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Eden OOC Information

An amalgamation of idiosyncrasies - ya boy is the right kind of crazy. Feel free to PM me for any plot ideas you might have, I'm open to most things. DISCLAIMER: MOST images are from google, codes tweaked and modified from various places on the interwebs, but all pic/gif edits are mine. Please don't steal unless given express permission. KThanx BAI!

Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Lee Min Ho
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Online Model & Web Comic Artist

Character Summary


jeon minjae NICKNAME » levi, damien, jay, min, the black wolf AGE » twenty-six SEXUALITY » heterosexual MARITAL STATUS » single LIKES »
• Food - specifically Asian & Mediterranean cuisine
• Anime & Manga
• Music
• Drawing
• Clothes
• Movies
• Festivals
• Books - murder mysteries in particular
• Rice Wine
• Video games
• Visual Novels
• Vaping
• Hypocrites
• Liars
• Smoking (because he's trying to quit)
• People who cheat (in video games and in relationships)
• Control freaks
• Ridiculous impulsivity (aka Asmodeus from time to time)
• Radicals of any nature
• Bad Roleplayers/Writers
• Repetitive Grammatical Errors
• Static Characters
• Country Music
• People who don't understand the concept of "no"
• Twicrap & any other novels along those genres
the good

Mouthy but easy on the eyes, Minjae Jeon has never been one to pull punches when it comes to saying what he thinks. After one of his closest friends died when he was fifteen, he has developed into a little bit of a firecracker - spontaneous and without an accurate prediction of when he is going to blow. This is not to be confused with anything remotely resembling with being Bi-polar. In fact, Minjae couldn't be far from it. There are just certain "triggers" that he cannot stand and being the person that he is, he will not hesitate to go off on a person when they are successfully pissing him off.

Minjae is hard working when he puts his mind to it and loves to play video games, works on his webcomic, and street races on his off days (or when he feels like it). He is fairly easy to get along with and more on the popular side than anything. He's a true party boy when he is being social and everyone knows it. He can make everyone laugh, either by setting someone up as the butt of the joke or being the butt of the joke himself. So long as the atmosphere is fun, lively, and everyone is having a good time, what does it matter?

the bad

But of course he isn't always so happy and those are the moments when people learn best just to stay clear of him for a few hours until he cools down some. When Minjae blows his top, it is like the unforgiving wrath of a hurricane. But while it is swift and without prejudice, Minjae's fury dies down just as fast as it came. Once he's made his point, and gotten whatever he has weighing down on his chest, Minjae rolls back over as if everything is right with the world and presses on with more fun things in life to enjoy.

Mouthy as hell, Minjae could make a sailor blush with the filth that comes from his lips. But that is only when he is pissed off enough, which is rare. Otherwise you get the regular dosage of sailor swearing. But it didn't matter. Minjae tells it like it is and doesn't beat around the bush. There's no point. If his image as a designer had to mirror his image in his personal life, then he'd rather be true to himself every single time. If his fans could accept this part of himself, then that was all that mattered. They help fulfill him as a model, gamer and artist and continue to help identify him as the person he is. Everyone else in the socialite world could just go jump off a balcony for all he cared. He wasn't here to please anyone and he didn't expect the same kind of treatment from anyone else.

the heartache

Beneath the rough exterior, Minjae has a sort of gentleness deep inside of him. But because of what he is obligated to do and maintaining his family's honor, the gentle side is also rarely seen and difficult to bring out. He feels that gentleness is a sign of weakness. Minjae will probably always feel this way, unless something or someone manages to change his heart. Until then, he will always remain organized, focused, and all about the battle ahead of him - be they in real life or on the computer screen.

Having been spurned too many times in relationships from the past (namely his ex-fiancé on a repeated basis), Minjae tends to shy away from them if they ever crop up. While he enjoys making new friends, he will always feel reserved in regards to intimate relationships that go beyond the casual means. One wouldn't really say that he has a phobia of commitment as it is apprehension towards it.

the truth

At the end of the day, Minjae enjoys a straight shot of whiskey, some easy music playing in the background as he reads a book or does some drawing. He isn't much in regards to his musical talent, but he can at least croon a few toons to swoon a few willing ladies into his bed at night. Everyone loved the creative and artistic bad boy that he is. Keeping up with this image, Minjae often skips town in the middle of a deadline or right when a book/modeling gig has been completed, giving his free-agent and fellow co-workers complete hell when it was all said and done. Having a nasty habit of falling off the grid, Minjae only shows himself when he's good and ready.

