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Étienne Blanchard

The Black Raccoon
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Primal Demon
Alex Pettyfer
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
He / Him / His
27 Years
He / Him / His
165,231 Years
CEO | Acedia Vice Lord | Professional Thief

Character Summary

  • Full Name // Étienne Lucién Blanchard
  • Pronunciation // Eh-tea-yen Bl-ahn-chard
  • Gender // XY Chromosomes
  • Nationality // French
  • Languages // French, English
  • Sexuality // Biromantic Homosexual
  • Relationship // Divorced; Single
  • Alignment // True Neutral
Étienne was born the first and only child to a very wealthy French couple. Together, they had created Blanchard Industries, an advanced technology and weapons manufacturer. From a young age he was very spoiled and entitled, raised as the future heir to his father's company. Unfortunately it wasn't long until his privileged life began to feel suffocating and boring, and as a result he turned to a life of crime to try and add “excitement” back to his life. He tried his hand at stealing from the wealthy — and he was good at it. Although his identity remained masked in mystery, many began to refer to him as “The Black Raccoon”, and it remains his alias to this very day. Étienne now finds himself in standing as Vice Lord of the Acedia Family, a dirty thief for hire. His double life remains hidden from the public eye, allowing him to remain as heir to his father's company during the day, and professional thief at night. He holds immense power, both in the public as well as in the criminal organizations, and he isn't afraid to use it — to abuse it.
Ascension to “The Rat”The Star // Tier I
+ Light, Animation, Pathfinding, Steam
Though people consider the rat not adorable, and it even makes its way into derogatory languages, it has characteristics of an animal with spirit, wit, alertness, delicacy, flexibility and vitality. The rat thieves for a living, and feels a scarcity of food, succour, and things needed for shelter. In that way, the rat struggles with privation.
Ascension to “The Brer Rabbit”The Fool // Tier I
+ Flight, Phasing, Dreams, Hallucinations
The brer rabbit is a trickster and a half. Idealistic and lighthearted, theirs is a topsy-turvy world of backwards logic. Oh please don’t throw them in that briar patch! [ You can now manipulate luck. Be careful — luck might manipulate back. You will now receive either -1, 0, or +1 marker on all rolls in admin events, decided by a three-sided dice roll ]
Ascension to “The Great Horned Owl”The Moon // Tier II
+ Shadows, Scrying, Reflections, Poison
The great horned owl is one of the largest of owls, and is a fearsome predator. They fly in near silence, and can hear the slightest sound from yards away. This is a reclusive being who finds an ally in the darkness. [ You now move in near silence, and have enhanced senses ]
Ascension to “The Mother Eagle”The Empress // Tier I
+ Superior Endurance, Earth, Plants, Water
The mother eagle is a ruler, not a caretaker. While they can be caring, most often it’s a care rooted in control. The mother eagle is a fierce protector who has their environment held tightly in their claw. Flashy, large and in charge, the mother eagle gets things done. [ You can now calm and cajole others, gaining the automatic trust of children and lost youth. You now gain +2 on all rolls when fighting to protect others ]
Ascension to “The Flag”The Hanged Man // Tier I
+ Scrying, Psychic, Empathy, Electricity
The flag is a symbol, whether flying bravely through the air or trampled burning into the mud. The flag is an example of what’s needed by a crowd, the body politic. To some, they are a martyr, propped up as a shining example. To some, they are a demon, a symptom of everything that is wrong. To far too few, they are just a scrap of colored cloth — a person, like any other. [ You can now protect others: you gain +1 on all dice rolls when fighting to or trying to protect someone. You can take some of another person’s pain, emotional, psychological, or physical, and pull it into yourself, thus relieving them of part of it. You can also take wounds from someone else and put them onto your body ]
  • PowerTelekinesis // Legendary
  • ControlWater + // Greater
  • ControlVision // Greater
  • ControlSound // Major
  • ControlDreams + // Minor
  • ControlHallucinations + // Minor
  • PowerInvisibility // Minor
  • ControlPhasing + // Minor
  • PowerShapeshifter // Minor
  • ControlFire // Lesser
  • ControlShadows + // Lesser
  • ControlSpr. Endurance + // Lesser
+ means augmented by an ascension
Types of Vision
[ Illusion Vision ] The ability to see through illusions
[ Infrared Vision ] The ability to see heat radiation
[ Invisibility Awareness ] The ability to see through invisibility
[ Night Vision ] The ability to see with little or no light
[ X-Ray Vision ] The ability to see through solid objects

