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Character Information

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Human with Civil Demon
Akanashi Jin
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Fashion Designer / Man-Whore

Character Summary

The Sun Tier 1. Ascension to "THE IRIS" The Iris spreads its petals in sunlight and delights in its simple contentment with life. Fragile but beautiful, the iris is seen in the bouquets given to spouses and festooned around the aisles of new marriages. The Iris is a path of happiness and bliss. You feel new possibilities within you. You can now brighten up a room just with your presence. The dominions light, fire, empathy, and pheromones are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.













Character In-Depth

Kaito Yamashita

"Problem is, though, sooner or later, physical pain, it's... it's manageable. See, real pain is emotional pain. That is the kind of pain that lasts.”
                        ― Theo Raeken



May 19


Japanese, English

Tokyo, Japan




Self employed fashion designer hoping to open his own store and start his own clothing line.

Akanashi Jin

Years of abuse and neglect have molded Kaito into a fairly shy and withdrawn individual among strangers and those he is not very close to. While still warm and welcoming his true energy and carefree nature of speaking what is on his mind and having a good time is VERY subdued. While in the company of those he is closer to, however, he transforms into an almost entirely different person. Laughing, telling jokes, speaking passionately about the things he loves and dancing around are just a few of the many things he does once he is familiar enough with a person.

He is also not at all shy when on the prowl to feed his sexual hunger. While he does prefer to keep the details of this away from his companions and tries not to engage in 'unsavory' behavior in-front of them, whilst alone he becomes a true predator. Stealing his way into the beds of whatever man or woman has caught his fancy he will quench his appetite and either vanish without a chance for a repeat performance or stay with his chosen bedmate for days/weeks/months at a time, allowing them to dote on him but refusing to open his heart to them as he believes someone like him will never deserve true love.

Another aspect of Kai he tries not to show is anger. Being on the receiving end of more than his fair share of violence has etched into him a desire to never become like the monsters he faced as a child. However, his loyalty and protectiveness of his friends has a way of bringing that side out of him like nothing else. If anyone or thing tries to hurt his loved ones he can and will protect them with deadly force if necessary as he is determined to never lose another loved on.

Everyone likes to believe they come into the world as a result of the love between two parents and that the two would always be there to protect and guide them. For Kaito only half of that was true. While his parents did love each other and him it was not going to be a happily ever after for the family. When he was only 6 months old Kaito's father was killed in a car accident leaving Mizaki alone to raise him. For a while things went fine for the family of two. Money was a bit on the tight end but Yukihiro's life insurance policy was finally paid out and it kept the two afloat for several years.

When Kaito was 4, however, his mother met and fell in love with Kousei Yamashita. Wealthy, educated, charming, and powerful; he was everything Mizaki could ever want in a second husband. His willingness to adopt her son making him seem all the more perfect. Little did she know the man she soon called husband was a vicious monster and the majority of his wealth came not from his technology companies but from his human trafficking ring. A ring that at age 6 Kaito was inducted into.

With his demon suppressed and his mothers life threatened the young child had no choice but to accept the fate bestowed upon him. By the age of 12 he was more sexual accomplished and skilled than most adults but he was also more damaged than anyone could ever know. While his demon and powers were suppressed to keep him docile and unable to defend himself this did not stop Kiroth from feeling what his human was feeling nor Kaito from feeling Kiroth's rage and despair. This caused a great depression to set upon him and in an act of desperation he finally confronted his mother on what had been happening, hoping she would be able to both protect herself from his stepfathers threats and save him.

Mizaki, though, was the one to finally fully break her son. She had known, from the very start, what Kousei was doing to her son. The life of luxury after so many years living in the lower class, had ensnared her enough to allow her to turn her back on her own child.

After that revelation Kaito lost all hope and slipped into the back of his own mind. Completely withdrawn and shut off from the world he no longer fought Kousei's actions instead turned off all emotions except pleasure. It did not take long for him to become a top money maker in the ring and was soon being sold to higher and higher paying clients, becoming, himself, spoiled on the riches and pampering affection that he received once he fully accepted his place in the world and hid behind a facade of child-like innocence with adult seduction for so long even he, himself, forgot it was all a facade.

It wasn't until he was 17 that two major events happened. The first being his meeting Ryujin Hibiya. Ryujin was a wealthy man who owned a partnering company to Kousei and while not one to condone such actions such as human trafficking he was never the less 'gifted' a weekend with Kaito for his 25th birthday. From the very start Ryu was horrified. Not only at the fact that Kousei was prostituting his own son but from the fact that he learned the age in which Kaito had begun his 'training.' His first thought was to immediately have the teenager returned but something told him not to do so.

The boys childlike demeanor brought about in Ryu a desire to protect him and so the two spent the weekend together. While Kaito was confused by the lack of sexual interactions from his current Master he did enjoy the mans company and Kiroth screamed at him to accept the mans good will and protection for as long as it would last. So he did. For the next 5 months Ryu would 'purchase' Kaito as often and as long as he could while also formulating a plan to try and free the boy forever. The cops could not or rather would not do anything as they were in Kousei's pockets and while wealthy himself, Ryu's power was not nearly as strong as the older mans.

That is when the second major twist in Kaito's new life happened. The return of Kousei's legitimate son, Shohei. Having been in boarding school for the past 10 years, Shohei was completely unaware of his fathers actions towards his beloved stepfather. Before he had left Kaito had been to afraid to reveal to his sibling what was happening and during his rebellious stage he had no way of contacting him. Even as Shohei returned, Kaito did not speak of his new life. Shohei, though, knew something was wrong despite his pleads for the truth gaining nothing from the younger boy.

Thus, Shohei followed two weeks later as Kaito was delivered by their fathers driver to Ryujin's estate. Having knowledge of his fathers less than legal business pursuits and more than enough skill to put the pieces together he flew into a rage as he realized what exactly his father had done to his beloved sibling. 5 guards were killed that night before Ryujin was able to subdue Shohei in his rampage to rescue his brother. If not for Shohei's empath abilities he would have likely continued in his bloodlust but luckily he was able to determine the truth in Ryu's declaration of caring for Kaito and wanting to help save him.

That very night Ryujin transferred all his available funds to Shohei and helped smuggle both Yamashita children out of Japan.

It took 5 years for Shohei to not only finally find a place he thought they would be safe, The City, but also to bring his brother out of the childlike persona he had adopted. With the help of his brothers newly freed demon Kiroth the two managed to get Kaito to see that he was, in fact, free and to help him move on from his traumatic experiences though some emotional scars can never heal and Kaito has certainly never forgotten.

He has, however, matured and come into his own. Throwing himself into training his powers as he had never been allowed to before and pursuing his newfound passion in designing clothes, he grew into a man he was almost able to be proud of. And when Shohei was forced to return to Japan to deal with the fallout from their fathers death, Kaito was able to stand on his own two feet and survive whatever would come his way.

Demon Information

Name | Kiroth
Age | 4,954
Appearnace | Human
Personality | Quick witted, teasing, snarky, and playful with his human and those he comes to trust but aloof, cold, and prone to violence around those he does not trust, always ready to come to the aid of Kaito even if it means going against his human and hurting someone Kaito cares for if he thinks that person is a threat.

History | Not a lot is known about Kiroth's history as he keeps it very tightly locked away and refuses to speak about it other than a few small stories here and there.