You don't go looking for Minjae Jeon. He comes looking for you.

the chariot - tier ii - "the gladiator"
The gladiator is a specialized fighter, well-trained and as of yet undefeated. They can be arrogant fighters, though that arrogance is well-earned. They are the type to toy with their enemies, and sportsmanship generally isn’t in their vocabulary.

You feel new possibilities within you. You can now manifest two weapons at will, whether or not you’re in ascension form. These must be two different types of weapons, and you are limited to the same type of weapon every time you summon it. If the first time you summon your second weapon, it’s a hunting knife, it will always be a hunting knife. You can also create barriers of hard light. The dominions fire, blood, combustion, and poison are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.

Weapon One: "Twinkle" | Weapon Two: "Jackel"


Major Control


Major Power


Proficient Control


Legendary Control


Proficient Control


Minor Power

Character In-Depth

Minjae Jeon

a l i a s e s
Modeling Handle: Damien
Online/Web Comic Pseudonym: Levi
Casual: Min or Jay
a f f i l i a t i o n
• Human with Civil Demon
• Currently Unaffiliated
• Former Head & Founder of The Black Moons gang in Itaewon, South Korea
s e x u a l i t y
• Heterosexual
s t r e n g t h s
• Stubborn
• Open-minded
• Creative
• Sensitive
• Sociable (but only when he feels like it)
• Honesty
• Extremely Loyal (where it counts)
a g e
True Age: 26
Birthday: December 11th
o c c u p a t i o n
• Online Model
• Web Comic Artist [ TRANSCENDENCE ]
p h o b i a s
Athazagoraphobia - fear of being forgotten, ignored or abandoned
Mazeaphobia - fear of being lost
w e a k n e s s e s
• Lays potato chips & jalapeno cheddar dip
• French Vanilla & Hazelnut Coffee
• Nutella & Waffles
• Anything & everything Final Fantasy/Shin Megami Tensei related
• Naps
• Asian food
• Computer games
• Electronic cigarettes - they will be his undoing

b a c k g r o u n d - c h e c k

Born in Kunsan, South Korea to Minki Jeon and Valerie Jeon neé Dodds in the winter, Minjae is the only son of the proud and "noble" local mafia thanks to his father's ties to it. His father, the head of the "Silver Snakes" gang, was starting to branch out toward Itaewon - the city where they eventually moved to. However, being a half-Korean didn't exactly make life easy for Minjae either. His demon, Asmodeus, knew this as well and he utilized his resentment and anger to fuel his desires as years eased on by.

Growing up surrounded by the ins and outs of gangster life, Minjae was immediately thrown into a world of chaos - a life that his demon relished in. Always being hounded by his father's ever dominating shadow, Minjae strove and longed for his own place in the sun outside of Minki's canopy. He would have his moment in the sun. He wanted to be freed from the shackles that bound him to the Jeon name - the name that gave him respect strictly because of the things his father had done. Not because of what Minjae had done.

He was going to remedy that.

As soon as he was old enough to swing his fist and keep from falling on his ass, the true chaos began. Thanks to Asmodeus's influence, Minjae was getting into brawl after brawl, attempting to prove his manhood every chance he got. He wouldn't be defeated. Battle after bloody battle ensued until his father had had enough. At the age of twelve, Minjae was sent overseas to America to "relax and de-stress" from the tumultuous life he was leading back home in Itaewon. The smaller the town, the better. But not too small, or else his son wouldn't truly be able to relax. He would, instead, implode. Salinas Valley was the place.

