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Aki Kamo

i was in the darkness, so darkness i became
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Ruki (The Gazette)
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
"Artist" // Luxuria Captain

Character Summary

aloof lonely artistic misunderstood

secretive jealous loyal stubborn

Aki is a 5'2" misanthropic bibliophile with a fondness for history, superstition and culture. He has an utter disinterest in rules and regulations, and generally speaking, for the living. Humans are typically viewed by him as food and nothing more.

He likes cooking, though, and his favorite animals are tanuki. He also likes (and paints) gore and keeps a zombie 'doll' in his apartment, so you know...

A word of caution: Don't believe your eyes.
Someone whose primary association is with the moon is generally not someone expected to be easy to understand and Aki is no exception. At first brush, he is soft-spoken and unremarkable; he blends into a crowd, disappears, and is a face most people are likely to find easy to forget. This is how he likes it: he holds people at arm’s length intentionally and tries very hard to avoid making any kind of real connections, often to his own detriment (though he’s loathe to admit that). On the off-chance that he does encounter someone who remembers his face, he tends to be fidgety, uncomfortable and shy; he mumbles, he twitches, and he generally shies away from any kind of physical attention.

This is all because Aki is very insecure and very, very afraid of being abandoned. People he’s close to have a tendency to push him away… or tend to be pushed away by him; one way or the other. He’s had bad luck in the past with the handful of people he’s been close to and the loss of his brother made him shut down and build walls around his heart to avoid letting anyone close to him. He doesn’t want to get hurt again and will actively sabotage any kind of connections to avoid it. He’d rather be the one doing the leaving than be left again. And he’d rather be alone by his own choosing than by someone else’s design. But…

Deep down, Aki hates being alone. He hates that he has few people to him to confide in and he hates the idea of being completely forgotten. Perhaps his greatest phobia is the idea of disappearing completely, being erased, and these are things he tries his best to hide. Because of these fears, though, he is intensely clingy to the very few people he lets past his walls and lets get close to him. He is ridiculously loyal, downright puppy dog really, to the handful of people he trusts and he’d do just about anything for them so long as he knows they care about him. Periodic reinforcement is relatively important to him though, because he’s quick to jump to the conclusion of being forgotten. Add in that he’s really bad at staying in touch and you have a recipe for disaster. It doesn’t help that he’s prone to bouts of jealousy, either. He gets very worked up – quickly – when he thinks someone is replacing him and no amount of reassurance that he cannot be replaced is good enough for him. It’s just a bout of insecurity he has to work through on his own.

Aki’s primary hobbies include cooking (which he is frighteningly good at) and artistic interpretation. ‘Interpretation’ here means he does painting and photography, but almost all of them involve spectres, macabre sights, visions of the dead, corpses, or graveyards: dark things that most people find eerie to behold, which he finds beautiful. He greatly enjoys combining the two into photomanipulations, too, and has been known to sell some of his works online for a little extra cash. He’s decent at it but nothing to write home about. His real talents lie in his ability to freak people out, after all.

Because what’s scarier, in the end, than the night gone black?
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Dirty Surroundings
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Character In-Depth

real name
Aki Kamo, Tsuki
Kairos - Luxuria (Smuggling)
Jack-of-all-Trades (Captain)
Terror, Depression
Moons, Mirrors
Taken by Kura Hajimi
Demonic births are uncommon enough – but a demonic birth of twins was almost unheard of some seven thousand years previous, when the world was still changing and country borders were dramatically different. But sure enough – on the island of the rising sun, such an odd situation happened. A pair of twins were born, and they were called the Moon and the Sun, representing the time of the day in which they were born. Aki was the Moon and his brother was the Sun – and their childhood was a rough one.

Because they were born together, the Moon and the Sun were continually forced to compete by their parents. They were always at odds; which of you is the superior child, which of you deserves our attention, our affection? Demons are not known for love and their parents were no exception; the Moon and the Sun were forced against each other for everything from praise to actual food… and unfortunately for the Moon, he was the younger and weaker sibling, and his parents made sure to never let him forget it.

Time passed. Months turned into years turned into centuries and with that time came the changing of names and of identities. The Moon became Tsukuyomi, and the Sun, possessing a female body, became Amaterasu. The people of their island worshipped them as the coming of the day and the rising moon in the sky, and they were deified. Their parents moved on, forgetting they existed, but the competition between the siblings seemed to continue even into the humans who followed them devoutly. The moon was treated as mysterious – as strange – while the Sun was revered as the bringer of hope and of glory.

