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Dimka Mercier

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Dimka OOC Information

No content warnings here, for he is a rather tame character

Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Fernando Skinner
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Barista, Librarian, waiter, and volenteers

Character Summary

Dimka enjoys helping people, cooking, baking, and anything that is cute, soft, fluffy, or glittery. He is rather sweet and innocent, not knowing much about the true horrors of the world. In short, he is way too innocent for this cruel world. He doesn't like to see others hurt, violence, being made fun of, and the cold. He is a very emotional child and tends to wear his heart on his sleeve, but he is also good at telling other peoples emotions. He loves to read and be in warm places, and he dreams of finding someone to love who will love him back. It should also be noted that he is a very hopeless romantic.

Alchemy/Proficient/Power Based

Pocket Space/Minor/Power Based

Necrosis/Minor/Control Based

Dreams/Proficient/Power Based

Pestilence/Proficient/Power Based

Duplicity/Minor/Control Based

Empathy/Lesser/Control Based

Character In-Depth

Dimka is sweet and caring. He worries about people he cares about and is always there for people, no matter who they are or what they've done. He is very innocent, as well as extremely trusting. He is a hopeless romantic, and will often fangirl at the smallest of things. He is also very emotional, getting easily upset and hurt, but hardly angry. When he is mad it is truly terrifying, but he won't actually hurt someone unless needed. He is a rather curious thing, always asking questions, trying to figure the world and people out. He is always doing charity work, wanting to give back to the people and the community. While he doesn't make much and life is a bit of a struggle, he still stays positive and optimistic, managing to stay happy even though he may not have the best financial situation. Dimka is very loyal, always willing to stand by and protect the ones he loves. If you do betray him in any way then he may never forgive. He may forgive easily, but not when it comes to trust or loyalty.

Dimka has gone through many things in his life. He had a host in a war, he had a host as a political leader, he had died saving people from a fire, and so, so much more. Out of everything that's ever happened though, he only regrets one decision. He had met a man once, and they had been lovers of sorts, but the relationship was dysfunctional, so they split apart. He doesn't know what about the relationship he regrets, breaking it off or starting it, but he regrets it none the less. He often dodges questions about his past relationships, but he is ok. He has learned to cope and has all but forgotten. But sometimes he remembers, and the pain of his choice comes back. He hasn't had much else happen, but another event he may consider important is the death of his first host. His first host had been a nobleman, dying to protect his family. For that, Dimka will always cherish and honour him.

Dimka isn't like most demons in the sense that he doesn't automatically hate others. He eats peoples dreams, and his friends and his hosts had always allowed him to eat theirs. This had led him to never have a shortage of food, so he feels as his needs are all met and he doesn't need to compete for food. That doesn't mean he still won't fight someone because he will, but it's more towards protecting himself or someone he cares about. It's never about food or territory. He has many stories that he loves to tell, and he has been told he has a way when it comes to telling and weaving stories. He loves to tell them to children especially. He loves to see their excited faces, how they hang on to his every word. He wants to adopt one, but he isn't financially stable enough to care for another person. As soon as he is though, he will adopt himself a boy and a girl, and they will mean everything to him and bring so much joy in his life and, he hopes, finally make him feel whole again. Something he hasn't felt in many, many years.

Demon Information

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