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Wolf Dagmar

"I'll turn your bones inside out and bathe in the marrow."
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Edgemoor OOC Information

I am Edgemoor, and I consider myself to be a very open and friendly individual. The only serious triggers I have are player disrespect and god moding. Anything else is fair game. I love gore, violence, sex, and deep character development. I love to challenge, and I love to be challenged in return. Don't be shy about contacting me for anything, whether it be about characters, site help, or life. I look forward to playing with you.

Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Primal Demon
Charlie Hunnam
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
'Repo Man' for Luxuria. Works directly for Kashiro

Character Summary

Dominion 1


Mastery: Proficient

Absorption: The ability to absorb energy and convert it into something else, such as physical strength.

Power Based: You can absorb more energy at once, as well as have more powerful conversion output.

Control Based: You have better control over what energy you want to absorb, as well as what you want to convert it into.

Dominion 2


Mastery: Lesser

Necromancy: The reanimation of the dead. Anything living that has since died can be reanimated, depending on how strong the dominion is, how long the thing has been dead, and how large it is. The thing reanimated cannot truly think, but can follow orders, sometimes even after the necromancer has died. Necromancy has limits: the reanimated thing will only stay reanimated for a set length of time depending on the mastery level.

Power Based: Larger and older deceased life-forms can be reanimated.

Control Based: Deceased life forms stay reanimated for longer.

Dominion 3


Mastery: Minor

Animation: The ability to allow objects that have never and will never live to act as though they are living. Items will never gain sentience or will of their own, but may follow orders, sometimes even after the animator is dead. Power Based: The bigger size of unanimated objects you can animate.

Control Based: The larger amount of unanimated objects you can animate and control at once.

Dominion 4

Bone Manipulation

Mastery: Major

Bone Manipulation: The ability to move, bend, break, or even reshape bones in or outside a living or dead body.

Power: The more bones that can be affected at a given time.

Control: The larger transformations that can be made to bone placement and configuration, specifically strengthening the ability to reshape bones.

Dominion 5


Mastery: Lesser

Phasing: The ability to move through solid or semi-solid objects as if they weren’t there.

Power Based: Movement through thicker and more difficult objects.

Control Based: More ability to bring objects with you, including your clothes.

Dominion 6


Mastery: Proficient

Shapeshifter: The ability to transform and reshape the form of one’s body.

Power Based: You are more realistically driven. You can change yourself to look like any person you’d like, although perfectly copying someone’s outward (ex. hair, nose, mouth, etc.) and inward (ex. blood type, dna, etc.) structure takes time and mastery. A lesser level can make themselves look like a person, but not perfectly copy someone else’s appearance by any means. Power based shape shifters have an affinity for things they can see. These people have trouble shapeshifting into more abstract things.

Control Based: You are more abstract, and driven by your imagination. You can change yourself to look like any animal you have seen in your lifetime. As your mastery grows, you may even shapeshift into the tiniest of insects; some of which you’ve never even seen except for online or on tv. Your specialty is in transforming into mythological creatures and abstract ideas, such as an angel or beam of light. Of course, the higher the concept, the harder it is to pull off. Lesser control based shapeshifters are hardly able to perform this feat. These people have trouble shapeshifting into other people.

Character In-Depth

On the surface, Wolf Dagmar looks like any other thug. He walks with a predator's swagger, has a smirk that could melt the city streets into lust itself, and his favorite things to say are 'fuck' and 'go suck your daddy's cock'. While his hygiene is stellar, he wears leather jackets and clothes that are generally a little too large for him. Boots are always combat style with light, composite steel plates.

And the reason for that loose clothing and heavy leather jackets? Bullet proof vests, custom made by his own hands. Wolf makes all of his own protective gear, and he'll do custom orders for money or for trade. His favorite things are cigarettes, bones to break, and women to fuck. You wanna offer something else, well... as far as Wolf's concerned, you can go suck your daddy's cock.

There is more to this seemingly feral man than what's on the surface, though. Much more. His past is rife with violence, and he was born into a world of guns and shoot outs, bullets flying, people collapsing as their bodies were ripped to shreds by heavy fire; one such bullet killed his mother. With his father long gone, that left him alone and abandoned with his chances of survival at 0%. The war between gangs raged on above him and all around him; the first thing he ever tasted was blood.

With luck on his side, someone found him after the carnage had all been wrought.

She was a simple tailor in Kairos territory, and her heart was much larger than any other parts of her. With a baby of her own who wasn't much older than Wolf, she raised them both together... giving him a second chance at life. She taught him many things, including how to custom make bullet proof clothing, Kevlar bags, and other such things. He learned how to fight and how to shoot, and he learned about thievery and taking people's lives. Poisons, healing salves, and cocktails were another favorite of his, and he soaked everything in as though he was a dry sponge in the desert.

At the age of 15, Wolf discovered that his family was not truly his family. It sent him into a downward spiral of emotional confusion, and he killed his pseudo family - the mother and the little girl both - with his bare hands. If there was anything that his demon, Apophis, had taught him throughout his life, it was that lying was the greatest sin that there was.

Wolf has spent the last decade of his life alone. He makes money by tailoring clothes to people's needs, advertising his services to criminals while staying under Legion's radar. He also performs repo operations for those who can pay, and he'll assassinate someone for you if you want him to as well. Don't ask him to bring someone back alive because the chances of that are generally about as low as they can go. Wolf has never bacjed out of a job, and he always delivers.

And all the while, retains the fearless, arrogant attitude of a youngster who believes himself to be invincible.

He has a reputation for having a feral, bloodthirsty nature despite his weak dominions. Coupled with his ferociously driven personality, he's a force to be reckoned with. He's cocky and even described as fool hardy to some. There's an edge to him, too a coldness to his eyes, that makes it easy to tell - real easy - that whenever he draws a weapon...

There's no chance it's just for show.

Demon Information

Apophis came to her human when he was just 3 years old. She approached him in the form of a massive white wolf with eyes as red as a scarlet sunset. And that is what she has been for him ever since, a constant, wolfish companion who speaks to him only occasionally. For a primal demon, she is rather talkative, usually only speaking when he is alone. Only rarely does she manifest as her true form; this has happened a mere handful of times, and always only when Wolf needed her the most.

She sees himself as Wolf's mother, as he never truly had a chance to have one. Not really. She feeds on his violence. His wrath. But he must actually complete the act of brutality and killing for her to feel even remotely satisfied. She is always a constant in his life, whether it be as a wolf or as the voice in his head. His conscience.