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Riley Finnegan

"The cover of my book has yet to open."
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Edgemoor OOC Information

I am Edgemoor, and I consider myself to be a very open and friendly individual. The only serious triggers I have are player disrespect and god moding. Anything else is fair game. I love gore, violence, sex, and deep character development. I love to challenge, and I love to be challenged in return. Don't be shy about contacting me for anything, whether it be about characters, site help, or life. I look forward to playing with you.

Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Harry Styles
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
White Rabbit
YouTube Sensation/Adrenaline Junkie

Character Summary

There's traditional homegrown Irish.

And then there's Riley Finnegan.

Never judge a book by it's cover. Though most people tend to do just that. A sociopath with megalomaniac tendencies, Riley has the real potential to be a killer. Thus far, however, he has never actually killed anyone. He can fall into any roll that's required of him, and most often it just happens to be what he gives to the world through his YouTube channels. A dragon at heart, he's dangerous within while appearing innocent on the outside.

When in the company of those he likes - or those he is pretending to like for his own purposes - his accent tends to run wild. There are times when it gets so thick with slang that no one has any idea what he's talking about except for him. And when that happens, he is bound to tease the ever living hell out of you until you're all in stitches laughing. Because that's just one of the things that this clever little White Rabbit does: he makes people laugh.

Because of his background, he quite often misses the nuances of home. The lowes of cattle, the dew on the grass every morning, the ocean breeze tugging at his locks, the smell of salt and freshness in the air. The unique and all consuming scent of Elizabeth Taylor's Rubies anywhere on Devon's body. He misses the smell of fresh pastries, oak and pine forests, that gentle Irish breeze you never find anywhere else.

Because of his very privileged upbringing, he is fluent in English, Gaelic, Italian, and Spanish. German is a language that he struggles with, and he is much better at reading and writing it than actually speaking it. Despite his know how in languages and the charm he can turn on whenever he feels the need, Riley has a tendency to swear a lot when he's in the right company. Depending on the company, too, he can be an utter demon, a man whose outside appearance has absolutely no meaning when compared to the nighmarish fiend beneath.

He loves books, especially literary and historical fiction. Some of these books, such as Bram Stoker's Dracula, he can quote by heart.

Riley knows several forms of martial arts, Jiu Jitsu being one of his most favored ones simply because of its principles. He also knows Arnis, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and Bojuka. He visits the gym 3-4 times a week, eats healthy meals, and cherishes his body; afterall, he knows it's the only one that he has.

None. Yet.
Dominion 1


Mastery: Minor

The ability to detect others’ lies and keep your own lies from detection.

Power Based: The more your lies will be believed.

Control Based: The easier it is to detect others’ lies.

Dominion 2


Mastery: Lesser

The ability to manipulate attraction, whether platonic, physical or romantic, in other people towards yourself. More persuasive speaking, more successful seduction, and a great deal of ability to control the attention of and fill a room. Pheromones work passively, so you can’t turn this dominion off.

Power Based: Influence a wider group of people.

Control Based: Better control of how you affect someone.

Dominion 3


Mastery: Proficient

The ability to communicate using the mind and to read the minds of others.

Power Based: The better you are at communicating messages.

Control Based: The better you are at reading minds.

Dominion 4


Mastery: Minor

The ability to create, induce or control hallucinations.

Power Based: The easier it is to make these illusions, as well as the more powerful/realistic these hallucinations will be. Legends have been able to vex victims so harshly that they end up taking their own life.

Control Based: The easier it is to create specific hallucinations (i.e. showing the person a graphic, bloody depiction of a deceased relative). You can typically tell when you are being put under an illusion as well.

