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Devon O'Brien

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Primal Demon
Barbara Palvin
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Fashion Designer [White Lotus] & Novelist

Character Summary


devon o'brien NICKNAME » Dev, Diva, O'Brien, Valentina AGE » twenty-four SEXUALITY » heterosexual MARITAL STATUS » single LIKES »
• Black tea with milk
• Designing
• Reading
• Drawing
• Fashion
• Writing
• Yoga
• Catty women
• Plagiarism
• Mind Games
• English Summers
• Poorly made films - there is simply no excuse for it
• Historical inaccuracies in films
• Gossip
• Bad writing
the good

Devon Valentina O'Brien has never been a level person. She has been called wild: a high-energy sort of girl who often found it difficult to concentrate on one particular subject and easily distracted. Charming and highly vocal, Devon's growing vocabulary and cat-like smile often showcased something to be desired. The pent up energy which seems to linger in her posture - shoulders often tight and rolled back, fingers soft and long, well-manicured and classy - also seems to translate into unexplained actions.

Being a bit of a problem child at home, she seems to be easily provoked into wild actions and mysterious tantrums - often coming off as tactless and cruel. Her offences as a child were often odd. Not like the typical girlish pranks. Instead it gave way to stolen objects, vandalism, and hints of violence (pulling a playmate's hair hard enough to rip pieces out by the roots). But her energy also yields great passion for particular pass times - obsessions, really. If things strike her as interesting, she will be consumed by it, and if not, she will completely ignore it. For Devon O'Brien, there is no middle-ground to feelings. She loathes or loves; feels passion for or is revolted by.

the bad

Devon's rather unique personality often made her difficult to be around. Her conversation is difficult to follow as she has trouble translating her thoughts into words and she is quick to change subjects without any warning, making speaking with her jagged and confusing unless she gets straight to the point. Her interests are often too passionate to be able to relate to and her devotion is often too much for the average person. Even her appearance - thin, curving hips and shoulders, full lips and a narrow-eyed stare behind gray-blue eyes - is both unnerving and captivating. Her movements are very fluid and although she is eloquent, she is intense and powerful. Sometimes it seems as if she never blinks, but has a permanent half-lidded gaze.

the heartache

All this combined makes it difficult for Devon to form relationships. Friends, lovers and acquaintances are all difficult to keep when one is as high-strung as Devon and she appears very socially awkward as a result (awkward as in a vain Empress sort of way). Devon has a difficult time relating with others. She does not read the warning signs of social movement - frowns and narrowed eyes seem unexplainable to her and, as a result, she offends others without meaning to (and sometimes she does).

Although she can occasionally seem charming, hamming up the intelligent granddaughter of a well-to-do conglomerate family heiress, her charm is accidental and can be easily shattered by her other (less pleasing) eccentricities. Because she finds time spent around others stressful and difficult, she can be seen as a loner. Friendless and lonely, she relates better with animals and books than with other human beings. A part of Devon longs for friendship, but the wish seems unattainable with so much standing between her and success.

the truth

Because she is disposed to be passionate, Devon's temper is quick, and she is easily provoked to sometimes uncalled levels of anger. She is often frustrated, tasks that do not translate themselves immediately to her are immediately despised, and are therefore quickly abandoned. Although she is not initially violent, she cannot limit her reactions, and unexpected displays of temper - often translated into childish tantrums - can make her difficult, and sometimes, dangerous. She has little sympathy for anyone or anything and does not react well to failure of any kind, nor the failures of someone whom she has relied upon. A little spoiled and self-centered, Devon operates on an egocentric engine where she concerns herself with no one but herself.

the moon - tier i - "the vampire bat"
The vampire bat is at home in the night, drinking the rich, sweet fruit of human or animal blood. A being long subjected to calumny and terror for its blood-sucking and potential to spread disease, the vampire bat has loomed large in the mind of practitioners of occult rituals. Much of the paranoia the vampire bat inspires is misplaced. With that in mind, this is a path of error and fear.

You feel new possibilities within you. The dominions shadow, scrying, reflections, and poison are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.

strength - tier i - "the lady"
The lady controls her power. She has loads of strength within her, either emotional, psychological, or physical, but she knows both when to use it, and when not to. The lady is in control of herself and her world.

You feel new possibilities within you. You can now experience increased mental capacity, but you may become more animalistic. The dominions shape shifter, superior senses, superior endurance, superior strength and superior speed are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.