The Sun: always the brightest, always unwilling to share even a little shine in the darkest hours of night.

Was it any wonder that he became bitter? Was it any wonder that he began to resent being perpetually cast to darkness, with unsure looks and fear?

He secluded himself to the night; he hid away and, over time, legends wrought of blood-red moons that promised destruction with the turning of the waves. There were whispers that he had gone mad; that the keeper of secrets – the only light in the darkness – had withered. Mistrust bred fear, fear bred hate, and his brother shone ever brighter in the sky. Men loathed the night but loved the day, and with it, they appreciated the sun more than the moon. They always appreciated the sun more than the moon. And slowly, with time, he began to hate them for it… and he also began to hate his brother for always, without fail, having to win. For always having to be the most brilliant of all the stars in the sky.

Eventually, he reached a breaking point. He lost his temper on a visit to his brother and ended up killing him – or, rather, his human host – in a fit of rage. Being a demon, all it did was delay his brother, forcing him to pick a new host instead of his well-loved human female body, of course…

… but that did not stop the Sun from holding it against him. No, as soon as his brother managed to form a body of his own, he hunted him down and cursed him. Across his body scrawled the tales of his jealousy and of his anger – of his misplaced temper and his bitterness. For someone who was built to hold secrets, having them on display for all to see was the greatest and most horrible of shames, but it paled in comparison to his brother shunning him away. He was unwelcome to visit; he was unwelcome to talk to him. He was unwanted.

Humans immortalized the tale of Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu’s falling out as a story to explain the separation of night and day… and while they were right about the separation, they were wrong about the reasons.

Time passed. Aki changed his name, first to Kamo no Aki (Aki of the Kamo Clan) and then later to just Kamo Aki – or Aki Kamo – depending on where he happened to be living. He formed a human body that managed to hide the marks his brother left on him, and he hid away his identity from all who knew him. Aki Kamo had the reputation of being a sorcerer and a necromancer – power over death – with no association with the moon and that was exactly how he liked it. Because as centuries drove on and on… he and his brother stayed estranged and the separation… hurt. It hurt that they were not able to talk; that his brother did not forgive him. It hurt worse when he found out that his brother adopted the same family name and a human name quite similar to his as well… almost as if to acknowledge, but still refusing to bridge the distance.

Staying in Japan eventually became too painful; too many memories, knowing his brother was still there somewhere and simply avoiding him. After centuries, Aki left the island and moved to the City. It was an unusual change of pace for someone like him and instead of living off the fortune he amassed while being worshipped, he took a job as a macabre artist creating dark and somewhat questionable pieces – both photography and paintings alike. But … that was not his main job.

Because not long after he came to the city, one of the representatives of Luxuria discovered his particular knack for creating hallucinations and for raising the dead, and after a lengthy ‘interview’ process, he ended up … as a professional ‘collector’ for the family.

Translation: Your bill’s come due, son. Best pay up or end up in the dust~

Demon Information

Once (and in some places still) worshipped as a moon deity, Aki’s real name is Tsukuyomi. He is largely associated with mirrors and the moon and these are things most prevalent on his true form, which looks a great deal different from the form he primarily assumes when interacting with human beings. His natural form has dark grey skin, just two shades off of black, with haunting bright blue eyes like ice. However, distinctly, he has two pupils, the outer of which always seems to reflect the phases of the moon. His skin is lined with dark tattoos featuring symbols and kanji and if someone got him down to read it, it would tell quite the story of betrayal and treachery – but it is unlikely anyone will get close enough to his natural form to find out.

The insides of his arms are lined with broken mirror pieces that tend to be manipulated by his hallucinations dominion at all times – reflecting people’s worst fears in them at any given time. Because of this, he can be quite eerie to look at… which is kind of the point, since his natural form is a flavor of onryo; he is very much a malevolent spirit, favoring feeding on fear and other negative emotions over positive ones. Terror is his favorite, but discomfort, unhappiness – all of these are things that he feeds on well, since they are emotions that are near-and-dear to him for the last few millennia.

All of Aki’s powers are stronger in his natural form – but it is rare that he ever assumes it, as he finds it difficult to change back. He has been using this particular human form for approximately five centuries.

☾ silver ☾ mirrors ☾ moonlight ☽ darkness ☽ death ☽