Dominion 5


Mastery: Greater

A psychic is a wide-encompassing dominion that can foster great power over time. Psychics dabble in fortune telling and manipulation. Psychics can also put strong mental blocks in people’s minds, making them forget certain memories or even keep secrets locked in destructive magic, so that should they die, someone could not extract that information from their head (they, of course, can also reverse these effects and even break locks put on by weaker psychics or magic). Psychics have a deep resonation with the Astral Plane as well, and if they focus hard enough, they can detect all other spirits in their vicinity, even if they are not in physical form. Psychics are known for being able to talk to the dead as well, but that is neither here nor there as far as a confirmation in reality goes. To top it all off, psychics are able to place horrible curses of luck, or blessings of fortune on willing targets (meaning, someone who agrees to subject themselves to a fortune telling).

Power Based: You focus on fortune telling and manipulation. A lesser mastery psychic cannot alter others’ luck at all, but can alter their own slightly (small things, i.e. someone gives them the wrong amount of change back at a register-- bad: too little change-- good: too much change). However, legendary psychics can alter fate in ways unimaginable (big things, i.e. someone doesn’t die when they’re supposed to-- bad: they get hit by a car and pass away years before their life expectancy-- good: they live twenty years longer due to the cancer they were going to have never coming). **These alterations can stretch the imagination, but must remain in the realm of possibility. Think of this alteration as a multiplier. Even if you multiply the chances of something with a 0% chance of happening by 10000, there will still be a 0% chance of it happening (ex. 0 x 10000 = 0). It is also important to remember that fortune telling is not the same as scrying, but moreso a foggy reading on situations with the highest probability. Lesser mastery of fortune telling is basically guessing, but as a psychic masters more of their craft, fortune telling can be clear in predicting an actual path for a person and better understanding their emotions.

Control Based: You focus on mind barriers, from putting locks on super hush hush secrets, to unlocking someone’s full potential or lifting a curse. A very controlled psychic can erase pages of pages of memory from someone’s mental book, and can even explore the deepest mechanisms of the human brain. Control based psychics are typically good at reading a person’s behaviors and ticks, although not to be confused with an Empath, they are very detective-like at higher levels of mastery. Control based psychics are usually the ones that can easily sense spirits and even talk with them at higher levels of mastery.

Dominion 6


Mastery: Lesser

The ability to absorb energy and convert it into something else, such as physical strength.

Power Based: You can absorb more energy at once, as well as have more powerful conversion output.

Control Based: You have better control over what energy you want to absorb, as well as what you want to convert it into.

Character In-Depth

Riley Finnegan shows you what he knows you want to see. He's a man who appears to throw himself into the world, no holds barred, heart on his sleeve... when really, he could literally not care any less about you. Or your parents. Or your friends. Or your family. Or anyone they know. And the list goes on and on and on. He's a chameleon, a master of mental disguise in every way.

In the public eye, Riley is polite, cheerful, compassionate, and funny. He appears to glide through life with a purpose that surrounds making people enjoy themselves, whether that be through laughter or passion or love. He plays with emotions in the same way a musician plays fingers across the black and white keys of a piano. The same way they control and command the output of sound with the peddles.

Perhaps, though, this story should go back to its true beginnings. As much as Riley would like it to be so, he wasn't born into royalty. His mother was a prostitute and a drug addict, and his father was a corrupt man with thoughts only for the empire he had built so strategically. And when his father threatened to cut off ties to everything he'd built unless he could prove that Riley was born 'pure'. A master of politics and subterfuge, he made those who mattered believe that Riley was far more important than he was. No, of course he wasn't born of a whore. No, of course his blood didn't run with the slime of peasants.

Riley's birth certificate, DNA records, medical records, and many other things were forged at birth. Changing his true identity forever. He raised raised under the assumption that he would one day take over Avant Garde, with Devon as his wife. Since Devon is the heir of Avant Guard, Riley was raised and groomed to court her and marry her, thus securing his future - and his father's - in the company.