Superior Endurance

Greater Power


Minor Control


Major Control

Pocket Space

Lesser Power


Major Power


Proficient Control

Character In-Depth

Devon O'Brien

a l i a s e s
Casual: Dev, Devvy, or Valentina
a f f i l i a t i o n
• Human with Primal Demon
• Head of White Lotus Fashions
• Exclusive Designer for Black Cat [Invidia]
s e x u a l i t y
• Heterosexual
s t r e n g t h s
• Stone cold business woman
• Proud
• Hardworking
• Practical
• Generally level-headed
a g e
True Age: 24
Birthday: March 23rd
o c c u p a t i o n
• Fashion Designer [ White Lotus ]
• Novelist
p h o b i a s
• Her cousin, Riley Finnegan
• Allowing herself to care or love someone, & getting hurt in the process
• Being alone for too long; especially at night
• Experiences frequent night terrors
w e a k n e s s e s
• Her own insecurities
• Fashion shows
• Children
• Her libido
• Books

b a c k g r o u n d - c h e c k

Augustus O'Brien Senior is the stark opposite of his somewhat wilder (and less contained) granddaughter. A former high-ranking government official in Italy who recently retired to pursue his goal of opening his own comapny, he is famous for aggressively tracking down those with great potential. He is an ambitious man, intent upon rising through the top dogs in conglomerate families and spends more time at the office than he ever has at home. Augustus is obsessed with rules and regulations and when dealing with both granddaughter and wife, he treats them as stoically and as unaffectionate as any CEO encased within the shells of themselves. Although confident in his image as a loyal husband and guardian, his home-life is far less happy than he presents. His wife is sickly, pale and depressed, whilst his granddaughter is a neglected handful, mad and unpredictable.

Still, none of these inconsistencies mattered when it came to public approval, and it is a well-accepted fact that Augustus Sr. would become the next King Pin in the corporate world. He had all the qualifications, was intelligent, well-read and eloquent, groomed and hard-working and possessed an unforgivable air and a dedication to the socioeconomic climb of the world. He was a man at the top of his game and things were all going in his favor. Thus his preoccupation with his own success made him ignorant of the occurrences at home. His granddaughter was something of a disappointment, but Augustus was convinced she would come around. Still, Devon was the only thing which could damage Augustus O'Brien Senior's glowing reputation. As a result, he cut corners and risked more than just promotions in his attempt to cover up his granddaughter's various indiscretions. Spoiling her not from love, but from a want to protect his own livelihood.

This very thought process - this neglect - is what ultimately gave birth to the Devon Valentina O'Brien of today, losing everything she had at the tender age of seven when her parents died in a horrible car accident.

Unlike her husband, Abigail O'Brien sincerely loved her granddaughter. Because she had devoted all her energy to raising the young girl, she was ignorant of her many imperfections: her high energy level was charming, her intelligence a quality to be praised, and her social awkwardness and temper merely a sign of an artistic and creative personality. The more unhappy she became in her home life, the more attentive she became to Devon and she grew up doused in affection from one guardian, while being all but completely ignored by the other. Devon O'Brien adored her grandmother and is now as affectionate and devoted to her as she is to Devon.

But because of this, she found many reasons to resent her grandfather, and was often provoked into this heart-felt hatred by a grandmother who felt betrayed. She told stories of neglect and bad behavior without realizing the effect this may have had upon her granddaughter. Devon grew to despise her grandfather - not only from rightful indignation on behalf of her grandmother, but also from the lack of affection supplied to her from her grandfather as well. Devon acted toward her grandfather on a level of cold indifference and thinly veiled hatred, and has rebelled against him since childhood.

As a child, Devon was rather energetic; a quality no parent could truly delight in as it led to a variety of other problems. With a grandfather away from home frequently, she was given free reign with a doting grandmother and her oddities disappeared under a veil of sweetness. Some days she was perfectly well-behaved, an intense love of literature quenching her thirst for knowledge which Abigail adored. Supplying her with as many books as she could get her hands on - all of which Devon quickly devoured - she felt she was further aiding to her education. She could be charming, though in a rather abstract manner, and she was certainly intelligent. The tutors whom she was provided with before attending the local Boarding School in Venice all attested to her ravishing passion for learning.

However, on other days she could be more then just a handful. Deveon was prone to temper tantrums, a childish habit she never seemed to grow out of, and never showed any true signs of empathy with other people. At sign of another’s hurt she would grow quiet, she would observe but she would never really pity, and even at eight years old she simply watched an injured animal expire on their drive without any movement to come to its aid. Her tutors never lasted more than three months altogether - a thing which her grandparents both blamed on the teaching staff themselves, rather than their granddaughter who grew more harrowing by the year. They were intentionally ignorant to her vaults, however, not wishing to see just what type of girl they were producing with their arrogance, over affection and their detachment.