Character In-Depth

Étienne is a man of fine breeding, and it most certainly shows in his appearance. He has the typical blue eyes, tousled blond hair (dyed, although he will never admit it) combination that so many appreciate — even if he cares little for the fact himself. He stands just under six feet tall, with a muscular body he's built up over the years to help with his art of theft. A quick look at him is enough to recognize he's still rather young, even though his current style makes him look much more mature than in years past. With a sharp, yet still slightly rounded jawline, he sports a carefully-trimmed beard that helps him fit the part of a more mature young adult. His daily wear consists mostly of dress shirts, ties, and suits, all of which are very expensive designer brands. Even though he couldn't care less about fashion, his life in the fast lane — so to speak — requires that he dress the part. It's not often that he can be seen without a suit, as it's almost a required form of dress as both heir and CEO to a company, as well as a mafia vice lord. Étienne also has the habit of carrying around a handgun with him, usually tucked into the back of his pants where he can easily access it if need be. The weapon is a customized Para P14-45, designed by his family's company and virtually untraceable due to the fact it was made rather illegally just for him — meaning, there's no way to trace the bullets back to his gun.
  • Height // 5 Feet 11 Inches
  • Skin// Peaches-and-Cream
  • Eyes // Steel grey-blue
  • Hair // Dirty Blond [ Dyed ]
  • Build // Muscular; in-shape
  • Tattoos // Currently none
  • Piercings // Currently none
  • Health // Healthy; no medical concerns
A life of wealth and privilege was what awaited Étienne the moment he was born, first son and only child to the wealthy couple of Blanchard Industries. He was spoiled from a young age, given anything he ever wanted with butlers and maids alike at his complete disposal. Yet as he grew older, Étienne couldn't help but feel his life of privilege was... boring. It was the same routine every day: train to be the heir to his father's fortune, no hardships or problems presented that he could not easily bypass. Although his skills in various trades grew exponentially under the tutelage of his tutors, he rarely had a reason to use any of them. Simply put — it was suffocating. This was the major factor that eventually led him into a life of crime, seeking an both an outlet as well as a cure for his boredom. A thrill-seeker, a life of crime gave him the adrenaline rush he craved.

Étienne always laughed at the rich that bragged about their wealth, about how great their lives were and the sheer amount of material possessions they owned. However, they simply had the wool pulled over their eyes to the struggles of those around them, and so Étienne decided he would give them trouble. It wasn't long until he realized he was good at theft and burglary, and it soon became an obsession for him to steal from the wealthy and famous. Breaking and entering — stealing someone's prized possessions — and making a getaway before he was caught finally, for once in his life, gave him the adrenaline rush he craved. It wasn't long until he made a name for himself, got recruited into Kairos, and made his way swiftly up the ranks. He reached the power position of captain, and once the Acedia's head disappeared, he ascended into the coveted position of vice lord.
There isn't much to say when it comes to Étienne's personality; he's rather out in the open about everything, so it doesn't take long to understand what sort of a person he is. He's rather blasé about most things in life, bored with anything that comes across as “stereotypical” or “cliché”. Because of this he's a thrill-seeker, always looking for that one thing that will get his adrenaline going and heart racing, no matter how dangerous it may be. He simply acts as if he is bored with everything around him and purposely will seek out new and exciting things that can give him a bit of reprieve from his bland existence. Étienne will always try everything at least once, and most certainly will not back down from any dare or threat — which has gotten him into difficult situations before, as he does not always think before he acts, which can make him a rather unpredictable individual.

However, no matter how much he is in denial of his birth, there will always be permanent traits of his personality that scream rich kid. He is arrogant and occasionally narcissistic, believing himself to be above the norm of other average humans — better, even, than demons as well. He's cruel towards those he deems unworthy of his trust or respect, and will blatantly call someone out on their flaws with little hesitation. He is quite obsessive of the things that happen to and around him, and always wants things to go his way. When things don't quite go his way, his temper can get hot very fast, and both verbal and physical violence isn't uncommon for him when angered. After his rise to vice lord, the power he held in Kairos eventually got to his head, and it's not uncommon for him to abuse his power when need be — especially when it's to help him stay in control of a situation.

Demon Information

  • Full Name // Glasgow
  • Pronunciation // Gl-ah-s-goh
  • Gender // Unknown
  • Nationality // Demon Dog
  • Languages // Evil Thoughts & Desires
  • Sexuality // Unknown
  • Relationship // Uninterested
  • Alignment // Chaotic Good
Glasgow, a name given to him by Étienne because of his jowls, which stretch back and twist upwards into a gruesome smirk, similar to the infamous Glasgow smile. Although his gender is unknown, his human attachment refers to him with masculine pronouns because — as Étienne so fondly says — it would feel wrong to refer to him as “it”. Glasgow is a demon dog, his body twisted and warped from over a hundred thousand years of life in both the demon and human realm. He is dark ashen in color, perfect to blend into the night and shadows, and while his face is shaped like a typical canine's, he is without eyes of any kind. Because of his primal state of mind, it's hard to understand what sort of history he had during his lifetime, but at least one thing has been made very apparent. Étienne is almost certain he used to be the demon of the famous Joan of Arc because of Glasgow's reactions whenever he hears mention of her name.
Glasgow is unable to speak for himself, so much about him is very unknown. In general he is a very loyal and possessive demon, protective of his human to the point of excessive aggression. He acts very much like a typical guard dog in this sense — very in tune with his human's emotions and able to quickly act should he sense danger or a threat to Étienne's safety. Even when not in danger, Glasgow is very aggressive towards others, disliking when humans or demons get too close to his human. Over the years, Étienne has assumed this territorial behaviour could have resulted from his demon's loss of Joan of Arc, whom he was unable to save from certain death.
From a first glance it's clear what sort of relationship the two share with one another. They truly are best friends, companions; two partners that cohabit the same body. There is a mutual respect between the two — Étienne would just as readily protect his demon as Glasgow would him. Glasgow is an old soul, a demon that has spent his time on earth sharing his life with hundreds of souls. Étienne has a respect for this fact, and is quite unwilling to lose whatever time he has left to spend with his demon. They are the epitome of what a human and demon relationship could be. Perhaps their main flaw could be the fact they rely on one another too much...