Their childhood wasn't easy. Riley never got one and he made sure that Devon never got one, either. He punished her for everything, and sometimes not even for anything. Simply because he could. She became his rock, his evolution. His reason for living. She became more than just a project. More than just a potential wife and tool to be used. Perhaps in a way, even back then, he loved her. Although, as with everything in Riley's life, he was in love with the thought of having her and not exactly her herself.

He was in love with the thought of being next to her. He was in love with the idea that he meant something to her. In love with the notion that maybe he meant something to her. He loved the idea that she was already his, well before their time as adults. He loved the idea that every time he saved her from one more bad relationship or one more shady friendship that she would always come back to him. The idea that she was thankful for having him as her guardian.

As time went on, he eventually became a member of the White Rabbits. Their organization appealed to him because he could gather information and do what needed to be done while also following through with the plans for the future. While he is adept with computers, Riley's biggest assets are his dominions; and he will use them shamelessly in order to do what must be done.

To make a long story short, Riley Finnegan has no idea who he is. He never flounders in life because it was set up for him. It was designed specifically for him, tailor made to suit everything that his family forced him to be. He is a man built from the ground up, but he has never evolved; he has never been allowed to. He is like a twisted machine, conditioned to do what he is supposed to do as opposed to what he wants to do.

And even if he did want something...

How would he even know what it was?

Demon Information

OOC NOTE: The following was written by EDEN <3!)

He could hear them. The sounds. It was like someone was laughing quietly in his ear. Mocking him. Teasing him. Telling him that he would undoubtedly go insane. As if on cue, when the thought popped into his head, the derisive laughter continued - the malice even greater. Staring wide-eyed at the full length mirror in his bedroom, Riley could swear that his own reflection was mocking him. A twisted and evil expression was slowly forming across the face of the one looking back at him. His face. The lips slowly parted, revealing the reflection's teeth while the grin continued to twist even further. A crazed expression glinted from his eyes, continuing to mock him. And then Riley heard the laugh again, watching the reflection in horror as it began to lip sync to the sound. The laugh had no gender - it belonged to neither a man nor a woman.

It belonged to a demon.

Riley took a step away from the mirror, the eyes burning red from his reflected doppelganger. The wind began to pick up in the room with incredible speed. Everything began to swirl around in the room - his dresser rising from the floor along with his bed and several other large pieces of furniture that decorated the bedroom. Faster and faster the wind got, a vortex threatening to swallow Riley up and the only thing he could do was stay rooted to the ground as his eyes attempted to follow the large objects spinning around the room. A look of sheer terror plastered itself across his face while his reflection continued its fit of psychotic laughter.

Riley continued to stare unblinking at his maniacal twin, unable to do anything as his heart seemed to jump to his throat. Then, as if the image in front of him couldn't get anymore twisted, Riley had to watch his laughing reflection reach up to claw at its face. Blood and skin was torn from his face, Riley's face, until he was finally able to get a good grip and began to rip the flesh clean from the bone. Slowly his evil side tore away from what was human, a torrent of blood falling onto the floor. Riley Finnegan had no voice. He could not scream even if he wanted to.

Finally, what was left of the reflection's human visage of Riley was now gone. All that remained was a skull - pristine and white in stark contrast to the spidery veins of blood across the cranium and teeth. The creature continuously laughed, chanting the last three bits of what it had screamed until the words implanted themselves into the back of Riley's mind. They were mere whispers, but quickly the volume escalated until it was now shouting. "DIE THE DEATH! SENTENCE TO DEATH! GREAT EQUALIZER IS THE DEATH!"

Looking back at the skull with eyes that resembled hot coals, Riley saw it open its mouth and a dark serpent weaved out between the teeth. It did a dance, moving in time with all the objects floating around the room, until it locked eyes with Riley - the amber hue penetrating him to his very core. "You cannot essssscape the path that liesssss before you." And before Riley could even utter a word, a question in regards to the serpent's statement, it lunged forward through the mirror until all the young man could see was wide open jaw and fangs preparing to bite his face off.

Yet he could not look away. This was the end.