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Character Information

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Human with Civil Demon
Anthony Hopkins
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Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Private Chef

Character Summary

Volker is a stocky, broad shouldered man. He has a wide barrel chest, and while he has the slightly-sagging physique of an older man he possesses an above-average physical strength. His hands and arms are heavily scarred from a labor-driven life on the culinary line. He is balding, and keeps what little hair he has left shorn closely to the sides of his head to make it look orderly. With heavily German features and piercing blue eyes, Volker is not one to be discounted by sight alone. Often, making eye contact with his deep set, unblinking eyes will show how much youth Volker has left in him.

Volker is astoundingly bland in his clothing decisions. He always wears a simple white shirt, jeans or slacks, and black shoes with a firm footing. He is not concerned about appearance, though he does ensure his clothing isn’t stained, ripped, or torn. It is, however, hideously out of fashion.

Volker is a creature of many talents and habits, which could be considered compulsive at best. He is the type of animal that stays still until he knows his move, and evaluates the situation before acting. His wild emotional swings are due to violation of his need for control, and can range from explosively violent to completely withdrawn and immobile. This makes Volker an insanely unpredictable person at best, a nightmare at worst. Being sociopathic, he does not experience empathy for others and cannot put himself in others’ shoes as humans can do. Intimidation is the rule of life for him, which his wide-eyed, dangerous stare is more than willing to accomplish.

Many find Volker’s lack of empathy both disturbing and frustrating. Once a person earns his loyalty and trust, they find they have a capable and reliable (if heavy-handed and emotionally flatlined) bodyguard. This is difficult to accomplish, as Volker treats those who neither offend nor endear themselves to him with a lukewarm disregard.

Volker is prone to reacting the “wrong” way to social situations. Oftentimes, overloading him in a sensory fashion (such as excessively dark rooms) will cause him to withdraw into himself and stare off into space. Breaking him of these odd silent spells can be dangerous.

Sociopathy is the inability to move beyond yourself, a form of narcissistic psychopathy. Volker has difficulties responding to others emotions in ways that could be considered appropriate or right. This puts him at odds with the general public. He also has a tendency to shut down when confronted with overstimulation, similar to a deer being confronted by headlights.

Volker is a very picky personality, and he views things in a black and white sphere. He is an astounding luddite, and due to his lack of formal education has difficulty with basic things any high school student could complete (such as certain historical facts, algebra, etc). Despite this, he can be surprisingly thoughtful and gentle when the mood strikes him. Be warned, this is often in a very unexpected manner.

An illegitimate child of Klaus Barbie, an infamous psychopath during WWII to the late 80’s. Volker was fathered during a sexual assault on one Erme Volker by Barbie in 1962. He retains Barbie’s infamous weapons: a set of knives with hilts made of human bone.

Volker is a human possessed by an ancient spirit of madness known as Oor. Oor is passed down the Volker paternal line, from father to son, and retains all the memories of his former hosts. These memories most often manifest in nightmares or temporary shifts in personality, of which Volker has no personal memory. Volker and Oor can communicate, though often aggressively towards one another. Oor is eager to move to a younger fresher body, and Volker is not quite prepared to sire a child and die.


The Devil Tier 1. Ascension to "THE ONI"

The oni is a terrible creature, who lives in wickedness and stares with wild eyes. Unfettered by usual restrictions of their culture’s morality, the oni is a true ogre.

You feel new possibilities within you. You can now more easily influence or manipulate others. The dominions shadow, duplicity, fire, and combustion are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.

The Devil Tier 2. Ascension to “THE GHUL”

The ghul is a being that teeters between life and death. Known to be cannibals, they consume others to further their own lives. They delight in the macabre, and never put others before themselves. Death hangs about them like a gruesome cloak.

You feel new possibilities within you. You can now consume the life essence of others, leaving them weakened while strengthening you. This takes time and only weakens the other person; it cannot kill them. You can now more easily influence or manipulate others. The dominions shadow, duplicity, fire, and combustion are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.



Telepathy: The ability to communicate using the mind and to read the minds of others.

Power Based: The better you are at communicating messages.

Control Based: The better you are at reading minds.


Mastery: Minor

Dust: Generation, manipulation, and control of dust or other particulate matter (smoke, sand). Includes everything from creation of dust storms to instantly dusting your house.

Power Based: More destructive dust control.

Control Based: More precise dust control.



Electricity: The generation and control over electricity. This does not involve controlling machines, rather, the user can control the flow of power being used or channeled through machines. In some cases, the user can control lightning.