It was here that Minjae first met a fiery Hispanic girl by the name of Claudia Munez. The friendship that blossomed from this all was started by a seed of violence - extreme violence. It is unclear as to what had started the argument, who had swung first, and for how long the fight had gone on. But it is clear that both knocked each other flat and in a bloody mess - both going unconscious at the same time. Minjae had so much respect for Claudia after that that he decided to keep tabs on her while he was in America. He even frequented her house on a regular basis, feeling the need to protect her from the harsh reality that surrounded her neighborhood like some disease lingering in the air: prejudice, anger, violence, drugs, crime...the list went on and on until Minjae eventually lost track. These sorts of elements circulated around his home back in Itaewon, but never to a degree this anarachical. After all, at least with the Silver Snakes, there was a degree of control and fear that held the followers - and others - at bay. None of this madness that waged on in the streets like this.

Minjae stayed and protected Claudia and her family until he was summoned back to South Korea by his father. His experience in Salinas Valley would have forever changed him. He wouldn't realize just how much until he would finally get his chance to stand out in the sun on his own merit - the insatiable cajoling from his demon fueling this drive even further to its peak.

...three years and twenty four high schools later...

Jeon Minjae, nicknamed "The Black Wolf," had overtaken every single local high school with a notorious reputation of delinquency and thugs in the city. His final destination, the school that would determine his worth, was Red Dragon All Boys High School. It was the school that his father had attended and the one school that his father could not conquer. Minjae would claim Red Dragon for his own title - his own trophy - and no longer would he be under his father's shadow. He held no prisoners. He attacked students, teachers, even staff who were just cleaning and minding their own business. From top to bottom Red Dragon High would be his.

Unfortunately, his father caught wind of this and Minjae was immediately pulled out of Red Dragon High before he could fully conquer it. His father put him on a plane back to America faster than he could blink. Though he was furious at first, Minjae eventually got over it. He was heading back to Salinas Valley and placed in the local public high school. It didn't last. He got suspended so many times that they eventually sent Minjae to Alternative School...

...where he met Claudia once again.

Something happened at home with Claudia, though she never specified what. They would be out of Alternative school in a few short months and both attending Evergreen High. During her time in the confines of the Alternative School, she had managed to take her tests and scored outrageously...enough to gain her a fabulous Academic scholarship. Minjae would have no problem. He was ridiculously loaded with money, and as much as the "thugs" of the current school amused him, he wanted to see new sights with Claudia.

The two were enrolled at Evergreen where they were greeted with Minjae's old acquaintance, Shinji Amano, and a new one by the name of Valerie Benson. Long story short...they all hit it off well and had been together ever since. Minjae hadn't looked back on his decision to go back to conquer Red Dragon High, but he hasn't given up on it yet either.

One day. Just one day...he would bide his time until he would go back and conquer that school and bask in his sunlight. Besides, Claudia had her own issues and he needed to be there for her and their friends. In a school like Evergreen where the rich and the elite ran things, as well as the other juvenile delinquents claiming to be a school gang, it was hard for a person of Claudia's social standing to get by. They all needed to support her and be strong...for her sake. Otherwise she'd go off the deep end for real...and forever.

School went by in a blaze and Minjae had earned his reputation as "The Black Wolf" there in the States as well. He and Claudia had grown closer and he'd asked her out during their senior year. At the conclusion of their school year, he asked her to marry him and she readily accepted. He was already making plans to move back to Korea where he would be attending Seoul University to become a film and design student.

However, because of financial constraints and Claudia falling into the wrong crowd while Minjae was away taking care of paperwork for school and Claudia's visa, she was unable to leave the country. Additionally, her brother had been suspected of committing a violent crime and as a direct blood relation, she was also tied in with the investigation. Minjae's school visa in the U.S. was running out and he had to go back home. He still had to take down Red Dragon High as his own graduation present to himself.

Perhaps it was because of all the fights he'd gotten into while living both in Korea and the U.S., but defeating the school from top to bottom had proved less of a challenge than he had initially believed. Or maybe it was because he had gotten into more brawls than even his father could have imagined possible. He was finally out of his father's shadow. But shortly after he had defeated the school, he'd received a pretty awful email from Claudia, stating that they should just break up and forget about each other for a while. That time would heal the wounds that they were bringing upon each other.

