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Solo Demon
Joe Manganiello
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Character Name: Solomon Reinhard

Character Type: Solo Demon

Human Age: 43

Demon Age: 3,009

Starting Dominions: 6

Starting Ascension: 1

Dominion 1


Mastery: Minor

The ability to create explosions, and the power to create bombs of various types from thin air.

Power Based: Larger and more destructive explosions.

Control Based: The more precise the combustion and farther away from you your bombs can travel before detonating or being detonated.

Dominion 2

Shape Shifter

Mastery: Legendary

The ability to transform and reshape the form of one’s body.

Power Based: You are more realistically driven. You can change yourself to look like any person you’d like, although perfectly copying someone’s outward (ex. hair, nose, mouth, etc.) and inward (ex. blood type, dna, etc.) structure takes time and mastery. A lesser level can make themselves look like a person, but not perfectly copy someone else’s appearance by any means. Power based shape shifters have an affinity for things they can see. These people have trouble shapeshifting into more abstract things.

Control Based: You are more abstract, and driven by your imagination. You can change yourself to look like any animal you have seen in your lifetime. As your mastery grows, you may even shapeshift into the tiniest of insects; some of which you’ve never even seen except for online or on tv. Your specialty is in transforming into mythological creatures and abstract ideas, such as an angel or beam of light. Of course, the higher the concept, the harder it is to pull off. Lesser control based shapeshifters are hardly able to perform this feat. These people have trouble shapeshifting into other people.

Dominion 3


Mastery: Major

The ability to completely transport oneself along with other people or objects to any recently-explored or familiar areas.

Power Based: The more people or objects that can be transported with the user.

Control Based: The less familiar the user needs to be with the destination in order to teleport successfully there.

Dominion 4


Mastery: Proficient

The creation and manipulation of rocks, dirt, mud, earth.

Power Based: The easier it is for you to call earth.

Control Based: The easier it is for you to shape earth.

Dominion 5


Mastery: Proficient

The reanimation of the dead. Anything living that has since died can be reanimated, depending on how strong the dominion is, how long the thing has been dead, and how large it is. The thing reanimated cannot truly think, but can follow orders, sometimes even after the necromancer has died. Necromancy has limits: the reanimated thing will only stay reanimated for a set length of time depending on the mastery level.

Power Based: Larger and older deceased life-forms can be reanimated.

Control Based: Deceased life forms stay reanimated for longer.

Dominion 6


Mastery: Major

The ability to induce necrosis or begin necrosis in a target’s body; users can also end the decay as well, but they cannot reverse the effects. **Necrosis: Premature cell death; the decay of human flesh. It is said that a legend once walked the City that only had to breathe on a victim to start the process; however, no matter the level mastery, skin to skin/surface contact with a target is always required. Necrosis is also not an easy dominion to control, and accidents have occurred in which people are accidentally made victims when brushing against someone with the dominion.

Power Based: The more powerful the necrosis, and the quicker it spreads to become lethal. The less control you have over who you affect in passing.

Control Based: The easier it is to start the necrosis, and the more control you have over it. People with higher control will never accidentally wither their lover’s face, or corrode their puppy’s skin, however they usually have to grab and hold on to someone for a second of two before their necrosis can activate. This can obviously lead to some clear openings for an opponent.

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