable of. He knew what Amos was capable of. Asmodeus would not be robbed again.

Asmodeus watched Alain work with a smile on his face. Amos would never guess that the final piece to this puzzle? Resided within the one thing, neither of them, had been able to attain.

Demon Information


For generations, he has dwelled within the Perriñe Family.

A parasitic demon of lust, responsible for twisting people's sexual desires. Their corruption started long ago and he enjoyed reaping the fruits they bore. Asmodeus fed heavily from the debauchery of the family's females. He would consume them completely, extending their life to enjoy the ripened energy. It was a ritual to bear females for him, this kept them well off and respected.

He's lived a thousand lifetimes, barely remember them with every demon he consumed. It wasn't until Kayin Perriñe that Asmodeus had finally found the perfect host. She was willing, sexually liberated and a sociopathic deviant. She could ensnare any man or woman to do as she pleased. Asmodeus had never been fed so well.

That all changed one day.

He felt sick and an emotion he wasn't familiar washed over him. fear. The hold his body had on this plane was disappearing? But, why?! Kayin was still young, in her prime even after the birth of a daughter. The matriarch rushed inside, with Asmodeus, where the family had gathered. There was blood, gore and body parts strewn across the floor.

And a demon, picking his teeth with her daughter's bones. Asmodeus, without a host, disappeared as a battle ensued. This battle was told among demons as a lesson. A tale of a particular demon that didn't know who he was dealing with. Anti-dominion tech ensured he was locked away for eons.

They locked Amos Savas away, for what should have been an eternity.

Asmodeus awoke one day, staring down into the bassinet where Kayin's daughter Alain slept. As she got older, he tried to sway her the way he had swayed the others. She wouldn't budge and he grew weak. He needed to find something else to draw from her. He remained quiet until she reached the apex of puberty.

Alain found out about the demon that killed her family - and set him free! Her naivety was a shortcoming. Amos used her. Amos charmed her heart. When she figured out Amos was using her? Alain furthered the curse, by splitting the remainder of his power between blue candy. They were scattered all over.

Her guilt at what could be considered family betrayal was a bit bitter at first. But, when she joined the Spirit Detectives? That guilt was delicious with every case that she couldn't solve. Every life she couldn't save. Asmodeus had found a different fuel.

He didn't expect that demon, years later, to start finding the remnants of his power.

But once again, Amos was taking interest in something that belonged to him.