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Kura Hajimi

I'll never recover, I'll never be the same.
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Primal Demon
Yuuji Kamijou
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Doctor: Hematologist

Character Summary

Intelligent Engaging collected Quiet romantic prepared careful Mistrusting Easy-going Talented

Liking to hide behind glasses has not really worked out for the blond but that hasn't stopped Kura from trying. While being attractive, and knowing he mildly is, he doesn't feel like he is. Standing at 5'7 he's not an exceptionally imposing or tall figure. If asked he would say that his best feature was his brain – and no one can see that. It doesn't help his appearance factor. In a scale he would probably give himself a solid six. The job factors into attractiveness and there will always be a need for doctors. Even if he were to abandon his preferred field he could make a decent living elsewhere.

The D, in this case, comes with a PH in front of it – part of why he enjoys the glasses. Kura has a penchant for dressing for the occasion. It's important to him to fit into the situation, to match it, rather than to stand out. This fact makes it difficult to notice him sometimes. Upon noticing him, engaging him, he can be friendly but he rarely starts the conversation. He rarely seeks people out on his own despite having a generally good rapport with those he interacts with.

Or at least....until the demon gets uppity. If denied the sight of blood long enough, the presence of it, Kura's behavior changes. He becomes more irritable, lashes out, and his sadism increases. Needless to say he tries to keep a check on it. No one wants to accidentally commit homicide because their demon didn't get to see blood elsewhere. Oops.
Tier 2

The journeyman has excelled to reach the heights they have met. Through hard work, self-confidence and perseverance, and no small amount of skill, the journeyman has put their resourcefulness to work for them. They planned for the future and attacked every day with a schema of what they wanted to get done. None of the Journeyman’s achievements are mere chance. You are now unusually successful when invested in a project. You can now cause minor illness in yourself and others.

Technopathy, Magnetism, Alchemy, Psychic, & Biomancy





Superior Speed

Superior Strength


Character In-Depth

you're such a hard act for me to follow
Hozue Hajimi was a sheltered girl in a very small village in Japan. From an early age she was set aside for her looks by the elders of the village, of the clan, to go to someone that they could use. It was an old family, controlling, and while she was younger she didn't mind. As she got older the idea of being a marriage for power, trapped to someone she didn't want, became unbearable. She wanted to be free. Leaving the village was not an easy thing. It was isolated, cut off, and refusing to come forward into the times.

To get out she had to make a deal with an enemy. Part of the deal involved getting pregnant because it was the only way he would trust that she meant she wanted to leave and the only way she could trust him not to hurt her if she accepted his help. In the end it left her pregnant, running away from her family, with nothing to show for it. She managed to make it to more populated areas, on the run, and gave birth to her son in this limbo of running.

Harder to run with a baby and she considered giving him up several times without doing it. She worked odd jobs, took whatever hands up she could get, and eventually came to fall in love with an American soldier. Despite the presence of her bastard child he wanted her as well and they married so she could come home with him.

By this time Kura was four years old. There were things he remembered about the trip home, sights and sounds, but his memory of Japan in that time are impressions at best. He doesn't tend to find the place home-y. He finds it distasteful, for some reason, and visiting is something that he prefers not to have to. He will but it's clear the place makes him uneasy.

His demon, a wordless presence hanging over him, never really got in the way of what he wanted to do when he was a child. He found himself lingering at the edges of fights if blood was spilled, watching blood pour from his own wounds if he was hurt, and realized that there was a fascination he himself didn't exactly feel.

It was like a hand of pressure on his thoughts that directed him to watch, to look, to savor blood. Not understanding why he took to researching as he got older, looking into his particular demon, and found that once his demon had been civil with a presence of mind. It could converse in the past. The best he could come up with was that somewhere in the past it had taken control of someone who was a hemophiliac or revered blood. It had not come out one hundred percent from the experience. More it was slightly crazy from it. Being inside him seemed to provide some measure of control, some reining in, thankfully.

His school days started badly, because of his heritage and the place, but as he got older and better looking the other kids started leaving him alone. The girls couldn't flirt with a pariah, after all. The last couple of years were easy enough and he went into the medical field. It allowed him a career that put him close to blood, a fact that his demon needed not to lose its mind, and eventually he went into Hematology as a focus.