Power Based: The more electricity you can channel.

Control Based: The greater control over the channel of electricity.


Mastery: Minor

Psychometry: The ability to absorb memories/knowledge from objects.

Power Based: Objects of significance will “call” to you, but the depth of information gathered from each is basic/limited, requiring users to piece together the information themselves.

Control Based: More accurate, vivid, and in-depth information may be absorbed through the object, but the harder it is to initially connect.


Mastery: Legendary

Dreams: The ability to create, induce or control dreams or daydreams.

Power Based: The easier it is to induce dreams in your target. The more powerful/realistic these dreams or good feelings will be. Powerful dream dominions can bypass mental blocks put on by psychics and other magical barriers.

Control Based: The easier it is to create specific dream scenarios (i.e. making someone have a wet dream about another) in someone’s head (these dreams will not feel very realistic to the target at lower levels of mastery). A control basis also makes it easier to manipulate an already existing dream.

Atom Smasher

Mastery: Proficient

Atom Smasher: The ability to create, manipulate, manage, split and chemically change molecules on an atomic level.

Power: The easier it is to harness energy from atoms and convert it into blasts or beams.

Control: The easier it is to convert, chemical react and accumulate atomic configurations into elements, materials or whole structures.

Character In-Depth

Reinhard Volker was born in Western Germany in 1963, shortly after the installation of the Berlin Wall. He was lucky enough to be born on the Allied side of the equation, which made emigration to the United States in 1968 much easier for himself and his mother to escape the political landscape of post-WWII Europe, particularly given the identity of his sire. At this point Klaus Barbie was serving the United States as a psychopath under collar and leash in South America.

Unable to cope with raising a son who was swiftly turning out to have the same tendencies as his father, Erme Volker hung herself from a support beam in their California living room. The body hung for three days before Reinhard allowed it to be found. At eight years old he was considered a ward of the state and bounced from foster home to foster home. He was always given up for varying reasons: his relentless stare scared his prospective brothers or sisters, he killed family pets and skinned them much in the fashion of his father, and his frequent outbursts of emotion made family life unstable.

This began to extend to the Los Angeles foster home itself. Volker, on the eve of being able to emancipate himself at 17 years old in 1980, began becoming increasingly violent with the other children. Rivals were found trussed up in storage closets, and younger children he effectively starved by stealing food from them during mealtimes. Impressionistic teenage girls and boys, drawn in by his often charismatic and predatory nature found themselves committing robberies for him on whims.

It was during this time Volker began to research his father, particularly the reports of the occult-obsessed Heinrich Himmler in the 1940’s. It was theorized his father, Klaus Barbie, was the reincarnation of the Norse legend Óðr, the spirit of madness. The more he researched, the more he fell in line with the old Nazi’s reports. Perhaps, both the madness and the spirit had passed from father to son due to their shared blood? It seemed so, and as Reinhard grew older, it only became more apparent.

He married in the late 1990's, and the relationship was strained and unsure. He was able to keep the relationship consistent during short periods of contact (up to a week), but upon moving in together it went downhill fast. Unable to compensate for his odd habits and unpredictable temper he began abusing her, beating and assaulting her when the mood took him. When she started to head to the police, he ended the relationship, and skinned her. Panicked the police would discover the mutilated body, he furiously consumed some of the parts, particularly cuts of the thigh, buttock and ribs. The rest was weighted down and dumped into the sea. Only a handkerchief-sized portion of skin from her forearm remains in his possession, tanned, as soft as it was in life.

Volker managed to find methods of controlling his insanity, enough to hold down a job as a line cook at a restaurant in east LA. He worked tirelessly, methodically, and refused to speak to his workmates beyond what was required. When the police began sniffing closer to his personal living space, Volker abruptly moved to New Orleans. He found a job working under Jonathan Burr as the Carnival of Nightmares’ personal chef and bouncer, and became closely involved with a wraith named Sabellius. However, Sabellius has since disappeared, leaving Volker in an emotionally volatile space. He is unsure whether to wait for his immortal mate, or find a new one. He settles with the reality that finding such a person is unlikely.

Demon Information

Oor is the name, madness is the game.

Oor is a very old parasite, someone who has moved down Volker's male line since the dawn of humanity. He is selfish, petty, and spawns insanity in the person he inhabits. This usually manifests with emotional instability, cannibalism, and a generally animalistic nature. Oor exists for one purpose; to trade up. Each generation passing is the chance to gain new power through the mates he forces on his hosts.

He may have met his match in Volker, who stubbornly refuses to give way to the demon.