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Ulfric Rael

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Edgemoor OOC Information

I am Edgemoor, and I consider myself to be a very open and friendly individual. The only serious triggers I have are player disrespect and god moding. Anything else is fair game. I love gore, violence, sex, and deep character development. I love to challenge, and I love to be challenged in return. Don't be shy about contacting me for anything, whether it be about characters, site help, or life. I look forward to playing with you.

Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Jensen Ackles
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
He. Him, His
Specialist Operations Lieutenant - Monai

Character Summary

Sniper - Artillery expert - Professional Killer - Soldier - Ballistics Expert - Combat Instructor - Mercenary - Juggernaut - Bodyguard - Executioner

Ulfric is many things.

He is brooding and dark.

Deeply passionate.

Hungry for life, starving for challenge.

Protective and possessive.

There is a warmth to him, a foundation of will, that people gravitate to.

He is a wall of strength, a willing martyr for those who need to be saved.

He is a soldier, a mercenary, and a killer.

Ulfric is well traveled, but world weary.

He leads a life of rugged choices and makes decisions that mean life or death for those who don't even know his name.

There is a presence about him, a deep soulfulness.

He wears his heart on his sleeve despite the fact that every part of him is designed to intimidate.

He was born to kill, born to take life. Born to be judge, jury, and butcher.

Dominion 1


Mastery: Minor

Regeneration: The ability to regenerate lost limbs, organs, and cartilage on oneself.

Power Based: The greater loss you can regenerate (i.e. dependent on mastery levels, power based regeneration would allow you to regenerate bigger wounds like a severed arm, or stomped stomach).

Control Based: The more intricate of a loss you can regenerate (i.e. dependent on mastery levels, control based generation would allow you to regenerate even the smallest details in the body, such as stolen blood cells or chromosomes even).

Dominion 2


Mastery: Minor

Biomancy: The ability to manipulate living tissue; dependent on one’s intent, this skill can be used to harm or heal on a near molecular level.

Power Based: You can obstruct the healing process, natural or otherwise, as well as even send a healing process into reverse, deteriorating your victim slowly. Time and amount of contact you need to begin this process is based on your mastery level.

Control Based: You can speed up the healing process to close up minor wounds to mortal injuries (dependent on your mastery level). It is easier to locate vital organs that may be damaged. Time and amount of contact you need to begin this process is also based on your mastery level.

Dominion 3


Mastery: Minor

Invulnerability: To be invincible or immune to injury. This is not a passive ability; it must be activated before, or during the onset of an injury, and can only be used once before it has to recharge. Higher mastery users have a faster recharge period.

Power Based: The more powerful of a dominion attack you can remain invincible to, however you are not immune to injuries from accidents or natural causes.

Control Based: You have a greater chance of being immune to injuries caused by accidents or natural causes, however you are not invincible against dominion attacks.

Dominion 4

Superior Strength

Mastery: Proficient

Superior Strength: Increased strength. This dominion encompasses the temporary or full-time manipulation of muscles, though this may not have outward physical effects.

Power Based: You can lift or crush anything (at a high enough mastery), jump higher, but it only lasts for a temporary amount of time.

Control Based: You can remain strong for longer, at higher masteries indefinitely, but not do the same amazing short-term blasts of a power-based user of this dominion.

Dominion 5

Superior Endurance

Mastery: Major

Superior Endurance: Accelerated endurance. This dominion means you can endure greater pressure, deeper pain, greater strain both physical and emotional, and more dangerous situations than you normally would be able to. Can also run farther and do more laborious things without getting tired.

Power Based: Greater physical strain.

Control Based: Greater mental or emotional strain.

Dominion 6


Mastery: Lesser

Gravity: Ability to manipulate gravity, making things light enough to float or heavy enough to flatten.

Power Based: It's easier to make things heavier.

Control Based: It's easier to make things lighter.

Character In-Depth

What is there to say about a demon who gives so much of himself, yet takes so little?

How does one define the power of will strong enough to never truly fear what is deep inside?

Who draws the line between the choices between right and wrong? Black and white?

Ulfric came from a nurturing, attentive, and supportive family of demons who had been with a particular line of humans for millennia. They kept private records of their demons, which meant that the most important aspect of their lives were never forgotten when they returned.

As self sufficient as he was when he was born, they remained close to him as his guide, participating in the kind of parenthood most often seen in human families. He responded well to it at first, content to follow their lead. Destined, it seemed, to follow in their footsteps as peace keepers among demon kind.

But it was not to be.

Both of his parents were killed in a bloody and under the radar murder that turned Ulfric's kind heart to stone. The loss of 'self' that he experienced was both profound and very necessary for his growth. Now that he was alone and unsupported, he had no choice but to learn the hard lessons on his own rather than listening to someone who had already been through such things.

There were stumbles.

There were falls.

There were times, many of them, where he didn't feel like he could ever find the strength to get up again.

But get up he did. Because he had a job to do. And if he'd been taught anything by his parents, it was to push through whatever happened to be in his way, regardless of how big it was. And sometimes, pushing didn't always mean physically. In this case, he began to train and educate himself in everything his parents had made him avoid:



Melee weapons


Hand to hand combat

Anti dominion technology

Pressure points

Martial arts

Everything and anything that would give him the edge that he needed for when he finally found and confronted his parent's killer.

While on his journey toward becoming a soldier, executioner, and judge, he met a woman. Saracen. She was, and still is, the most beautiful and passionate demon he had ever met. His fall for her was instant, and she immediately became the center of his world. It was not, however, only her physical beauty that he was attracted to, but what she was on the inside as well. He had been taught to value the good within, and it was something he had never lost despite his quest for revenge. His need to kill his parent's murderers hadn't consumed everything that he was. And it never would.

For the next several centuries, they were inseparable. He wandered often, sometimes vanishing for days, weeks, or months at a time; but he always returned within a year. Never, however, did he tell her where he went or why. And always, too, he was with a human. His attachments to them made it easier for him to seek what he wanted most in this world, and rather than feed on their fear or their pain or their anger or their hatred...

Ulfric fed on their safety. He fed on the fact that they felt protected. He was their sanctuary. Their safe haven.

And it was that innate requirement of who he was that spelled his doom one day. She was there when his human was slaughtered, ripped apart. Caught between two feuding street gangs. The very last of her line. Everything burned. All the memoirs, all the notes. All the memories. Nothing was left.

He felt Saracen's arms around him, protecting him, as he began to fade from the world. For the very first time, he felt the very same thing he had been giving to his charges: When he faded from the world, there was a smile on his face. An expression of something much greater than joy.

His return to the world was shaky. Confusing. It was messy. Bizarre. Painful. He remembered almost nothing of what had come before; only the need to kill, to butcher, and the face of a woman who must be important remained. He struggled to find his place, choosing not to be with a human. Instead, he explored the great city alone, searching - eternally hunting - without knowing for what.

He was quiet, brutal. Aggressive. Difficult and stubborn, a beast without any apparent care for his own safety. He threw himself into battle as though nothing mattered, driven by something deep inside that he couldn't understand.

Demon Information