Specifically he found himself drawn to the rare blood diseases that no amount of dominion healing could touch. Most of them were genetic, passed through the human side, which was endlessly fascinating. More so fascinating was that after being exposed to a particularly nasty one on accident he did not contract it. His demon protected him or his genetics did – it was hard to know which at first. It's a question he's still trying to put together.

Secondary to his primary goal, though, which is the study of those rarities.

Unclear Guidelines
French Food
Dressing to the 9s
Emotional Outbursts

I really wanna dance the night away
Kura's childhood was as an unwanted thing. He reminded his mother of her past, the village she sold herself to get away from, and to his step-father he was an attachment to the time before him. Frank was never rough with Kura, never raised his voice, but it was cold indifference just the same. Live or die and no one would notice. Often times they would leave him behind for weeks at a time with an ailing grandmother. She was the one saving grace of his childhood because when she was younger she wanted more children.

She could never reach an agreement with her demon to allow her to – so Kura's arrival was like a late in life child appearing. She doted and spoiled him. When they were alone at first all he felt was lost, abandoned, but for a while that went away. At least until he turned nineteen and she died. Alone again, his parents away experiencing the world, he buried himself in school work. In college at the time he took a week off, drank himself into a stupor and possibly went on a killing spree, and then he went back at it with a vengeance.

He's been alone since then. His parents are still alive but they're estranged. He has nothing to do with them, doesn't send them cards, and when they call he's nothing but polite. To him the one person that gave a damn about him is gone – why care what his ailing mother wants? If she expects him to care for her in her old age she's going to be mistaken. He'd probably pay for a semi-decent nursing home, though.

Because of these things Kura's introverted and often has trouble engaging people for more than small talk. He tends to follow his own goals and see where it gets him. When it comes to his demon he tries to keep a steady supply of blood around. When the work and violent movies do nothing to sate its appetite he takes extreme measures. He's found that for some reason the beast enjoys vampirism. The more he mimics that kind of behavior the quieter it gets – the more alone it leaves him.

Alone is better than waking up to almost exsanguinated bodies.

Demon Information

Once upon a time Argylum was your average demon. Somewhere along the lines, though, he got himself in a spot of bother. The human that he inhabited was a hemophiliac and thoughts about blood, usually worry, were a big part of every day since it was a rare form of hemophilia that could not be cured by the presence of the demon – a rare genetic blood disorder. The human underwent testing at a secret facility, maybe run by the government maybe not who knew, and the demon was trapped inside him during it.

Together they went through rigorous poking, prodding, isolation, and all the to-do list toppers for how to make someone crazy. When the human eventually bled to death the demon had already lost its mind. Once civil it had become primal, obsessed with blood, and not entirely sane. Jumping to a new human was energy consuming, hard to do, and a last ditch effort to keep from losing all semblance of humanoid intelligence.

It only worked slightly. As a child Kura did not have the capacity to hurt people. As he got older his nature and temperament helped Argylum from becoming ravenous – a monster that only consumed (but only just). He's fought hard, in his own way, to keep Kura alive because of this. The beast doesn't want to be a beast, as it were. Well, the beast doesn't want to be a beast with no decision making skills or reasoning.

When in his true form Argylum is six foot four inches tall with skin the color of cream, off-white. The crown of his head is woven upwards, like a headdress, and the insides of it glow with an angry red tone like blood. The writing on his body appears to be Aramaic, mostly, and can be translated into the story of a thousand debaucheries visited upon mortals. In rare spots you can almost divine the future in the writings, as if the demon peered into the future and tried desperately to scribble some down before he lost sight of it.

He influences Kura in a desire for blood in all its forms. Some of them are not malicious and he does not seem to need someone to die to feel sated. Simply seeing someone bleed, an exceptionally violent movie, or drops of blood on a slide can quiet him – except in extreme situations. Sometimes he does get triggered, set off, and he'll put pressure on the human's desire to hurt people. Sadism is an easy outlet to make blood flow. Blood is life. It should flow freely.