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Ragnaid Wolf

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Louise Cliffe
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Owner of Plecas & Son Slaughter House

Character Summary

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'9 (but who can tell with the heels she prefers to wear?)

She prefers to speak with an accent different than the local area she's in. It helps her seem less threatening. She has found a strange accent lures people in, while her feminine form gives off a false sense of frailty and easy prey to those who dont suspect the danger lurking within.

She has never been one for having friends. Yes, there might be those that would count themselves as her friends, and she might entertain that notion for them, but she would happily stab each and every one of them in the back so she could pile up their dead bodies as she climbs to the top. Friends are a weakness that can be used against you. Its a motto she spent centuries putting her faith in, and tried to instill in others. But, even the strongest of beliefs can be cracked.

Dominion 1
Mastery: Greater
Duplication: The ability to create physical duplicates of oneself. Duplicates are limited with what they can interact with in the physical world, as well as how long they can stay before disappearing. Greater mastery level users can create stronger and longer-lasting duplicates.
Power Based: Able to create more duplicates at once, but less control over them.
Control Based: More control over duplicates, but the less of them you can create.

Dominion 2
Mastery: Proficient
Echolocation: The ability to use sound waves to locate objects, like a bat.
Power Based: The greater range of sound waves you can use to see more objects at once.
Control Based: A more precise range of sound waves you can use to see objects in greater detail and more accurately understand what they are.

Dominion 3
Mastery: Proficient
Telepathy: The ability to communicate using the mind and to read the minds of others.
Power Based: The better you are at communicating messages.
Control Based: The better you are at reading minds.

Dominion 4
Mastery: Major
Hallucinations: The ability to create, induce or control hallucinations.
Power Based: The easier it is to make these illusions, as well as the more powerful/realistic these hallucinations will be. Legends have been able to vex victims so harshly that they end up taking their own life.
Control Based: The easier it is to create specific hallucinations (i.e. showing the person a graphic, bloody depiction of a deceased relative). You can typically tell when you are being put under an illusion as well.

Dominion 5
Mastery: Lesser
Necrosis: The ability to induce necrosis or begin necrosis in a target’s body; users can also end the decay as well, but they cannot reverse the effects. **Necrosis: Premature cell death; the decay of human flesh. It is said that a legend once walked the City that only had to breathe on a victim to start the process; however, no matter the level mastery, skin to skin/surface contact with a target is always required. Necrosis is also not an easy dominion to control, and accidents have occurred in which people are accidentally made victims when brushing against someone with the dominion.
Power Based: The more powerful the necrosis, and the quicker it spreads to become lethal. The less control you have over who you affect in passing.
Control Based: The easier it is to start the necrosis, and the more control you have over it. People with higher control will never accidentally wither their lover’s face, or corrode their puppy’s skin, however they usually have to grab and hold on to someone for a second of two before their necrosis can activate. This can obviously lead to some clear openings for an opponent.

Dominion 6
Mastery: Minor
Magnetism: The ability to become a magnet or manipulate one’s and others levels of magnetism. This includes, but is not limited to: people, animals, objects, and buildings.
Power Based: The stronger the magnetism you can create, and the more things you can magnetize at once (i.e. turning a group of people into magnets so that they can’t separate from each other).
Control Based: The easier it is to magentise a target. For example, a lesser level mastery user may have to make contact with the object for a second with their hand(s) to magnetize it, whereas a legendary mastery user may only have to glance in their target’s direction. Control Based magnetism also allows more specific effects (i.e. magnetizing just a person’s head or arm), allowing for more pinpointed targets for metal objects.

Character In-Depth

At first, a female form was taken as a joke, a bet lost and a punishment earned. Women were considered weak, ignored and used only for the pleasure of men. They were ignored unless men had a need to have their stomachs filled or their dicks wet. So when the challenge was set and the punishment agreed upon, Ragnaid met the challenge head on. The challenge was rigged though, those Ragnaid had thought friends had played him for a fool. They knew he would take the bait, and being the better killer of them all, they teamed up and made it impossible for him to win. And so, unbeknownst to him, he fell into their trap and was forced into a female form as punishment.

As time went on, Ragnaid found that the female form was not the curse or punishment he had once thought it to be. He.. SHE was ignored, unseen among men. She was able to get into any place she desired, able to get close to anyone. And she found that there was a strange satisfaction in the desire her body caused in both men and women alike. She used that knowledge like a weapon, and it was more deadly than any blade in her hand.

She blamed her feminine side for her weakness when she took in the young demon. Why else would she willingly weigh herself down with young? For years, she told herself she would abandon the young and be on her way. Nights would come and she would send the young off to bed, "Good night, sleep well. In the morning I will be gone". Those times would come and go, and still she would be there come morning, the young demon in tow as she moved about. She taught him all she knew about fighting and feeding.. his other... extra-curricular activities, he had learned on his own though. As he grew, he became more and more independent and would often times leave her. And though she tried to fight it, she had grown fond of the young demon. She tried to denied it, but she began to crave his company whenever he was away.

Then, one day, she realized that the young demon, wasnt so young anymore. All these millennia together, she had told herself she was protecting him and that was why she was still with him. But she soon saw that he was beyond needing her protection. That knowledge terrified her. All this time together, she was the strong one. Now? Now that he was becoming so much stronger.. would he see her as weak? Would he turn his back on her if he realized? She refused to give him the option. So, as was their habit, "Good night, sleep well. In the morning I will be gone". And this time, she was.

She'd never go far though. She simply couldnt leave the young demon for long. She would follow him, hiding in the shadows, ever watching his back. However, this arrangement left her own back vulnerable, and she fell prey to an attack. Her unseen attackers caught her with her guard down. One moment she was watching prey being struck down, the next she felt a sharp pain, and then everything went black.

She woke up a prisoner of Moses, used as a conduit to a sex goddess of his making. Through her was a constant offering of sex to his followers, and she grew drunk off of their lust. She spent the better part of a century in a lust filled haze until Moses took a liking to her and removed her from that would-be torture and onto a new one, as his personal toy. The reduction in her feedings has started to clear her mind and memories of her life before have started to flood back. The longer she keeps from fully feeding, the clearer her mind becomes, and the memories become more and more powerful. She knows she has to get away from her powerful captor, by any means necessary.

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