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Koay Akemu

"Anger is what keeps me going, anger keeps me awake."
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Willy Monfret
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age

Character Summary

Anger brings this man to life. Nothing else works. Pain brings anger, and anger brings pain. He is prone to flashbacks of happier times; especially when faced with someone from those times. He is the result of years of abuse; mental, physical and emotional. He is created from a twisted need to keep his sister safe; to find his brother...

Koay is a very driven man; one who does not give up on anything until he's either ended it the way he wanted, or destroyed it. He does not share; he does not see the value in sharing. Everything about him is harsh and rough--and his temper is off the hook.

He's definitely a 'shoot first, ask questions later' sort of man.
Dominion 1
Mastery: Minor
The ability to perfectly mimic watched actions or even dominions. Only higher levels of mimicry can bring true 100% mimicry and even enhancement of mimicked dominions. **Characters can mimic things they watch online/on television, if said things are in the realm of possibility (i.e. they can’t grow wings because they watched Lady Pegasus do it in Adventureland).
Power Based: The more watched actions you can mimic at once. If you watch someone successfully jump from one building to another, and then triple backflip to the ground to land without getting hurt, it’d be easier for you to perfectly mimic all these actions in a mere second. On higher levels of mastery, you could also be dodging bullets matrix style while doing all the above (given you’ve seen “The Matrix” of course).

Dominion 2
Mastery: Minor
The ability to move through solid or semi-solid objects as if they weren’t there.
Power Based: Movement through thicker and more difficult objects.

Dominion 3
Mastery: Lesser
Ability to find places, people, or objects over a certain distance, regardless of whether these things or people are obscured or hidden.
Control Based: You can follow more intricate paths and find people hidden under the deepest magical obstacles, however your senses get muddled at greater distances.

Dominion 4
Mastery: Lesser
The ability to create, manipulate, strengthen, dilute, and cure poisons.
Control Based: The more specific the effects of the poisons can be.

Dominion 5
Mastery: Lesser
The creation, manipulation and growth of plants.
Power Based: The higher quantity of plants you can grow, the bigger those plants grow to.

Dominion 6
Mastery: Minor
To be invincible or immune to injury. This is not a passive ability; it must be activated before, or during the onset of an injury, and can only be used once before it has to recharge. Higher mastery users have a faster recharge period.
Control Based: You have a greater chance of being immune to injuries caused by accidents or natural causes, however you are not invincible against dominion attacks.

Character In-Depth

Koay, Kilikina, and Kua; three babies who took their mothers' life upon their births. Koay was first, Kilikina second, and Koa third. They were born in quick succession, before the great Goddess Pele took their mother from them; blood flowed as red as the Ohia trees blossoms, and as hot as lava.

The father was blessed, at first. A boy and a girl! However, the third boy boded a problem; though the third child regardless of gender was an issue. A curse to the father's family. Every generation had a set of triplets; and throughout the generations, the Akemu family typically killed the third baby upon it's birth; a way to keep Pele from spitting lava. However, the father could not bring himself to do this.

And that is why, Koay and Kilikina grew up with their younger brother, Kua. As these three grew, their father would often get drunk and abuse Koay or Kua--he could never keep up with which brother was who, and so both of them were abused. However, Koay would often try to take the most abuse--he wanted to keep his little brother and sister safe. That's all he ever wanted to do, after all.

During one such bout of abuse, around the age of two, Koay heard his demon speak. She spoke in a calm, soft voice. She was a soothing creature during the abuse; however as Koay grew, this creature would help him to thrive; often catering to his darkest desires.

For such a noble child, Koay grew up hard, and he grew up fast. Life never stopped moving for him. As the triplets hit their teenage years, they all learned life would never be easy; they were only fourteen when their father died under mysterious circumstances. How? Nobody knew--but the triplets; they knew. Siblings in blood, partners in murder.

Their father had been beating Kilikina, who instead of being the perfect victim, fought back. She was screaming for her brothers', and the two were quick to react. They'd talked about this--teaching their father that they were not going to be victims anymore. However, Kua's crowbar connected to their father's face, shattering his nose, and Koay's connected to his chest with a solid thud. It was not until Kilikina's cry, that the brothers' realized what they had done.

Kilikina broke, really. She had never wanted murder. Kua and Koay took care of the clean-up, however, Pele seemed to be satisfied, for in their favor, a nearby volcano would erupt. The triplets fled their family home; covered in blood and tears, as lava engulfed the only home they had ever known.

When they turned sixteen, they were still legal wards of the state. They'd been orphaned for two years, now. This is when Ettie came blazing into Koay's life. Though before Ettie met Koay, he met Kilikina. And then he met Koay. However their first meeting was under the premise of a threat; and that was all it was. When Ettie found Kua, already enraptured by the man, he attempted to rebound onto him only to find out that the boy was straight. That is when Kua brought it to his attention that he knew for a fact his brother had bisexual leans. And preferred men.

Ettie and Koay were this quick-paced, this defying logic pairing. Koay first agreed to meet Ettie when Kua told him about the boy's leanings--and he originally only did it for the sex. However, that never happened. Instead Koay fell hard--he fell hard and fast. Everything with the boy was fast, though, so that was no surprise. However, things stalled when it came to sex--Koay didn't want to take Ettie's virginity; mainly because he was not sure if he could live with the guilt of using Ettie.

After Ettie went home, left Hawaii behind, Koay was a dark, dark cloud of anger. Kua had taken off, leaving the island behind, and Kilikina was chasing after some hooligan, who was not good to her. Koay stayed only to make sure Kilikina was taken care of.

By the time the triplets had turned twenty, they had heard tell that their brother was rich--and had made his way to some city or another. Neither of them paid much mind, as Kilikina was rounding upon four months pregnant, and Koay had just finished school--he had gotten a bachelor's degree in computer science. He had been planning to make a career out of it; but things were not looking up.

Kilikina's pimp was after them after Koay beat the man into submission one night, having come home to find the male harming his sister. This sent the two of them on the run; they sought out Kua--however they were unable to find him. So they continued to run; because Kilikina's pimp was not stopping.

By the time they finally left Hawaii, they were twenty-two. Koay was raising a bright young boy, by the name of Okinou. The boy had no idea that his mother was Kilikina, who had fallen off the deep end after his birth. She was unstable, a constant threat, but Koay kept her around. It was his duty.

During this time, a rash of murders erupted across the coast of California, which is where the Akemu's had ended up. The pimp was included in that series of deaths; and though they were poor and living off what Koay managed to steal, Koay looks back on this time as the happiest of his life; because really? He's never been happy--except that one time.

They were twenty-five, and Okinou was almost seven, when the small trio found their way into the City. The place was strange; but it provided everything they needed; at least, Kilikina thought so--because she didn't want to leave like her brother wanted.

So they stayed. So far, there have been no deaths--though who knows how long Koay will keep his temper under control?

Demon Information

Her name was Pele. At least, that's what she told Koay the first time she spoke to him. She went on to explain to him that over the years, she had adopted that name--simply for the fact she liked the name. She told him she had seen so many lives; and that she had never liked a single host--though that was a lie.

Pele had once fallen for a host; she had loved her. However, it simply could not be. And Pele, much like the Hawaiian legend of the Ohia plant, kept her favorite host and the man that loved said host apart. Of course, she had to go to a new host after that; and nobody had ever been good enough since then. But she takes great comfort in the fact her host and the lover never got to be together.

Towards Koay, she is motherly to an extent. However she dislikes his temper; and is extremely displeased when he decides it's appropriate to go off and kill someone. She often tries to reign his temper in; and will often chide as if she is his conscience.