Her letter from an English boarding school in Oxford was no surprise to anyone. A girl who was as intelligent as Devon O'Brien would have no problem excelling at such a school. Augustus packed her off onto the private jet with a sense of glee which stemmed partly from the thought of her granddaughter's happiness. Though Devon insisted that she did not want to go, her grandparents ignored her pleadings and waved a hearty goodbye from the platform as the plane took her away from the only home she had ever known.

Oxford was not what she had expected - nor was it what her guardians had expected either. She was sorted into a group of Blue Bloods almost immediately, her rapid penchant for learning her most immediate trait and insatiable ambition a close second. As it was, Devon was suited for no other group. However, though she was immediately noted as extremely clever - answering questions in the classroom with knowledge that surprised professors as beyond her age - she did not make many friends within her dorm. Those whom were impressed by her performance in class found themselves shocked when they actually had a conversation with her. She was too intense, too easily sparked into anger, and too socially awkward to be an appropriate candidate for friendship. Add that with the fact that she was Augustus O'Brien Senior's only true heir and that was the cherry that topped it all off.

Seven years in hell. That's what it felt like for Devon O'Brien. While her grandmother wrote to her often and sent her presents on a whim, her grandfather all but neglected to interact with his granddaughter save for company duties that allowed him to appear at the school. He never once came to check on Devon outside of reprimanding her to stand up straighter. To hold her head higher. To conduct herself accordingly. It sickened Devon to the point where a seed was soon planted inside of her heart, bearing fruit to a dark and sinister cruelty unfettered by any outside influence. Not even her grandmother's love could assuage the disgust building up inside of her against her grandfather. The only light in her life at school was when she was successful in obtaining top marks all the years she was there, a rare feat in and of itself - earning her praise and recognition at her Oxford boarding school. It was Devon's crowning glory, but something she felt should not be what she could be remembered by. That would not be her legacy. That could not be her legacy.

Having fallen in love with the idea of designing and novel writing, Devon soon found she had a knack for both. Deciding there was no need for her to sacrifice one for the other, she pursued both whole-heartedly. Upon graduation, her "present" from her grandfather were funds and staff waiting to open up her own design firm as well as to start her own fashion design line - White Lotus. Soon she was accepted into Cambridge University in England, deciding that her life in Italy was something she wished not to return to. Devon flew through university, doing her best to enjoy what she could while she was able to do so without restraint.

This moment in Devon's life was pertinent and clear, leaving the young woman to contemplate her fate. It wasn't checkmate yet on the chessboard. Not for Devon O'Brien. She was simply in check right now. There were still a few moves she had left to play.

Demon Information

where there is loyalty, weapons are of no use
It's hard to measure time in
a city without seasons
The smog makes gorgeous light,
but you can never let the breeze in
I've been waiting for so long
that I forgot the reason
It's hard to measure time in
a city you don't believe in
city without seasons - the one am radio

He calls himself Rion.

Rion has been with Devon since she was born, always taking the form of a small, fox-looking creature with pale seafoam fur and a gentle disposition. Overall, he tends to keep quiet and doesn't get into too many things despite his appearance. Most people assume he gets into mischief, but he actually is very docile and has a pleasant demeanor most days. In fact, he frequently gets Devon's attention so that she can take breaks and play with him, if only to get her mind off the heavy workload she so often puts on herself.

Though he is on the older side, Rion still exhibits child-like behavior when it comes to certain things that he enjoys. They are all simple pleasures, his favorite being that he likes to sleep in the sunlight on the windowsill of Devon's condo. Though not particularly picky over food, he does indulge in the more expensive sorts of seafoods. Surprisingly, his main source of consumption in the realm of demons and emotions are not just dreams, but anger.

He has made even the bravest men tremble.

There are more sides to Rion than the cute, seemingly cuddly creature that often takes residence in Devon's lap for his naps. Just as he hashis adorable form, Rion's true image is that of a large wolf with blood red eyes and fur white and seafoam in color. He towers over Devon easily and takes up the entire almost the entirety of the roof of Devon's penthouse suite. However, she has not seen this side of Rion since she was a little girl still living in Italy. If she remembers correctly, Rion could have easily crushed a car underfoot and been none the wiser.

He is a battle hardened warrior, not having to go in to a fight or crush any other demon in his wake since becoming Devon's demon. But the scars from his old life are still there - shadows of their former selves. But Rion is not a demon to be trifled with, even though he is young compared to some of the ancient ones of his race. Devon remembers clearly how powerful and ferocious Rion is in his true form, even as a child, and she opts to never wish to see it again. The terror that ran through her continues to stay with her all these years and though Rion would prefer to not scare his host, he would transform again and slay all in his way if only to protect Devon from harm.

His loyalty is to never be questioned - in this life, or any life after.