It only fueled his anger.

Shortly after the beginning of the first term at Seoul University, Minjae formed "The Black Moon" gang. They were all a band of misfits, coming from broken homes while the only one in the group with a decent bit of bread and butter (aside from Minjae), was a young boy named Taemin - nicknamed "Echo" - who didn't have ties to gang circles like Minjae. In fact, he came from a conglomerate family and pretty much shouldn't have had any business running around with people like Minjae. But he would let him do what he wanted. Because Minjae gave no fucks.

College seemed almost like a breeze to Minjae. He passed with flying colors and after getting too many screaming phone calls from his mother threatening to pull him out of school, he disbanded the group and pretty much told them to get their shit together. However, Taemin felt like he had to keep the group together and Minjae said they could do whatever the hell they wanted. He was out. He was done. The old memories of being with Claudia and the others back in the States were starting to bother him.

It didn't take him long to get himself established - deciding that he was too lazy to venture out and get a job. Instead, he opted to work from home, doing his design and artwork from his computer. There, he didn't have to deal with his family nagging and could proceed to travel when ever and however he wished. And travel he did. It didn't take him long to circle back to his home country and to fully indulge himself doing so.

Three years came and went before he'd even realized what had happened. Where had all the time gone? And what, pray tell, kind of trouble would the Black Wolf get into now?

Demon Information

the fun is just getting started
The wo-world is my punchin' bag and
If I'm garbage, you're a bunch of maggots
Make that face, go on, scrunch it up at me
Show me the target so I can lunge and attack it
Like a, raah, raah, like a dungeon dragon
roman's revenge - nicki minaj feat. eminem

"Limits? What are those? My appetite is insatiable, Kid."

Asmodeus is a demon among demons. He knows what he wants, and be damned if he doesn't get what he wants right then and there. Though not above playing the waiting game, he isn't fond of waiting too long. Not for something that he felt was rightfully his anyway. Asmodeus, while not overly thrilled with responsibility (at least the tedious kind), will put his whole heart into any task given to him by Minjae without question. Whether this is out of loyalty or simply because Minjae rewards him by letting him do as he pleases is left up for debate.

He is unpredictable. As such, most find him a little bit dangerous. But it is this same danger that can't help but draw people to Asmodeus. Though he usually prefers to stay in his bestial form, he will, on occasion, take on a humanistic guise. In beast form, he is nine feet tall on all fours - resembling a crimson and black wolf with large white claws and blood red eyes. As a humanoid, he is tall, slender with pale skin, tattoos and piercings on his body - a chronic smoker in reflection to Minjae attempting to quit the bad habit. For a demon, his appearance is unusual, but not in the sort of fashion that would chase others away from him. He utilizes this to his advantage - wanting to match the look to his generally spontaneous nature. Manipulative as he is, Asmodeus is also honest which is a bit of a rare trait for a demon to possess. But this is, again, another tactic in which he uses. Honesty was always the best policy, something that he frequently uses to obtain that which he desires.

"Playing games with this old heart, I've killed a million petty souls."

Asmodeus isn't above manipulating others to get what he wants, though he has a bit of a "soft spot" for children since they are so gullible and easy to pick on. He thinks demonic slaughter of a child is disgusting and not much of a challenge - hence why he looks down on any of the lesser demons who indulge in such whims. Asmodeus also sees it as cowardly and will not hesitate to punish a demon that has been discovered by him to have done such a thing. As the judge, he is cruel and merciless with his sentences.

As the demon of Desire, Asmodeus not only indulges in the sexual aspects of desire, but takes pleasure in all the other finer things in life: money, wine, fast cars, the arts, etc. Appreciative of all the eloquent things in life, this only further attributes to his vanity. Cultured and poetic in his own right, Asmodeus is also well-versed in the casual banter of the "common people." His favorite pastime (when in his human form) is making the rich elites squirm around him, be it because of his unique physical appearance or his overall demeanor. In other words, Asmodeus enjoyed the reactions he gives to others. He takes great pleasure in doing so.

"You know I mean it with all my heart when I say I don't give a fuck, right?"